Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I don't fear the government, I fear the individuals who can't see they follow socialism

"I can see that discussing economics with you will be like discussing evolution with a creationist. You won’t let facts and evidence get in the way of your beliefs.
Problem is, the facts don’t go away just because you ignore them. If you want to claim wikipedia is wrong, you must know there are other sources right? And you must have figured out that tax rates in the last couple of hundred years are known right? So why deny what is easily searchable?

And I already told you, unlike you, I am a capitalist. You’re a day dreamer." - Insane Liberal

Wow friend, you are the one who seems to have beliefs in a government managed economy that has failed. Try reading real history. Start with the debate between Patrick Henry and James Madison over the ratification of the Constitution. Patrick Henry feared the Constitution would create the over bearing tyrannical type central government we have today. He even describes it and it sounds like what we have today as evolved from the 1930s. Madison states there are two protections to prevent it, the Federal Government banned from direct taxation and the State legislatures voting their Senators. The reason for the latter was to ensure one house remained unaffected by popular actions/mob rule and the former was to ensure the Feds never could get enough money to be a tyranny. Both protections were removed just before 1920 and by the 30s the effects of that loss of protection took hold. In other letters you will find Madison describing how Feds take over. Starting with creating public schools, then the curriculum, taking over postal services, roads and he says eventually the feds will follow that path to take over everything for a variety of benevolent reasons.

Your nonsense is what we live today. In the 1930s a series of laws were passed to "prevent" the supposed crimes of the 1920s and to "protect" the people from risk of all types. Since crime cant ever be prevented and the definition of what an individual considers a base sort of living cant be defined, this task is as impossible as socialist desires for equal results for all.

When the original laws dont work because they do not prevent the excesses of the politicians and others who really committed the crimes or mistakes, they instead attack the innocent and free, the government adds more laws. As politicians, rich friends and their sycophants do everything the can to get around these laws, including exempting themselves from them(as in today with the politicians exemption on insider trading) these actions to get around the laws eventually cause more problems, making the people upset and yet more laws are passed to prevent the crimes caused by the actions of the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st sets of laws either ignored or considered not strong enough. So now today we have 2006, the politicians scamming everyone left and right, insider trading, crazy laws to allow for the existence of nonsense like trading derivatives on unrealized capital, crony capitalism that takes tax or borrowed money to put in companies, the democrats in congress kill an economy, take over damage it even more and then come out with even more laws like obamacare, dodd frank, sarbox and heck lets pull in other insanity like the patriot act and its effects and we have what we have today. All of this because the protections Madison described were removed allowing FDR to step in and basically create what we have today because the state were and still are defenseless against the feds and the people also defenseless because individually can't ever defend their money and property from the feds.

It is you Sir who needs to look at history and see what is really there. Taking on more and more and more regulation after regulation after regulation in the name of preventing crime or preventing risk has the exact opposite effect. It is no better than a doctor prescribing a pill for an unknown disease, the prescribing 40 more pills to counteract the side effects of all other pills.

I do not fear the government, I fear people like you who read the Declaration of Independance, see the words Unalienable Rights and the 3 rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness which encompass all rights an individual can define for himself and are in fact unalienable, then you believe that the government we have today with its insane taxation, even more insane spending and so many regulations on you that you are likely breaking a dozen fed, state or local laws at any moment because those laws demand everything from your money, to what is acceptable to read, if you are allowed to work or not, what lights you can have and likely which hand you can masturbate with. Yeah maybe that is a joke but considering there are laws on the books going back a couple centuries that have many crazy ones, you really can't say which hand is legal to use. You and I both are right this second breaking a law, unknowingly and you thing I am the one not paying attention or reading history? It is people like you we should all fear, you actually believe your progressive socialist insanity and you don't even know that it is the path you are following.