Friday, January 23, 2009

How the democrats removed the protections Madison described to prevent the Federal Government from becoming what it is today.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of American did not have unanimous agreement over the creation of the constitution or the creation of the national government of the United States of America. Two of the primary debaters on this subject were James Madison and Patrick Henry. Madison argued for the constitution as it was originally written, believing that some level of centralized national government was needed to protect the people from invasion and some other important tasks. Henry believes the checks and balances designed into the constitution are not enough to safeguard the country from tyranny, especially given that this government would have a military at its disposal.
Both men debated well and the arguments have both been proven right and wrong over time. One of Patrick Henry’s main arguments was about the checks and balances to keep a Federal Government limited. He states;
“If you make the citizens of this country agree to become the subjects of one great consolidated empire of American, your government will not have sufficient energy to keep them together. Such a government is incompatible with the genius of republicanism. There will be no checks, no real balances, in this government.”

Henry believes this proposed government is incompatible with republicanism and the supposed checks and balances will not be sufficient. Henry is also concerned with the fact that this new government not only would have no check on its becoming a tyranny but also would have the means to carry out that tyranny. As he suggests in the following statement:
“It has been repeatedly said here, that the great object of a national government was national defense. That power which is said to be intended for security and safety may be rendered detestable and oppressive. “

Henry is right to be concerned if his belief that the government would become a tyranny, then the tools used for national defense could be inflicted upon the citizens of the nation.
It is interesting to note that Madison did address these concerns. Madison argues that the checks and balances would in fact keep the government from becoming a tyranny. Madison states;
“When we come to the Senate, its members are elected by the states in their equal and political capacity. But had the government been completely consolidated, the Senate would have been chosen by the people in their individual capacity, in the same manner as the members of the other house. Thus it is of a complicated nature, and this complication, I trust, will be found to exclude the evils of absolute consolidation, as well as of a mere confederacy.

What is interesting about both arguments is both are right. Looking at the historical record, the country was in no danger of the failure of the checks and balances as the Constitution intended. Until the year 1913, the Senate was elected by the States as Madison describes. Madison was right stating as long as the states elected Senators, Henry’s consolidated government problem would not occur. In 1913, though the states were removed from the election process and today it would seem Henry’s fears may be coming true. Without the states to place a check on the Federal Government, it has grown exponentially and is involved in far more than the Constitution ever assigned to the Government. It can be argued that the so called “security” laws passed in the last few years could be construed as potential problems anticipated by Henry. Henry anticipates these issues with this statement;
“With respect to that part of the proposal; which says that every power not granted remains with the people, it must be previous to adoption, or it will involve this country in inevitable destruction. To talk of it as a thing subsequent, not as one of your unalienable rights, is leaving it to the causal opinion of the Congress who shall take up the consideration of the matter. They will not reason with you about the effect of this Constitution, the will not take the opinion of this committee concerning its operation. They will construe it as they please.”

Henry is arguing the concept of all rights are held by the people should be clearly defined as unalienable and existing outside the context of the constitution. His fear is that the way the Constitution is written, Congress can define anything they want regarding the governments power and what is a right of the people. It is interesting to note that Madison argued for this same fear against the Bill of Rights years later. Today in the 21st century, it is clear that Congress is in fact doing as they please with rights. Concepts like privileges as opposed to rights, debates about the second amendment or a right to privacy should not take place, yet as Henry anticipated Congress has granted itself these powers over rights that should not have existed.
Madison goes further in his debate to describe his other check and balance to keep the Federal Government limited. Madison states;
“When, therefore, direct taxes are not necessary, they will not be recurred to. It can be of little advantage to those in power to raise money in a manner oppressive t the people. To consult the conveniences of the people will cost them nothing, and in many respects will be advantageous to them. Direct taxes will only be recurred to for great purposes.”

Madison describes that the other check on the Federal government is limiting the money available to the government. Note that direct taxes as originally defined in the Constitution were not allowed unless there was a reason for those taxes, when the reason was over, so the taxes ended.. Money and an army are the two things needed for a tyranny to function. The states control over the senate and funding was to be the check on tyranny. This worked fine until 1913, when an amendment was passed removing this restriction and the last check on the federal government designed to prevent what Patrick Henry was concerned about. Since that time the Federal government has become the consolidated entity Henry feared.
In conclusion it would appear both men were correct. The checks and balances Madison identified as protection from a consolidated government, specifically he states electing Senators and restricting the national government’s taxable resources did in fact work until those checks were removed. The federal government was able to perform its duties without expanding into areas not originally tasked to the central government. It is also true that once the two checks were removed, the government has become what Henry feared. A consolidated entity that will interpret any thing they want into the government’s supposed responsibility and use the threat of force to obtain the money needed to enforce it.
Madison argues further about the type of government that Henry was proposing in keeping the current government of the time. Madison describes how Henry is complaining about the stricter requirements for amending the constitution. Madison argues;
“He[Henry] complains of this Constitution, because it requires the consent of at least three fourths of the states to introduce amendments which shall be necessary for the happiness of the people. The assent of so many he urges as too great an obstacle to the admission of salutary amendments, which, he strongly insists, ought to be at the will of a bare majority.”
Madison is correct in his statement about republics. The belief of republican government was that direct democracy is not good nor is minority rule. As seen today, certain states have laws being passed not by legislatures but directly by the people. This bypasses the safety of a republican government and opens the door to “mob” rule as the Founders defined it. At the same time in the 21st century, the smallest minority, meaning small group or even an individual can force his will, beliefs or needs onto the majority with the force of government being used to enforce this. The fears of both men exist in some form today because the original design of the constitution was changed. It remains to be seen if a tyranny will develop.
Patrick Henry did over react in his argument against the constitution. Overall this republic has been successful. Henry did not anticipate that it would take well over 140 years for the government to become what he feared. Instead of arguing against the constitution, he could have looked for a way to prevent the problems that exist today. James Madison did put too much faith in the people. The founders did not put a check to prevent the government from removing the checks and balances protecting the people from the government. Both men recognized the concept of unalienable rights though neither of these men pushed to have the concept defined better in the constitution. These problems may not have affected the early republic but are certainly affecting the United States today. Every year more rights are declared privileges by the government and the government continues to believe it has a blank check on everyone’s personal income together these represent Patrick Henry’s consolidated government, which no longer pays attention to the citizens and the government obtaining the financial means to carry out any kind of plan it wants good or bad.

Government American style is impossible if bad traditions and bad parts of culture exist.

The United States has been around for over 200 years. It is arguably the oldest surviving government that has never had any changes. The United States is by far the most prosperous country in the world. So the question is why has no other country anywhere in the last 233 years ever tried government American style.

In all cases of the hundreds of countries they try despotism, communism, totalitarianism, theocracies all of which are horrendous and result in millions of people dead and the ones still alive poor, starving and defacto slaves to the elite few. If none of these nightmares are chosen they will choose European parliamentary style governments.

Granted most European countries and Japan are doing ok but the reality is they were also built back up with free money from the US after WWII, so it is easy to be prosperous, when you get a leg up. However, all of those countries still have racism running rampant, they have higher unemployment, higher taxes, higher costs of living and so called "free" services like healthcare that will likely leave you dead before you get that heart bypass and the former colonies and other countries are even worse off than the Europeans. Parlimentary style government is certainly better than all of those other choices mentioned but is it really the best choice?

These countries still pass discriminatory laws, they support class division, they are highly taxed societies or societies that are little better than the totalitarian ones with how poor the places are and what services are provided. Most of these places have very little GDP, low salaries and nearly all of them are a coalition break up away from total collapse of the government.

But even with all of that, you would think one out of the 200+ countries would have said, lets try it the american way, instead of the way of our colonial oppressors.

So why not choose American style constutional republics for a government.

The success of the American Constitution and its Government is a result of removing old world traditions and cultural influences that were unproductive or detrimental.

You can't have aristocrats, classes, untouchables, emporers, warlords, chiefs and caliphs in America. You cant have bibles or sharias or zen be the final say in law and what is right or wrong in America. You cant have religion in charge nor the rule by divine right.

To be like america each individual citizen is equal too all others under the law. You can't legislate their thoughts of behavior and you certainly can't dictate what an American does with thier life. To be an American style government each person needs freedom and protection of that freedom, without exception, especially protection from the government and aristocrats.

That is what is common about every other country. NONE of them will give up the parts of their cultures or the bad traditions that create the classes and conditons of the old world. None of those countries will give their people equal freedom. Without being able to leave behind the traditions of the old world, you can't use an American Style government.

Still, you would think one country somewhere would gove success and prosperity a try.

Need to build a bridge? Forget skilled labor or caucasian males, according to The Prophet Obama's Economic team

Caucasians need not apply, apparently is the change the Prophet Obama is promoting. His economic advisor, Robert Reich spoke before Charlie Rangel and his committee, link below as well as posted on his blog :
"The Stimulus: How to Create Jobs Without Them All Going to Skilled Professionals and White Male Construction Workers"

So the first problem with this is of course, just how can you build a road or bridge or any other project without skilled professionals. Really, Mr Prophet and friends, are you actually going to hire unskilled labor to put together a bridge? The obvious answer is no, but I think the Political Shaman can safely say that we have some really dumb people in charge now if they plan to do this.

The other statement about white construction workers is simply blatant racism. If that statement had been said about any other race or group besides Caucasian males the uproar and protests from the left would have been insane but the Political Shaman is already aware it is legal to harass and discriminate against Caucasians and any males anytime you want. In fact, discriminating against Caucasians is encouraged by the liberal democrats running America. Besides the derogatory term of "white" which infers all Caucasians are racists, want segregation and are descendants of former slave owners, the audacity to bring back the proverbial no whites need apply signs in each employer's window is simply reprehensible.
What happened to the liberals complaints of racial profiling? I suppose as long as you are profiling Caucasians, then profiling is ok.

With the Prophet's team is using derogatory terms to describe Caucasians, blatantly being racist by declaring that Caucasians will get no part of stimulus packages, The Prophet Obama remains entirely silent on what is apparently new Jim Crow laws to discriminate against Caucasians and apparently keep Caucasians poor while preferred races are assisted to a better life in this recession.

It should be noted that most of the money used to make this stimulus package comes from Caucasians. This is true neo-marxism, set yourself up as an elite, choose a victim to keep you elected and opress a group through law and the media to pay for it all.

Thank you democrat voters for ensuring the democrats create their progressive eutopia, whats next aparthied where Caucasians have no rights at all?

I suppose if your goal is to implement the failed FDR economic plan to create a new depression, you have to have some group to oppress, so you can pay for it and have someone to blame.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Current Statistics of the United States, just so we know what the Prophet is starting with.

The Prophet Obama has started to take control of the United States. Being the first full day in office it is very unlikely his magic wand is fully charged and therefore will not solve all problems instantly as the democrat voters believe he will. Lets ensure that we record the statistics of today. It would seem prudent to record this information, so it can be compared to the future marxist eutopia that the Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid are promising to inflict on the population. It would help to know how much damage they do, since the Media of Truth, will likely ensure that all bad news is somehow portrayed as good. The Political Shaman can predict that most bad news will be reported in the context of "we need to sacrifice" and "we all need to wait it out" with statistics themselves rewritten to appear better by simply rewriting the past, which is to say find a way to not publish the information in the blog again.

Because Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid were in power at the time of record for all of this data and The Prophet Obama was a Senator we can blame them for the current state of the Economy. Bush may have been president and Bush could not have done anything without Pelosi and Reid passing the laws to do it. Bush can be blamed for not using his Veto power to prevent the massive liberal spending on corporate welfare certainly and not controlling the spending of the democrats who have been in power for 2 years.

These numbers come from the government and news sources. Economic data from the government is from November and December. This is the most recent official data but again can be considered because Obama was a senator and the current congress in power and could have prevented things from becoming the economy of today. A future post will have the January numbers.
Since the Prophet Obama was in fact a Senator in 2008 it would be incorrect to state he inherited these numbers since he was already in a position to do something about them. Now that we have the facts recorded, we can safely measure what the democrats inflict us with in the coming two years.

GDP $14.412 Trillion
GDP Growth -.5%
deficit $455 Billion
national debt $10.6 Trillion
The cost of a liberal government $4.150 Trillion
The Feds all important interest rate .18
Poverty Rate 12.5%
crime -3.5%
Oil price $41 per barrel
inflation 2.0%
Unemployment rate 6.7%
DOW 8022.53
NASDAQ 1458.58
S$P 500 814.21
New Liberal Corporate welfare (stimulus for 09) $850 Billion
The Prophet Obama's Popularity 60%
Queen Pelosi's Popularity 39%

Note: Court Jester Reid's is apparently so unpopular no polling agency has determined his popularity as of the date of publication of this blog post.,3,1,4,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.html

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 days of parties costing millions, I thought the democrats were the party of the downtrodden, now we know the truth

The liberal socialist democrats have been in DC for almost 2 days with 2 more planned of non stop parties. Be proud democrat voters, the liberal moviestars, rockstars, media and of course the liberal politicians are spending massive amounts of your money to basically party for 4 days.

Now before the Ministry of Truth (aka the media) alter this fact into some claim the money was donated, I point out the previously mentioned funding provided for some of this fun from FEMA money.

However, even if all of the money was donated, what happened to the poor and downtrodden you liberals are constantly harping about saving, or the environment? I would think the money for four days of parties would pay for a large number of homeless family to have some meals for that four days.

I guess the liberal politicians and stars are exactly what they appear to be, elitist eurostyle wannabe aristocrats who really have no interest in anything but their own power and money all taken from the people they claim to be saving.

So while there are people who do not have bread to eat going hungry for tonight, I will ask again, does this mean the elitist democrats will let them eat the cake left over from all of the parties?

All hail the Prophet Obama, King of the Democrats, ruler of America

The Political Shaman recommends communicating appropriate acknowledgment of the ascendancy of the elite liberal socialist democrats as they assume complete control of the United States.

It seems prudent to avoid the Ministry of Love the democrats will need for the socialist and environmentalist utopia they are about to inflict on the currently free citizens of the United States. The Ministry of Love will be overworked as the democrats begin the process of raising taxes, raising the deficit far worse than anytime and all with the end result of turning this recession into a depression. After all, the democrats according to Rahm, like to exploit crisis conditions and what could be better for the democrats than a depression they can create. I believe the Prophet is set to raise the deficit today in fact. Lets see if he can manage to do it.

Have some hope, eventually the democrat's Ministry of Truth will kick in with the help of their media buddies and we won't even know anything bad is happening. Ignorance is Strength, is what the democrats are hoping for.

So all give homage to the Prophet Obama, he is the new king.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rahm Emmanual's Rule One is to exploit a crisis for promoting socialist liberal agendas and programs, while pretending they are helping victims.

The Chief of Staff of the Prophet Obama is quoted in the NY times as stating the following in an interview on Face the Nation, a few months ago on.

“Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview on Sunday. “They are opportunities to do big things.”

Now that the Prophet Obama will be crowned king of the democrats tomorrow this complete the triumvirate of power for the socialist like political party Obama leads. The party will have complete control of the House and Senate as well as the Executive office. They are only one or two votes short of filibuster proof control (we wont know until the democrats have finished "finding" ballot boxes and "determining the intent of the voter" in Minnesota).
With such a small margin of filibuster possibilities and the complete control of the mainstream media, the democrats have defacto complete power.

So with this power Obama's chief of staff has this Rule One, which seems pretty clear that democrats count on crisis and calamity to happen so they can exploit them for their own agendas. Since the democrats agendas are all liberal marxist programs intended to make us all equally poor and themselves the only elites, you can imagine how worried we should be. The Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Ried, all of the Clintonistas and most other democrats have promised increased taxes, they will enact nonsense like Carbon pollution selling programs, which will cause more inflation, they have promised to continue to promote ethanol and other fuels that will raise the cost of food and they have promised a wonderful, European style healthcare system that will render most people dead at an early age because you have to wait 3 years to get a bypass surgery. We must not forget the Pelosi backed plan to confiscate a massive percentage of all 401ks and other retirement funds to place in Social Secutiry. Not a bad list of "big things".

The Political Shaman can easily predict the "big things" Rahm Emmanuel refers too, the democrats have been demanding and promising to inflict us with this stuff for 15 years if not longer. Democrat voters you do realize that Rahm is telling you that you are too stupid to think. Instead of perhaps helping the people in this crisis he refers too, his Rule One is to exploit the people by pushing for unrelated stuff and pretending it is somehow resolving the crisis. A moral thinking individual would resolve a crisis and assist those affected within reason, not use the crisis for promotion of unrelated ideology and programs at the expense of the suffering of victims of a crisis.

Is it possible that the democrat voters really are as stupid as the Democrat politicians hope?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Prophet Obama will be annointed King of the Democrats, since we have no bread, will the democrats let us eat cake?

Hear Ye Hear Ye, The democrats get to anoint their king, Tuesday. A day filled with glee and happiness for the Prophet after his long 2 year struggle of ignoring his senate responsibilities so he could pursue becoming president.

Excuse me while I remain very disappointed in the democrat voters for inflicting us yet again with a democrat congress and president, who have spent the last month ensuring they will do everything possible from raising taxes to spending more in one year on welfare(corporate welfare) than the entire 8 years of Bush. Thank you democrats, I really would rather have this recession turned into a depression like you did years ago, or are you going for a 70s economy. Since there is no good decade when democrats ruled everything, I can only assume a repeat of one of the many bad times you democrats ruled. What is certain is the politicians NEVER learn from the past and will repeat history, we can expect they will repeat some bad decade, such as FDR's folly, while the Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Reid and their democrat comrades all rule America. Since history will be repeated I can only assume the liberal elitists who are running this country will send us cake after they have taken all of our money for bread.

It would help if the liberal biased media actually did not rewrite history, since the democrat voters seem to let the liberal media think for them, the media could at least tell their followers what really happened in the past. Well in fairness to the democrat voters, I don't believe concepts like actual history nor facts about politicians are part of that newspeak languange the liberals use.

Well what could be expected. The liberal, socialist, progressive democrats only have part of their court ready with Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Ried, so it makes sense they should try to have their king. Divine right and all of that nonsense, I believe it is called, so who better for a king to rule by divine right than a messiah like prophet.

All hail the Prophet Obama...KING of the Democrats.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Prophet Obama has high approval ratings...blah blah blah

It was reported today that the Prophet Obama has high approval ratings and "everyone" loves him. Well that is nice.

The Political Shaman will predict that no matter what happens the media will never have an approval rating for Obama that is ever less than showing everyone loves him.

It is typical behavior for socialist/progressive/liberal democrats. After all their so called leaders do everything from carnal pleasures in the white house, leaving a woman to drown, selling Senate seats and who knows what else and yet they still keep those people. The Prophet Obama is worse because of the messiah complex, I mean who ever gets upset with Messiahs - or Prophets for that matter. This is the only way to explain how fools in other countries with the more extreme forms of socialism continue to let their despotic rulers oppress them.

Just like the fools who loved FDR for turning a recession into a depression and delaying getting into a war until soldiers in Pearl Harbor were killed, the Prophet Obama is set to do at least as much damage as FDR and the liberals you can be assured the media will never report on a poll showing Obama is anything but perfect.

Too bad the democrats and others who voted for the Prophet and continue to give him favorable approval ratings continue to let the media think for them, instead of thinking for themselves.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Defense is one of the very few jobs explicitly described by the Constitution as the responsibility of the Government and yet no missle defense.

The Prophet Obama takes control of the throne he purchased in a few days. This will complete the triumvirate of The Prophet, Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid. The democrats will have taken complete control yet again of everything. History has shown explicitly that democrats having it all is the worst possible government we could have. We have no modern history of republicans with that kind of control. The closest would be way back when the republicans affirmed women had the right to vote.

Well one thing that is certain about the democrats is they will make the US military ineffective. Besides massive cutbacks like they always do, they will also do things like turn over protection of us to the UN and we can hope we don't get invaded and divided out as a spoil of war as Poland was 214 years ago.

I am amazed though that with the fact that the rest of the world has a long history of constantly invading others, current threats from tyrannical regimes like Iran and sabre rattling from supposed allies, the liberals will not allow a missile defense system to be built.

The moronic Cold War mentality of mutual destruction being a deterrent will certainly not work with states run by megalomaniacs running places like North Korea or fools like Bin Laden. Even with more reasonable countries like Russia, China and others we have a risk.

A missile defense presents options we should have. Currently, if anyone sends a missile to us, we have only one choice, retaliation.

The first problem is the liberals are declaring that millions of Americans being killed in the name of having no missile defense is a perfectly ok choice. Though it is consistent at least, since being liberal means following Marxist like ideas which does justify allowing millions to die as long as the Utopian ideas of the liberals are maintained. For the rest of us it means we would have to allow people to be killed by a missile and then we respond with our own missiles.

Who gave the liberals the right to sacrifice your life, instead of doing what the Constitution mandates, which is protect you for a foreign attack?

The second problem is one of choices. If a defense system is in place it and removes the threat, we don't have to retaliate with our own nukes. If no one on our side gets killed, then we can retaliate with a variety of responses from diplomacy, conventional weapons or nukes. Plus we have the added benefit of no one in the US being sacrificed for the liberal agenda.

Of course there is the very bizarre logic of liberals. They don't care of Iran and North Korea obtain weapons. They don't want us to stop them. The liberals don't want us upsetting antagonistic countries, yet the liberals go to any extreme to prevent us from having a defense against these weapons. At the very least, the liberals could demand that North Korea and Iran stop obtaining weapons with the same zeal they use to prevent the US from developing a defense against those weapons.

Well what do you expect from the Prophet Obama and the liberals, they also claim to advocate for women and supposedly are against oppression of certain races yet at the same time the only countries they seem to back are the Islamic countries that oppress women and enslave people.

I guess with the liberals capable of justifying supporting countries that oppress women and enslave people, letting Americans die in a nuclear attack is really not so extreme to the liberals.

The job of government is to protect the country from foreign attack, this should be all the justification needed to develop weapons and defense capabilities.

I wonder how long after the liberals get full control, before the next Islamic attack on US territory or property.

How is it possible that the wealthiest counties in the US are around DC

Doing a little research has turned up a map of the richest counties in the United States.

What is interesting is following more of the data it seems that DC is the top place. It is amazing to discover that the DC and its suburbs are doing just fine with housing prices and sales. The median income is going up still and they don't seem to be too affected by the recession.

Well doing more research turns up some stats on how there are more government employees in total compared to years ago. There are also more contractors, more high paid lobbyists, more corporate contracts and more of just about every jackass you can think of sucking our tax money off as it is handed out by the government.

If we need a reason why this economy is bad, lets look at the people sucking a massive portion of the economy to line their pockets in DC. This certainly explains why everyone in DC, from the idiot think tanks to the Prophet Obama all want these massive government bailouts. Obviously, to keep paying for their lavish lifestyles at the expense of the rest of us having to live with less or barely live at all.

Further review of that map seems to show that the money seems to go to many places where state capitals. Not in all cases but in many it would seem the politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and other government leeches are ensuring they continue to live like kings during this recession.

Just think, before the Prophet Obama has officially started running the country, the liberals at his request have taken almost 3 times the current deficit in less than two weeks. All on these "bailouts" but at least now we know what they are spending the money on. I would not want Pelosi, Obama, the media or lobbyists to suffer too much during this recession.

Please democrats, steal more of my money.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The politicians could fix the economy if they really wanted too.

I have heard endless stories now about corporate welfare, budget deficits in various states, complaining about all kinds of economic woes and demands by everyone for the government to "fix" the economy.

Well there are a few problems with this demand to "fix" the economy.

People, the politicians are the cause. They are the ones who have meddled with our lives to the point that the economy could not sustain it any longer. Sure there could be other factors but the biggest drag on the economy is politicians and their endless confiscation of the largest chunk of the economy through taxes and their endless regulation that causes everything to cost more.

So politicians here in California, The Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Reid and all of the rest of you marxist liberal democrats... do us all a favor and get the hell out of the way. Get rid of the useless regulations from taxing me for what I exhale, regulations telling me what toliet I can buy, mandating interest rates, preventing us from drilling oil, well the list is endless and the bottom line here is any regulation increases the cost for us.

Therefore, politicians, get rid of the pointless regulation, the ones with Zero basis in any kind of reality and the ones that allow Unions to control government jobs. Remove regulations on your own activities with purchases, honestly, I would rather have a couple of scams done by politicians and their construction company brother than the far more expensive regulation in place to "prevent" those crimes. I certainly don't mind having actual pollutants removed from air, water and earth but CO2? I forgot people, the politicians do prefer to regulate molecules that cant be proven to be a factor in anything and because we all exhale it and plants use it, they can be assured of an endless supply to regulate.

If the politicians simply got out of the way, they would not need to do anything since the flow of money would be greater and sustained long term and they would not have to get their fingers on as much of our money as they do.

FDR tried this excessive government spending plan in 1933 and all it did was give us yet more taxes and extend a recession into a 12 year depression. Now I know it was successful in ensuring the Democrats maintained power for 50 years but really, people, do you have to screw up the lives of everyone just to get your power for a decade or two? Would it not be better for The Prophet and other democrats to actually become statesman and govern properly and ethically? I would think that would result in more elections being won than lost.

The government could easily reduce costs, thanks to unions, regulation and simply idiotic spending practices, the government spends far more than they should on everything. Examples would be how school districts need a decade to build a school costing millions more all because every government agency has to be involved and put in their two cents worth of bad advice. Or the inevitable stories of $2000 hammers because of some regulation on where to purchase them, how they get purchased, quantities required, and 200 forms of paperwork to fill out to bid it out.

Or could the government possibly just get out of healthcare all together. With no actual demonstrated proof of a successful socialist healthcare program anywhere, I would think the opposite would be the best option. How about letting insurance companies compete across states and get out of dictating the price of everything indirectly through medicare.

The Political Shaman could fill this blog with endless examples of politicians enacting the regulations that create inflation and the oppressive taxation that together are killing this economy. If the politicians would end this belief they have that they have the right to all of our money, then perhaps they would be inclined to reduce their impact on the economy and maybe it would recover and sustain itself for a long period of time.

The current path of bailouts, increasing taxes, increasing regulation and increased government intrusion on our lives will do nothing but make this economy worse than it is.

The Political Shaman has no illusions though, asking the politicians to fix the problems they cause is a lot like asking the fox to get out of the henhouse.

The Prophet Obama's Inauguration is an Emergency? Huh?

So the AP reports that Bush who I think was a good President in general, has declared a state of emergency in DC for the purpose of freeing an extra 15 million dollars from the Federal Emergency and Management Agency budget all for dealing with the millions of sheep that plan to invade DC for Obama's inauguration.

An inauguration is an Emergency?

Talk about pork barrel and idiotic use of funds. I don't hear the prophet complaining either. Which is even more repugnant because The Prophet Obama had almost a billion dollars for his campaign to purchase this presidential election. You would think that he could at least give us tax payers a break and fund his own inauguration. He is the reason all these sheep consider him a Messiah anyway, he could at least fund that lie himself instead of with my dollar.

How about just calling it what it is, a bunch of politicians, leftists, voting sheep and special interests having a love-in, feel good, jam session in DC and the government is paying for it.

It is certainly not an Emergency.

All of you people who follow the Prophet like he is a Messiah, he is only a politician, likely not even a useful one and I would think you should at least wait until he has actually done something before you treat him like he is some sort of beloved monarch.

Oh I forgot most of you are racists because you actually think his race is the only requirement for president and that somehow being of African decent makes you perfect and unable to do any wrong. Still do you fools have to have an Emergency declared just so you can riot in a city on my dime?

Bush makes more money available for Inauguration

Jan 13, 4:48 PM (ET)

Friday, January 9, 2009

People of Illinois will you ever vote in a useful governor?

The Political Shaman is wondering why Illinois voters seem to have some of the most corrupt politicians available. What is unbelievable is this character Blagojevich is now having dictator style press conferences where he declares today that the Illinois politicians are simply in legislative disagreement with him and that is why he is being impeached. Hello? Blagojevich, you committed a crime. Remember that? You tried to sell a senate seat and were caught. Well you managed to finally sell that seat to Burris but I do believe this is why you are impeached.

Illinois voters, pull your head out of the sand. This guy is acting like a third world pointless dictator who the people want to oust and he is pretending all is just fine. Get rid of this fool, please. You have managed to vote in a near constant stream of people who ended up in jail or should be, perhaps you should start voting for anyone other than the career politicians.

What is sad though is the entire country just voted in Blagojevich supporter in as the new Prophet of the United States and The Prophet Obama has appointed a bunch of old time corrupt Illinois politicians into his cabinet.

The Political Shaman is wondering how the country will survive Chicago politicians running the country. Should we put in suggestions for the soup kitchens, so we have good meals when we need them, since that is where the marxists in Obama's cabinet want us to be?

Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Reid are either of you going to shut down this guy Blagojevich, he is making the already blackened name of liberalism even worse.

Maybe we should ban Illinois voters from national elections until they can prove to be able to vote a majority of less corrupt politicians into office.

The Prophet Obama has spoken, his prophecy is the recession will be a decade

Yes everyone, The Prophet Obama delivered his prophecy yesterday on the recession. He is conveniently predicting the recession will last years even a decade and we should be prepared.
Thank you Prophet Obama for exacerbating your already liberal media created recession into a depression.

The Political Shaman can predict this pretty easily. The democrats are the only party in the last 90 years to have had full control of everything, unopposed. That means own it all with filibuster proof majorities. The two decades of the highest amount of control the democrats enjoyed were the 1930s and the 1960s. Sadly, the Prophet Obama and his democrat sheep are lamenting the perfection FDR and new deals with actions already showing they all plan to implement similar idiotic plans for this economy. Wake up America, the democrats tool the 1929 crash and subsequent couple of years of republican mistakes and turned what should have been a 2 or 3 year recession into a decade long depression. Sound familiar? Decade long as Obama is predicting in his prophecy. The marxist libs did it back then too, prediction all kinds of suffering and years of getting out of the recession when in fact it was their new deal that was the problem.

Americans, here is the trick being pulled on you. What the liberals and the Prophet Obama are doing is announcing this decade of recession because they know they will cause it and if you already think it will happen, then when it does, instead of firing The Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid, you will shack your ostrich heads and declare Obama has to stay because he predicted this 10 year depression so he must be smart. You will think it was inevitable because the liberal biased media never stood up and called those fool politicians on their prediction.

The new deal was successful, it allowed the democrats to maintain and additional 50 years of control. The democrats imposed nearly every punishing tax on us in the 30s and again in the 60s, the other decade of liberal perfection.

The media did this with gas prices for the last decade. Always announcing horrendous summer gas prices in January so by the time it happened, the people did nothing because it was old news and expected. The democrats are doing that with this recession. They are predicting a depression, so the democrat voters, bury their heads in the sand as the feel comforted that the democrats predicted the depression(they created) and therefore must be the answer to get out of it. I point out that there has never been a democrat controlled decade that was a good one.

So please democrat voters, make sure you keep the Democrat politicians in. I sure do want to spend the next 10 years watching the liberals steal every dime I have in higher taxes and inflation caused by regulations as we all join the new soviet bread lines. Why do I say this? Well Khrushchev predicted that America could be spoon fed a little bit of socialism every year for decades and then they will be communist. Guess what, the Prophet Obama and the liberal democrats must have been paying attention, since they are succeeding.

I can't wait to be taxed on my breathing, since I produce carbon dioxide with every breath, wow the Marxists must think I am a polluter too.

FYI... the last time Republicans had significant but not filibuster proof control of everything was when they affirmed women had the right to vote though I would say that it is too bad that was so long ago, none of those guys are running for office today.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The race card and Blagojevich's buddy Burris

The race card should be dead. The Prophet Obama is president and he is of African decent. A minority is in the White House, so racism is clearly no longer a problem in the United States and it is not. Other than the few fools in back water places still living as Civil War democrats, and the few fools who voted for the Prophet because his is black, racism is dead.

So the race card should not work anymore. What is amusing though is the race card, long a tool of the democrats who created segregation to use against the party that ended slavery or anyone else who disagrees with them, this tool called a race card only works because of the media.

Right now the only racism in this country is the few laws the government makes to oppress Caucasian and Asian people the few people who still practice things like affirmative action and of course when the media makes unfounded accusations.

Now we get to January and this arrogant Blagojevich appoints this idiot Burris to the senate and what happens, the democrats and media roll over. What the heck kind of power do these two have. How could an idiot governor who committed crimes and a nobody fool who could not get elected to anything as all of his previous positions were appointments and his 4 failed senate runs, force Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the Marxist democrats in the party and media completely roll over and allow this Burris in the building?

This just makes me wonder what did Burris offer Blagojevich for that senate seat?

I do laugh though to see the democrats caught by the race card, a tool of their own invention used against them.

Still people, The Prophet Obama is president, the race card should no longer be effective.

Why is the biased media not defending its own?

I am amazed about this entire Blagojevich crime. The man has blatantly been caught selling a senate seat and was already under investigation for a variety of other crimes and the media is rolling over for this guy. One of his infractions involved the media itself. Blagojevich is the perfect example of exactly the wrong kind of person to elect to anything and the media does nothing. This guy attacks journalists at the Chicago Tribune and then attacks the tribune and the media does nothing.

Why is the media rolling over for this guy?

I realize that the media is biased for the socialist democrats but there comes a point when you have to have some credibility. Media, you are looking like fools by not bringing this fool politician down. The way you attacked Trent Lott years ago and Newt Gingrich proves you know how to take down a politician.

What hold does Blagojevich have on you people?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Prophet Obama is almost in charge, are you ready?

Yes I am calling Obama The Prophet. I feel that any man with a Messiah complex should at least have a title that is more in line with what is probably happening. I am firmly under the belief that no one can eliminate from their mind their childhood and the facts are he lived in an islamic influenced family in an islamic country at an age when you learn the core of your ethics and beliefs. Is that inherently bad, not really if the guy was not a socialist. As a socialist however, he will have the tendency to believe that it is perfectly ok for terrorists, rogue governments or anyone to attack, invade and massacre as long as they are willing to consider negotiating. You should know what I mean, the last 50 years of UN socialist belief that you can negotiate with psycho dictators and beg them to stop trying to kill you as long as we just try to understand them.

I am also under the impression that the liberals actually believe that because The Prophet Obama is running America that the idiots running Iran and every other Islamic country will some how decide to stop trying to genocide America and we would no longer be the great satan.

I know it is a stupid belief. Since Islam has spent the last 1400 years conquering, killing, enslaving and genociding various populations (of course is the same as many religions when it comes to conquering and genocide) there is no reason to believe they will just hang up 1400 years of insanity just because The Prophet Obama is president.

However, we are talking about liberals. They also believe after centuries of failed attempts, some form of Marxism will work too. If the liberals still believe Marxism works, they are dumb enough to believe The Prophet Obama being president will somehow make those nut cases happy.

After all the liberals believed Hitler really meant it when he signed the non-proliferation of war treaty.

Are you ready for The Prophet Obama and the liberals in full control again? Did you know they are the only party to be in full control in the last 90 years, including the media being with them and the only party to have had filibuster proof control in the last 90 years? Anyone remember the 60s or the Great Depression?

Determining your rights

Alexander Hamilton stated in Federalist Paper # 84 suggested that the US Constitution inherently defended all rights so there is no need to list any for protection.

Hamilton was concerned that such a power would be dangerous in the hands of the government.

"I go further, and affirm that bills of rights, in the sense and in the extent in which they are contended for, are not only unnecessary in the proposed constitution, but would even be dangerous. They would contain various exceptions to powers which are not granted; and on this very account, would afford a colorable pretext to claim more than were granted. For why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do?"

Hamilton was right. For the last 100 years the supreme court has made rulings with statements similar to this decision in the Garner v U.S. 424 US 648 (1976) case, "The privilege against self-incrimination can be claimed against specific disclosures sought on a tax return."

Considering that the RIGHT to not incriminate yourself is actually part of the bill of rights we should all start to consider what it is the politicians are doing to the United States. I have heard many times in debate, conversation, talk radio shows, news media and books comments such as "I have never seen a right to privacy in the Constitution". This is amusing because technically there are no rights granted by the Constitution to the people. As the Declaration of Independence states rights are unalienable. They exist for the individual because he exists. No government has the authority to remove rights. By default, the government has no authority to grant rights either because the people already have every right.

Hamilton believed that the constitution was written well enough to ensure an understanding that it was a directive to the politicians that all rights were held by the people and the government is to protect those rights. The bill of rights even has a 9th and 10th amendment specifically identifying that the government has not been granted some sort of directive to begin to grant or remove rights from individuals or states.

The case from 1976 and others going back 60 years or so, have shown the court creating this concept called privileges. This is ridiculous because the government declaring a right as a privileged is in effect granting itself the authority of what your rights are and taking away the ones they find inconvenient.

This is just part of a long process by progressives, liberals and what have you to create their socialist state. A right to privacy, a right to own a gun, a right to drive or a right to 'not have the liberals bothering you' are all impediments to the goal of the liberals desire to create the ultimate socialist state.

Why do all of you liberal, democrat and even republican voters seem to be perfectly fine with the government controlling every right you have or in effect removing all rights? There is no gray area here, either you have unalienable rights or the government is socialist and grants privileges it deems necessary for you to have.