Sunday, January 24, 2010

Middle class America, perhaps it is time to leave...

Middle class America, 50% of the country is voting in democrat politicians to steal your money, force you out of your homes and vehicles and slowly taking every freedom you have.

You are the producers of this country. The engineers, the teachers, the programmers, the technicians, plumbers, mechanics and the ones supporting the liberal socialist programs against your will. Every year these politicians take more and 50% of your fellow citizens vote them in to do this.

Perhaps it is time to leave. American is the best country on earth because of the Americans who produce, who live decent lives and simply want to ensure their own families are taken care of and have the generosity to help others when needed. We are America, not the 50% of people taking from you.

If we leave, they will not survive. There are plenty of decent countries who would take Americans with open arms, treat us well and since America is us, anywhere we go will effectively be America. This idea is not new as it is the main solution in Atlas Shrugged for example. It would not be a long stay. After all, how long could the liberals last in America without the people whose money they confiscate for their ideology and welfare programs.

Not long at all, plus when they implode not only will America be free again for us to go back too, we will be bringing with us other countries likely very friendly to Americans and more than willing to continue the profitable relationship after the liberals have finally defeated themselves.

As long as the middle class productive people stay, the democrats will keep stealing our money until we have none, we are all destitute and we will not be able to leave.

Just a thought because the only other option is to pick up guns and force the liberals to leave but that would make us no better than they are, after all the end result of the liberal marxist path is an army turned against the people, at least every other example of marxism in the past ended this way, why would it be different this time, after 100 million already killed in the last 100 years.

Lets follow the example set by the very wealthy, just leave and let the democrats wither away on their own.

Finally the socialist Democrats are losing power but will the republicans do anything useful?

Finally, after almost a year of the Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid trying to convert American into a socialist utopia, the people of Massachusetts have spoken. The Democrats have lost their filibuster proof majority which effectively stops the Obama agenda in its tracks, assuming the Republicans have the backbone to actually use the 41 vote advantage they have.

It would seem the liberal democrats and Obama their messiah did not learn well the lessons taught by Nikita Khrushchev, former leader of the Soviet Union who said American can't be converted to communism instantly, it has to be done slowly over time. It is a good thing that Obama and his followers do not pay attention to history as we know by their quotes of Chairman Mao and Hollywood celebrities insistence on wearing pictures of Che the Cuban general responsible for killing hundreds. Though perhaps if the progressive liberal marxists in the democrat party did read history, they would know the old progressive marxist agenda is a failure but that may be asking too much.

The people of Massachusetts, a dark blue state has overwhelmingly rejected the democrats and their 8 years of insane government incompetence and spending compressed into 1 year. The situation is grim for the democrats and as the Political Shaman predicted, the democrats did go to their core belief of total marxism and attempted to in one year convert American, which predictably failed. We will see the Democrats repeat 1994 and lose everything again but the question is about the republicans. Will they take up the ball, the American people just knocked out of the hands of the democrats?

Probably not.

You see, the republicans would have to go back to the core Constitutional conservative belief that government is the problem. The republicans would have to actually stop the spending and pay back the stimulus, actually reduce taxes and above all, reduce the cost of government and the effects of bogus regulations.

Since no congress in living memory has actually reversed bad laws, truly cut spending and effectively reduced taxes enough to reduce it from a burden to a cost, it is safe to conclude the republicans will not be setting a precedent.

We can possibly hope for the republicans to grow a pair and at least go back to the 1994 mentality and perhaps make a new contract with America.

It is good news the Democrats have been stopped before they could finish off the country but America will remain on the precipice of destitution as long as the current government and laws remain in place.