Monday, December 7, 2009

The Prophet Obama send troops to Afghanistan using the Bush doctrine for war

The Prophet Obama has finally decided after over 3 months, to send more troops to Afghanistan. His defense of this surge is using the same surge plan that Bush used in Iraq.

This is great, The Prophet has screwed everything else up but at least he made a good move here. Iraq and Afghanistan are different, though and it is uncertain we will succeed in a stable government there, which seems to be the goal. In reality, we only need to kill terrorists there, it really makes on difference on the government installed there but it probably can't hurt if the end result is dead terrorists and a stable afghan government.

The repubelicans do need to calm down on the 19 months. The same guy who ran the DOD for Bush is still in charge and we should take the Generals at their word that 19 months is merely a time when they will consider if they can change the battle plan. We could be wrong and if so, then it would be on Obama's head if he planned to cut and run all along though clearly he is planning to use either a claimed victory or a cut and run as political points for the 2012 election.

Either way, the Prophet is doing a Surge, which worked before and is a fairly good plan to try again. Considering his campaign promises were almost entirely the liberal socialist mindset of we just need to understand those that are saying they will kill everyone, it is nice to see that for a moment a few of his braincells worked long enough to make a good decision.

Climategate... We really didn't need it to know these "scientists" were fabricating the entire global warming hysteria

Climategate is all over the media for the last few days, basically some emails and documents found on a public server show evidence that the so called "scientists" who have claimed that global warming is a human caused planet killing phenomenon were in fact fabricating the entire thing.

Do we really need these emails to confirm what should already be known? Their data comes from less than 100 years of temperature data, that is imbalanced across the planet unless you believe the claim that thermometers in the US and Europe and some scattered parts of the planet some how equals the temperature of the entire planet. They rely on tree ring data which only indicates a warming trend for the last few hundred years and does not prove anything about the cause or if it is even unnatural. Ice core data shows the CO2 rise is actually after the temperature rise and is an effect repeated between all of the ice ages, indicated we are in fact between ice ages though this information is suppressed.

These "scientists" also have arbitrarily set a "global" temperature and chose what the "normal" temperature should be, even though over earths 4 billion year history, there is no evidence for what "normal" should be nor that this measure is in fact effective.

The main "evidence" of all of this hysteria are so called climate models. The scientists use the above suspect and conflicting data as well as the entirely fabricated average global temperature and of course the model will predict catastrophe.

None of the so called causes can be repeated or tested in a lab. CO2 is one of the main molecules in the biosphere called earth, how can this possibly be a pollutant. Actual laboratory tests show that water vapor is a better and more likely culprit for global warming, which is caused by a hotter sun. The sun is also proven to be warmer now than it has been in many years.

The ice core and other data showing the CO2 and Temperature during and between ice ages, is in fact the best indicator of what is happening. This data shows between every ice age is a huge but short warming period(short is relative to earths 4 billion years) followed by a long ice age. Today's warming is neither hotter than the past nor getting hotter at a higher rate.

In short, there is no human caused global warming, the entire thing was fabricated as logic of the "evidence" should show anyone with a brain and proven by these emails.

A real scientist would simply gather evidence and form conclusions based on the evidence. What has happened here is climategaters have decided there is human caused global warming and seek to "prove" it by collecting partial data, hiding contrary evidence and fabricating the rest.

It is time now we end this nonsense. Should we continue we will suffer more than just the massive financial burden for the cap and trade tax on your breathing.

Scientists are moving toward removing "carbon" from the energy production process by storing it underground. Here is the major problem with this. For every CO2 molecule forced underground or otherwise taken out of the atmosphere by one of these methods, is taking 2 oxygen atoms and burying those as well. The Political Shaman has major issues with climategaters, reducing the amount of oxygen in the environment for he would like to have enough to breathe. The only effective way to get this Oxygen back into the atmosphere is to let plants use the CO2, which means leaving the CO2 in the atmosphere. There is no prediction at all on what happens underground if you start filling the empty spaces with CO2, such as saturating the ground water with so much CO2, it becomes undrinkable.

Think like these idiot scientists. They will bury CO2, then when there is not enough oxygen, they will give us oxygen tanks, when not enough CO2 is available for plants, they will find a way to manufacture it. This is akin to the perpetual prescription drug problem of doctors giving you one medicine, then another to counter the side effects of the first, then another pill to counteract the side effect of the second medicine.

Think deep down in your mind, do you really want these scientists, messing with the planet's biosphere?

It makes sense that our burning fossil fuels is creating more CO2, which uses up oxygen. It is a fact that humans do cause pollution. However, CO2 is not the problem. The reason the politicians and scientists want CO2 to be the culprit is because there is no way to measure for the correct amount. It isn't causing any problems, so the climategaters can make any claim about it and they will be right how could they not be right, when they fabricated the problem to begin with.

There really is actual pollution to end or mitigate in this world, such as sewage in rivers. However, that would take real scientists and real effort to solve and these problems would be solved, something no politician wants, solved problems means no power or money to gain, so why solve them.

CO2 and global warming is just a perpetual method for the scientists involved to keep getting grants and politicians to keep making laws to take more money and have a way to persecute those who they don't like.

People of the world, do yourselves a favor and vilify the scientists, media and others involved to shut them down forever. Vote out the politicians involved as well. The politicians are as much to blame for the perpetuation of this and nearly every other problem. If we do not, all of us will eventually be just slowly dying, wearing government issues oxygen tanks, eating government produced MREs, living in government approved locations all in the name of saving the planet.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The government is the problem...

Politicians claim almost continuously they will solve all problems. Social Security, Unemployment, recessions, medical costs, insurance costs, banking, war and etc... are all examples of these so called problems and how the politicians will solve them.

The real problem is all of these issue the politicians want to fix, were created and caused by the government itself. Any government program having trouble was created by the politicians, so logically the politicians are the cause of the problems. War is another, though in this case it is other countries political leadership that is the real problem. American politicians are only failures here for letting antagonistic political and theocratic dictators threaten our existence for so long and doing nothing about it but wishing these psychos across the ocean will just see reason.

Indirectly, recessions, healthcare and nearly every other problem is caused by the politicians because of their interference through taxation, regulation, borrowing and printing money. It would seem the industries with the most problems are also the ones with the most government interference. Taxation and regulation, including the government protecting racketeering efforts by unions, cause recessions. Bailouts were for the more heavily regulated industries or union protected industries. Healthcare is expensive because of regulation and more regulation is on the way.

How can a business hire an employee, when so much capital is redirected into government coffers. After all, the governments through taxes and borrowing are taking nearly 50% of all capital earned each year, is it unreasonable to think the economy will remain in recession when 50% of all capital is being confiscated by the government?

Americans and people around the world, the problem we all face is universal. The politician, bureaucrat and theocrat are the biggest problems we all face. Getting rid of them and their impact on the world is the best thing we could do for ourselves. This is not advocacy for anarchy, only the replacement of these parasites with men and women who truly will manage the government and limit law to what is necessary for this purpose. Examples of legitimate government tasks are protection of individual rights, protection of the country, mediating disputes between individuals, dealing with criminals and to a limited degree minimizing the effects of fraud from businesses.

Anything else the government does is just the nonsense politicians do for their own personal power and wealth.

The government is the real problem and it is insane for the people to believe the politicians who cause these problems, will somehow be able to fix them.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obamacare, The democrats will force it on America, even if Americans don't want it.

It seems that the Democrats are going to force this Obamacare insanity on America, no matter what the people say about it.

After voting yes for a "Concept" as the democrats put it, the bill is now in the Senate and will soon be voted on. Democrat politicians have flatly stated that they don't care if the majority of people don't want it. These Democrats do not care if it is going to do nothing and cost massive amounts of money.

They can't even explain how it is the combination of Obamacare and Medicare will cost more than the entire healthcare industry currently is.

There is only one goal the Democrats have in mind. Another Marxist welfare program they can use to take more money and maintain power. This happened in the 30s and 60s with Social Security and Medicare. Both are expensive failed systems that succeeded in ensuring Democrats kept power and had an excuse to take money.

America wake up. The Democrats are devaluing America faster than the people can recover from the damage. Obama and the democrats have done more damage in less than a year than what normally takes 8 years to do. The American people will not be able to generate a large enough economy at a fast enough rate to absorb 8 years of damage done in 10 months.

Obamacare will make it another 8 years of damage done instantly.

Why would they take the tax money for Obamacare now but not actually implement the plan until after Obama's presumed reelection?

Why would Obamacare only be for those in need but force everyone else to pay for it?

Power and money is all the Democrats want, these welfare bureaucracies they create have only one purpose, power and money.

America your country is slowly being bled to death by the Democrats and they have been doing this for decades, when are you going to vote these fools out of power?

The Prophet Obama gets a Nobel peace prize for doing....Nothing? At least he is American

It is true. The Prophet Obama actually was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. The committee that voted for him actually admitted they did awarded the price based on the promises that Obama has stated about reducing nuclear weapons and encouraging peace in the areas of the world where Muslim tyrants and communist dictators are doing killing women for speaking out, genocide and threatening the world with destruction.

The Prophet has exacerbated the Afghan war, Iran has admitted to an extra nuclear weapons facility and no where have Muslim terrorists stopped killing and Muslim leaders still saction violence with their laws. So where is the promise of peace the Norwegian committee thinks Obama is going to accomplish?

Some people were right to wonder what is going on. Basically stating that the prize should go to someone who has actually done something.

The frightening comments were the world leaders who think giving Obama this reward as a prize for bringing America in line with the beliefs of the rest of the world for economics, environmentalism and violence. This is frightening because the rest of the world is a mess and they should be emulating America. If they did, there probably would be peace, less weapons, no more genocides, no slavery, no girls being sprayed with acid, no beheadings and the people of the world would probably have some money to take care of themselves. The world politicians and theocrats have long cherished their freedom to subjugate and kill anyone in the name of their personal power and they want Americans to emulate them?

The Nobel committee in Norway proved long ago they are fools and the prize worthless. This happened the day they awarded the prize to the terrorist Yasser Arafat. That violent animal murdered who knows how many for his power and through his leadership, the PLO murdered hundreds and rival offshoot organizations murdered hundreds more. Arafat practically invented modern terrorism such as kids strapping bombs to their chest to go murder a bus full of other kids. The Nobel peace prize went to Yasser for his promise to stop killing more people.

So much for promises.

The Prophet Obama has many promises, so far he has not accomplished any of them and in fact is making most of American life harder and certainly has had no influence on peace. How could he have any effect in the world, since he is basically handing over the leadership of the world to the Europeans?

At least now the American people can see why the conservatives call him Prophet, Saint or Messiah. It is a joke on the fools who follow a man who can do nothing or make things worse and yet he is still lauded and awarded.

The Prophet Obama may have a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing but at least he is American. There are 13 prizes in all and 11 of them went to Americans. This is a good thing at least.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"You lie" is racist are you kidding NY Times?

It would appear the liberal columnist Maureen Dowd is either insane, stupid or really good at protecting her prophet Obama.

This is the controversy caused by Republican Joe Wilson yelling "You Lie" during Obama's Campaign speech or whatever it is called given to the senate mostly on Obamacare.

Regardless of the opinion about Obama lying or not or Wilson being rude or expressing the concerns of millions, Maureen Dowd has created a new non-existent controversy over this to basically deflect the fact that the liberals look stupid with their Standard bearer doing nothing but regurgitating the same tired talking points the liberals have been saying for months about healthcare.

She claims that Wilson's response was not about Obama's claims during the speech. According to Dowd this was all racist. She decided she heard the word " boy" as in "You Lie, Boy" then proceeds to run of a list of supposed racist decisions Wilson has done and groups he is in. She then follows this with "Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it." and the rest of her article attempts to create this myth that anyone against Obama is not against his moronic plans, these people are against an African American as president. Obama and the democrats are not spending insane amounts of money and imposing socialism, no the liberals are ok, anyone against the liberals are just closet racists who simply don't like the fact that whitey is not president.

Well Moron Dowd, the Political Shaman will have to disagree. There is no evidence that the majority of the population is racist. The majority of the population is conservative, independent of party affiliation and the people protesting Obama and Pelosi are not racist, they are coming to their senses. It does not take much intellectual capacity to realize that you just can't borrow trillions and rack up more national debt than our economy can produce over years. These people are waking up and seeing socialism being imposed, something most of us know is a complete and total failure, thanks to recent history formed by the demise of counties like the soviet union. These people know deep down that the government is here to protect rights and the people, not grant and restrict rights, confiscate all property and only protect those people deemed worth of attention.

No Maureen, no one protesting Obama is racist, they are protesting the left's desire to follow the likes of Lenin into oblivion and taking us along for the ride.

The people are against bad ideas and no race has a monopoly on bad ideas but it does seem that the democrat party is trying to monopolize these bad ideas.

Next time Maureen Dowd, why don't you be a real Journalist or at least be honest during a debate and instead of creating controversy about race that does not exist, try defending these bad ideas created by the democrat party you support.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obamacare, healthcare or any care

The Prophet Obama had his little campaign speech/address to congress on his so-called healthcare plans. The speech itself was just as pretty as all of his campaign speeches, promising the impossible and having no actual substance in the speech that could shed light on any actual solution. The most interesting point is The Prophet has this "plan" of his kicking in 4 years from now, conveniently after his presumed re-election.

The Prophet, the democrats nor the republicans are offering ideas that actually solve the problems with healthcare. Some problems are mentions, such has preventing loss of insurance coverage or obtaining coverage due to pre-existing conditions or tort reform. Here is the issue with all of the politicians idiotic ideas, they themselves and their idiotic laws, their uneven application of laws and failure to protect the people are the cause of the problems, which means the government is the cause and they could fix the problems and it cost nothing extra to the taxpayer or patient.

So why are the politicians NOT fixing anything? The Political Shaman could speculate that the reason is power and money but the reason doesn't matter. History shows that the politicians are either unwilling or incapable of fixing any problem, especially the problems they cause.

The laughable comment the Prophet made during his speech was how he will cut waste and fraud in medicare and use the saved money to pay for the Obamacare. Where in history has any politician cut waste and fraud? The democrats and republicans practically invented the both government waste and fraud and the Prophet who is a former senator and community organizer has had years of experience doing both himself. As a Senator, creating waste and as a community organizer, working for organizations skilled at committing fraud.

So who really cares what the Obamacare plans are, what the republican plans are or any other plan for healthcare. The actual result of any healthcare change by a politician is more fraud, more waste, more taxes, more regulation, more costs, more for their power and more for their pocketbooks and the citizens of American having to pay for it all, history doesn't lie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Democrats promised change, so where is it? Credit must be given to the Prophet Obama for supporting the war.

So far the Democrats have changed nothing. They are pushing socialism as they always have, are spending money like it grows on trees as the always have, they are still giving lobbyists more consideration than the people as they have always done and there is WAR.

What happened to the promise to bring troops home? The Prophet Obama flatly said he would bring troops home and that the war against terrorism was wrong. The liberal media did everything they could to ensure the war was always on the front page to ridicule Bush with for the entire time. The lib media published the number of dead every day and had various people against the war in the news constantly and the democrats rode that antiwar pony into power, regardless of the fact that the position to let terrorists kill us is wrong.

So what happens after they get power? The escalate the war in Afghanistan and spending on the war is higher than it was under Bush. So where is the promised change? Why are the troops still dying? Why is the lib media now suppressing criticism of the war? Why are they not making big news out of every death?

The Prophet Obama deserves credit though. We should escalate the war until the insane fools who call themselves Muslim give up or are dead. Change here would have been bad.

Still it is a concern about the media and free press and their impartial reporting is certainly in question, since this is the same war Bush started, yet they are not attacking Obama for escalating it as they attacked Bush for years.

What is the point of freedom of the press, if all the press does is become a cheerleading team and defender of socialism and single party rule?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Polls indicate the majority of Americans do not believe the stimulus is working and they want their money back.

As predicted by the Political Shaman in an earlier blog the stimulus would not work. Basically the stimulus spending spree was based on FDRs socialist spending ideas from the 1930s during the depression. Considering the Depression existed beyond 3 years as all other recessions before and since were 3 years or less, we can conclude FDR failed.

Here is the problem with the stimulus, socialism doesn't work. Nearly all of the stimulus is earmarked for every socialist program the Democrats have and desire to make. You simply can't take money from those you feel have plenty and give it to those you feel are in need. Additionally, spending this money to support insane things like cap and trade, unions and other bogus regulations only makes the problem worse.

The last problem of the stimulus is where the money went. The consumer represents 2/3rds of the economy. 66% of all money in America is earned and spent by the people, the consumers. Yet, Obama and his liberal comrades threw this money at 1/3rd of the economy. So what did they expect? Is it really surprising that the stimulus failed when your plan is to take trillions from 66% of the economy, reducing their ability to spend and giving it to 33% of the economy? To make this even more of a joke, the consumers got nothing out of it. No break from union insanity, no relief from taxes or reduced costs on say fuel, no new science producing a marketable technology nor even a break from the bad mortgages.

Mortgages are a good example. It would have been cheaper and more effective for Obama to just pay off the bad, near failing or flipped mortgages, than what was done, which was to buy the bad loans from the banks and make these people keep paying. Assuming anything should have been done at all, since the banks could have renegotiated these loans. Still, why should the taxpayers take a risk on bad loans for 30 more years, when it would have been cheaper to just pay them off?

Apparently the American people are not as blind as the used to be. Polls now indicate that the people do not believe the stimulus had any effect or is not working. Additionally, the majority of people would like the unspent money returned. This makes sense as it would either reduce the massive national debt Obama is racking up or return capital to the 66% of the economy that needs it to get us out of this recession.

Too bad what the people want is contradictory to what the Democrats want, if they admit they were wrong and give the money back, they will not be able to achieve their goal of maintaining power and imposing socialism.

Be assured Obama and the democrats will not return a single penny of money they should never have taken or printed in the first place.

The Prophet Obama's approval rating drops below 50%, on one poll but remains above 50% on others. Is the Political Shaman's earlier prediction wrong?

It would seem the Political Shaman incorrectly predicting Obama approval ratings at above 55% forever due to the media giving the Prophet a free pass on everything.

The Prophet Obama's approval rating today according to the Rasmussen poll is 47%. The earlier prediction I made was based on the media's love affair with Obama and the fact that their prophet could do no wrong. It would seem at least one pollster is unaffected by Obama's prophet status.

However, as the referenced article mentions other polls, like Gallup has Obama at 53%.

It may be true the previous prediction was incorrect. Though one poll at 47% does not prove anything, it is possible the media is starting to abandon Obama in favor of better ratings derived from bashing politicians.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Obamacare is a fraud but not for the reasons you may think...

The democrats are unveiling their so called plans for Obamacare and everyone has it wrong. The liberal socialist ruling the Democrat party are not reforming anything, they are not cutting costs or helping solve the healthcare crisis.

There are problems in the healthcare industry but Obamacare does not address any of the causes. Costs are high because of government regulation primarily. This industry is heavily controlled in everything they do, from the way they administer care to the documents they must keep to protect themselves from litigation and the government. From the moment you set foot on a hospital's property to the moment you leave, every single thing that happens to a patient is regulated by the government. Some regulation is necessary but the bottom line is every single regulation and tax the government imposes, is a cost and this cost is passed on too the patient.

The next problem is the patient not being involved in the payment of the care. As long as insurance continues to be viewed as a "magic money tree" for paying for a patient, then costs will be high. If each person had to pay for care directly, you can be assured that the costs would not be so high because patients would begin to look at things like 5 dollars for a bandage as insane and would refuse to pay. As long as the patient is not part of the decision making process for what is paid for, the costs will remain high.

The third problem is Insurance companies barred from competing across state lines. Insurance only works if there are far more payers paying into the insurance than those who draw benefits. The larger the pool of potential payers the better. Insurance companies are barred from directly competing for business across state lines, meaning it is difficult to increase the base of payers and pool the funds to create a better product for all.

The fourth problem is this parasitic relationship between employer and insurance company. This makes sense for an employer because the employer can offer this as part of a package to obtain the best employees and save some on salary by offering a benefit. The problem is because of regulation and the fact that insurance can't compete directly for everyone, the insurance companies are focused only on employee pools and almost ignore or even make it hard for individuals to obtain insurance with favorable costs and services. The biggest one is pre-existing conditions. This farce is a concoction the insurance industry used to basically remove the inconvenience of individuals from their roles. Otherwise insurance companies would deny pre-existing conditions for employer based plans as well.

The fifth problem is preventative care. The government regulation has basically caused this entire part of the healthcare experience to not exist. This is typical of any kind of preventative measure whether fixing a car or a human body. Everything is against this. Taking time off work, being unable to itemize these costs on a tax return, insurance companies basically refusing to pay for it and other factors all contribute to this problem. Additionally, care and preventative measure not of traditional means are also not covered.

The last major problem is medicare. The fact is the existing socialist medical program already heavily influences prices of medical care. Medicare already limits what they cover and insurance companies use this list for what they cover as well. Medicare also reduces the available money each employee and employer has that could be used for insurance benefits.

Obamacare addresses none of these problems. It only seeks to create yet another massive government bureaucracy that is going to merely going to do what insurance companies do now, only at the cost of taxpayers and with no control over what they do.
At first it will appear to work as all new insurance companies do. The first couple of years of massive influx of new money and few people drawing benefits creates the illusion that something is being solved. 3 or 4 years from now when the government has run out of money again and has the wished for 45 million patients they are paying for, the government will begin to do what is being said today. They will ration care, make decisions about who gets what procedure and why. At the same time, they will increase taxes in the name of paying for it all, just like they do today with medicare and social security. This will slowly increase with every congress declaring a need to reform this mess and making us pay for it. Eventually, they will tax and tax until they finally do nationalize the industry and do away with private insurance completely, all in the name of saving the people.

If the government addressed the actual problems, they would not need a new socialist welfare program. The fact is the democrats know from experience a program like this increases their personal wealth and their hold on power. History shows the democrats are very good at this shell game. They create non existent problems and solve them with socialist programs. They tax the hell out of everyone for it, never actually solve the non-existent problem and the people keep putting them in power to continue doing it.

This shell game is the real reason to prevent obamacare from occurring. There is no history of successfully implementing any socialist program and Democrat party history is to use so called calamaties and crises to enhance their own power.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Supreme court nominee tests are wrong but we have them. Gay Marriage, Democrats RIGHT, Republicans left both for the wrong reasons.

For all of this controversy over the obviously arrogant, likely a bigot and certain liberal Supreme Count nominee Sotomayer it is interesting to note the democrats always resort to tests. Basically, a nominee is only acceptable to the democrats if they can be assured the nominee has a position on certain controversial topic in line with the liberal agenda and his nominee can be assured to rule in favor of liberals no matter what they do.

One of these tests is the entire same sex marriage controversy. This has included same sex civil unions, same sex marriage, the legality of both, the definition of both and of course what makes them legal.

The bottom line is the conservative position is correct, assuming you are a true constitutionalistconservative. Republicans are taking an authoritative position not a conservative one. The Declaration of Independence states correctly that rights are unalienable and list three of all rights possible, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The founders followed natural law and enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and protect it with the constitution. This law is the individual is supreme and the individual defines his own rights. The government does not define rights only protects them. Democrats are wrong too. Not in their defense of the right to define marriage for yourself and choose your partner, they are wrong in their argument to support it. Their argument is to basically vilify the republican position. In reality, the democrats need only reaffirm the Declaration of Independence and the protection of all rights in the constitution. The democrats do not do this because they would effectively make their own arguments wrong and ineffective, for restricting speech with the fairness doctrine and political correctness or their insistence on removing your right to bear arms.

The real problem on the supreme court goes back decades. The court is not really tasked to be some sort of ruling body over all law. This court is also not tasked to be the moral compass of the country. They also have a problem with not correcting mistakes of the past court and they can not accept that the government takes second place to the individual. The court actually believes that as long as the legislature votes for a law, said law is right by default. This mentality is what allows segregation, Slavery and other injustices to exist and the fact is current members of the court and Sotomayer are the same as the previous Justices in regard to this very important problem pervasive in all of government.

The fact is Satomayer does not change the balance of power in the Supreme Court and with filibuster proof control of the Senate to the democrats, she is going to be approved. We will just have to deal with the outcome of an arrogant bigoted woman and her decisions later. We are stuck with this poor choice for a justice, we can only hope nothing of significance is affected by her.

The politicians always promise everything and always screw the people

The Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Reid, Village Idiot Biden, the rest of the Marxist liberal democrats and even the idiot republicans who lost the power because they headed left too, Keep promising they will solve all problems. They keep making promises about how they will save the economy, save healthcare, make it all cost less and in general make a utopia where Americans need not worry about anything.

Aside from the fact that these idiots in politics are racking up debt beyond anything imaginable, the real question to ask history is when have politicians ever done anything useful with their so called plans to save everyone.

The fact is there is nothing. There is not one program for welfare that has worked. After 70 or more years, retirement is still not assured, healthcare is more expensive, inflation is insane, the war on poverty failed, communism failed, socialism failed, protecting the people from insane megalomaniacs is failing, security is failing and there is not a single year when the government actually reduced the amount of dollars they take for budgets. Do not be fooled by the smoke screens, % of GDP is not invalid but numbers like that just hide the fact that the government has been spending more and more every single year.

So when Obama gets on his pulpit and claims he will save healthcare dollars, reduce costs, reduce taxes and somehow all of his plans to nationalize healthcare will somehow only cost a few rich guys more money, do not believe it. All evidence from history about Democrats and their plans is they will cause the price of everything to go up, taxes will go up, the middle and lower classes will pay more in taxes and they will unequally distribute their largess to those they feel are "in need" while the rest of us foot the bill.

All of democrat history for at least the 20th and 21st centuries are exactly that. Republicans have also not done any better. The fact is Reagan was right, government is not the solution to the problems, it is the cause of these problems.

People if you want an easier life, lower taxes, cheaper and more effective healthcare, jobs and retirement then demand the politicians get the hell out of the way. Medicare, medicaid, Social Security and etc are government created programs to non existent problems that have created more problems than solved. We would be better off without the politicians in our lives. Their job is to protect the country for FOREIGN invasion, not search Americans in airports, Their job is to administer the law in the form of Justice for citizens to resolve conflicts or to punish those who abridge the unalienable rights of individuals. Government is to facilitate individuals doing business and living together in a common country and government is to protect rights, not define them nor abridge them by calling them privileges. Force the politicians to pay attention to the actual constitution and live within the restrictions it creates for the government.

The politicans are doing what Patrick Henry feared years ago when he debated against a federal government, they are taking over everything because they are confiscating all of the resources the country produces all in the name of "the people" and under the belief they know what is best for each of us. There is a reason the 9th amendment exists, it assures us that we define rights as individuals and the government, corporations, religions, groups, states, cities or the UN have no authority over rights at all, only to protect them.

History shows a long progression of the politicians slowly taking rights away, abridging freedom where possible and never have they reversed course. There is no year in living memory, where an abridged right or freedom was given back, no where in living memory where the politicians actually used less money and never in living memory has the socialist welfare programs proven to be successful by eliminating the problems they were created to resolve.

Do you really think the Cap and Trade on CO2 will actually reduce CO2? Do you really believe reducing CO2 will reduce global warming?

Do you really believe Obama when he says he will magically make healthcare cheaper and free?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The prophet Obama has not spent all of the first stimulus and now he wants more?

The Prophet Obama in is awesome wisdom has decided that depression era economics are the way to go. He has nationalized Banks, auto manufacturers and insurance companies to go along with the nearly nationalized healthcare and utility companies already under harsh government regulation.
The Prophet has gone into deficit spending so high that no previous administration or government could hold a candle to the insane amount of money, including former administrations of the Soviet Union and Red China.

The prophet and his followers have not had time yet to spend 15% of this Trillion dollar stimulus package. The prophet Obama has spent money mostly to support the liberal agenda, welfare programs and activities that support unions,which has little impact in the economy. These are not areas that produce anything, they are one of the causes of the problems.

Since the economy is improving slowly, it is clear the stimulus does nothing because the Democrats have not spent it yet and still the economy improves. Yet, Obama and his democrat sycophants are clamoring for a second stimulus, despite the clear modern proof they are pointless, since these same democrats are ignoring the fact that the depression was caused by this kind of government spending.

Stimulus has no chance to work. It did not work in the 1930s because taking vast sums of capital out of a capitalist economy is counter productive. If this is not believed it is also what the government spends the money on. The engine of the economy is the 2/3 share that consumers control. If a stimulus were to have any impact, it would be a better idea to send that money at the engine of the economy, where 66% of the economy exists. The 33% controlled by business and government is not even half the economic activity yet this is the only place liberals are sending stimulus money, business and government, mostly government.

Liberals who claim republicans only support big business are bankrupting the people to take trillions in taxes and give it too --- big business. Go figure. You would think liberals would be sending that money to "they people" they always claim to be supporting. It is a bad idea but throwing 1 trillion dollars at 60% of the economy would probably have a better impact than what they are doing now.

Since most of the money is not spent, lets reverse this and not spend any of it nor ask for more. Get the government out of the way and the economy will do just fine.

The liberals can't do this for their agenda. They wish for a Marxist like utopia where the government takes care of everything. The best way to do that is to make the people poor, take over the economy and control everything, so the last thing the Liberals want to do is actually fix the economy. The first stimulus managed to ensure the government of the future will control well over half the GNP ever year. A second stimulus will probably raise that control to 80% of the economy. They are managing to do what Lenin and Mao did without force because the fools who support these liberals are allowing it to happen by vote.

Kruschev was right, he said the soviets could never instantly convert enough Americans to socialism overnight but simply doing it slowly over decades would work.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The prophet Obama rules by decree now that the Democrats will rubberstamp Obamacare, even though 89% of Americans are happy with their Healthcare

Now that the Democrats are in filibuster proof control they can effectively rubberstamp whatever the Prophet Obama wants to do. In effect The Prophet Obama is ruling by decree. One of these decrees will be Obamacare.

The liberals have long planned to implement the socialist style Government controlled and failed healthcare plans found in Canada and Europe. As with almost everything the Democrats do, they will declare some minority of Americans in Need and the rest of us will have to foot the bill.

The problem is where is the problem?

As reported by an ABCNews and USA Today poll, 89% of all Americans are happy with their healthcare, this included those without medical Insurance.

If 89% of the people are happy, what is their to fix? Clearly the majority of people without insurance are in fact getting healthcare and they don't seem to need to pay for it. Obama's plan will effectively give 219,000 USD for each person Obama declares is eligible.

There is obviously no reason why Obama needs to take more taxes than the average income of the upper middle class for healthcare costs. It would be cheaper to just put these 11% of complainers on anyone's plan and just take a loss.

What is happening is similar to the Climate scam. There is no real problem with healthcare or at least not he problem invented by democrats. They allow the assumption that no insurance means no healthcare, which is not the case. Like the climate scam the Obamacare scam is yet another "problem" invented by democrats, with a nonexistent solution and they can claim it always a problem and therefore tax it forever.

With 89% of all people in the US happy with healthcare, there is no reason for Obamacare, only a reason to allow for normal competition across statelines and possibly change the employer/benefits solution differently so it is more effective and less likely to cause anyone problems.

How the democrats will create a nonexistent problem then Cap and tax carbon,

The Democrats along with every other liberal in the world have convinced themselves that the World is warming beyond natural fluctuations in climate and this warming is human caused and the agent of this imagined problem is Carbon Dioxide.

Yes the stuff each animal and human exhales and each plant needs to live.

Cap and trade as it is called is essentially the liberals creating a "right to pollute" for each entity and individual that exists in the United States. This right to pollute is Caped at a certain amount based on some insane formulas that the liberals will ensure their special interests are protected and even gain from this, while everyone else pays. The Tax or trade part comes in. If an entity such as a liberal protected college does not use their allotment of pollution rights for carbon dioxide, the college can sell the unused allotment to other businesses, which is where the tax comes in. So the favored industries and organizations will gain money from this, as will the government, since most favored entities are government controlled, while the rest of us will see prices on everything go up, essentially creating a tax.

Here is a break down of what the liberals pretend will happen and what will actually occur.

1. The intent of this Cap and Tax nonsense is the supposed belief that somehow this will reduce Carbon emissions. What will really happen is the favored entities will have a near unlimited quantity of Carbon rights, which can be sold to others, ensuring no one needs to reduce anything.

2. The actual effect of Cap and Trade is inflation through this unrepresented tax. The targeted industries and people are those who produce energy, those who make devices that use energy and those people who use the devices. In effect nearly everyone not protected by the Democrats will see the tax. By taxing energy and its use so heavily, the price of everything will go up. Nothing in the United States can exist without energy, we could not harvest, store and market enough food or any other need or desire without energy, so the net effect is massive inflation

3. There is no human caused global warming nor is CO2 the culprit. As Professor Bob Carter demonstrates in the linked YouTube CO2 is not the problem. Each ice age had a warming period in between and the earth today is in one of those warming periods. The data shows the rate of warming and the duration is within the normal activities of past warming periods, all of which occurred before humans existed. The data shows that CO2 rises after temperature rises and this effect has repeatedly occurred between iceages going back as far as the evidence exists. It is impossible for rising CO2 to cause temperatures to rise, if the CO2 rises after the temperature. As noticed for the last 11 years, CO2 continues to rise, yet the temperature has actually dropped.

4. While CO2 is a "greenhouse" gas and capable of reflecting heat back into the earth, it ability to reflect sunlight does not grow as more carbon is in the atmosphere. The liberals claim that the continued rise of CO2 in the atmosphere will in fact reflect more and more heat. The fact is it reflects only so much heat and once at the maximum, any more CO2 has no effect. A comparison example would be sunglasses made to block all light. You could make the glasses darker but once they already block all light, any more light blocking material has no effect. CO2 is exactly the same as this sunglasses example. The excess carbon, assuming it is excess has no net effect on the greenhouse effect.

With CO2 a base molecule in the biosphere of the planet, it is impossible to know how much should be in the atmosphere, when we have too much or too little.

What Cap and Trade does for the liberals is allow them to create a problem that does not exist and then make the claim they can tax it until it fixes itself. This is perfect for a despotic regime. A perpetual source of money and a permanent reason to regulate and control anything in the United States. This works because the liberals defined the imaginary problem, defined the bogus cause and can sell snake oil to solve the problem. The Political Shaman suggests that Cap and Tax is simply another way for the liberals to maintain power, obtain money and create more of both whenever desired.

With the Democrats now owning all of the government with a filibuster proof senate, we can be assured of having Cap and Trade/Tax go into effect.

The real and honest concern is why the liberal and democrat voters want these idiot politicians messing around with the biosphere of the planet. Politicians have no history of doing anything useful and every problem we have can trace its roots back to politicians by their action or inaction.

The democrats managed to steal yet another election only this time they have filibuster proof control, welcome back the depression everyone.

All hail the Democrat party, the new Marxists with one party rule.

Minnesota finally succumbed to the democrats and allowed Al Franken to take the last Senate seat still undecided Franken is known as one of the most Marxist liberals in the democrat party.

The problem is this gives the democrats the 60 vote majority in the Senate, which means the republicans will be unable to filibuster.

Expect the price of everything to rise as the carbon cap and tax plan goes into effect, obamacare becomes the new socialist health care plan and should the Prophet Obama and the democrats decide to spend yet another couple of trillion dollars we don't have or nationalize a few more industries, there is NO way to prevent them.

As previously posted in , The democrats are the only party to have had Filibuster proof control as well as a majority in the House and own the Executive branch.

The 1960s and the 1930s were those decades. Considering both decades were full of the democrats causing some of the worse conditions the US has faced, these jackasses have managed to get in power again.

So the question is will Venezuela, Iran and N Korea and likely some unknown nations attack America or will we be mired in a Vietnam like war? The democrats did that before. We the democrats under the false argument of staying out of internal politics allow al qaida to become a Nazi like power that threatens all? The liberal democrats did that during the 1930s.
The democrats also resided over the majority of the worst economy America has yet faced in the Great depression the democrats only made worse, unless of course their plan is to have yet another world war to end the current economic crisis. The 1960s economy was also bad and they are in power today, doing exactly what they did in those historical decades, actions that proved to fail.

The Prophet Obama is appointing racist or at least arrogant latina judges into power as well as handing over government responsibility for the census to Acorn, yet another racist entity that seems to also be run by criminals. Are the democrats bringing back segregation only with a different race oppressed? Are we going to see battles for equal rights again, only this time the races and groups the democrats have not in their infinite wisdom, deemed worthy enough of being called human to share in equality, only to foot the bill for it.

This is the worst political climate America has seen in 40 years. The democrats have NO history of ever doing anything good, this party are the ones who have been in full power in the last 80 years and they are at fault for nearly every problem we have. There is no evidence that these democrat jackasses will do anything good, while history shows they will take a bad situation and make it so much worse that can be imagined.

Wake up America, Socialists control the Democrat party and their actions would make Karl Marx happy. If we do not stop them, there will not be a country left because once they take everything and run, the rest of use will likely be overrun because there will be no military left to protect us.

The goal of the democrats is to take care of everything, which means they have to take everything to take care of it. With the fool republicans blocked from Filibuster, the democrats will destroy what little freedom is left because freedom is the only thing that stands in the way of socialism.

From this point on everything is the fault of the democrats, they have no possible way of blaming republicans. The Political Shaman will predict that the liberal media and the socialist democrats will continue to blame Republicans for the problems Democrats cause.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The joke is on the EU, good job Microsoft.

The EU, like many governments is always looking for ways to control everything, which is consistent with the socialist agenda. One of these methods of control used in the EU as well as the US and other places is this so called anti trust like laws. Those laws are perfect for socialist control of business because they can not be complied with. At any time it can be proven any business is breaking one of those laws because those business basically have too prove they are not breaking those laws, which is impossible. Besides the fact it is impossibly too prove a negative, the laws are written specifically to ensure the government can succeed in prosecuting a business at any time. Successful prosecution always guarantees the government incredible amounts of money as a fine as well.

Of course the other us of these laws is for businesses who are unable to compete legitimately. These businesses will claim anti trust and ban together with the government to force some company to change their successful business model so competitors can get more business, sometimes these lawsuits result in the so called victims getting money as well.

In comes an EU lawsuit against Microsoft. The details can be found anywhere, this blog post is about Microsoft's actions they were required to take. At heart of the alleged crime is Microsoft installing their own free Web Browser on their own Operating System that they sell too the general public. The Political Shaman will never understand how a company is committing a crime when they sell their own stuff with their own stuff but this is a different debate. Basically the victims complained that Microsoft is "forcing" consumers onto its free browser and not offering those customers a choice in available browsers. This opens the question as too why it matters what free browser is used, also who chooses which browsers are valid enough for inclusion in this list of choices and seems too ignore the fact that it take a customer all of 3 seconds to click on and install any browser they wish anytime.

Microsoft's response was too sell in the EU the next version of windows with no Browser at all.

Well now the same EU regulators and the so called victims are complaining this is not what they intended. They want Microsoft too offer all of their Browsers as part of the install of the Operating System. The EU is claiming instead of offering choices that Microsoft has offered no choice at all.

Microsoft chose the correct response. If the EU wants to decide what a company can sell and what they can install, what people can choose to have and when, they they can spend the money and resources on getting these choices to the consumers. Why should Microsoft have to spend its own money on other companies software, especially when this software is all free and has no expected return on costs nor will make a direct profit. Microsoft was told not to include their browser because it was them using their alleged Monopoly power on an operating system to crowd out competitors. However, we are discussing all FREE software, there is no market to crowd out.

So now the EU consumers will get no browser leaving the consumers additional complexity in finding one to use the Internet. How can they complain, the consumers voted in the Government that did this to them. They wanted the socialist government and it is controlling their lives.

I guess the joke is on the EU, they got what they demanded and it turned out too not be what they expected.

The Political Shaman suggests that competitor browsers actually compete in the market and then perhaps they will actually succeed in their desire to be on top.

Friday, June 5, 2009

GM, Government Motors run by the automotive expert CEO and Prophet Barry Obama. He must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!

The former community organizer turned US Senator and now Prophet of the United States apparently is also an expert on the Automotive industry as well. Obama has nationalized two of the 3 American auto manufacturers as a way of "saving" them too save the economy. Aside from his obvious messianic tendency too "save" everything by the touch of his prophet powers, he has fired the leadership of these companies, is forcing financial mergers, forcing investors too take massive hits in their investments and dictating too these companies what kinds of vehicles these companies will manufacture.

So Barry Obama the former community organizer is a a politician, a CEO, a car Designer, an alternative fuel expert, a marketing expert, a mergers & acquisitions expert, corporate financial expert, a saint, a messiah and of course a prophet.

Sounds like the Prophet Obama has stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently.

The other expert Obama appears too be is how to nationalize industries as banks and insurance companies must be included with the automotive industry. He has taken over GM in a way that is not actually communist, it is more like fascists of Germany. While Obama is certainly a socialist/communist he apparently has decided the way fascists took over companies and ran them, is more convenient that the way the soviets simply made everything a government department.

I suppose this makes Obama an expert on implementing communist welfare states and using fascist economic models to finish the Job liberals started decades ago, turning America into the ultimate socialist nightmare, sorry, utopia.

I suppose Holiday Inn Express made Obama an expert on utopias as well.

The Prophet Obama is again apologizing too Arabs even though they are the ones with the problems, not Americans

The insanity of the Prophet Obama knows no bounds when it comes too Islam. He is again apologizing for America, basically saying we are bad and somehow we are responsible for Islam being a violent religion. Sorry but it is. Unlike other religions which were violent in the past, Islam has not yet rejected the notion that you can genocide and murder in the name of spreading your religion and they still have as part of their dogma the idea that women are less than human and can be murdered for any transgression. Slavery is still accepted and every one of the Muslim countries are backwaters, with no real governments. Sure two have some form of democracy if you include Turkey and Iraq but Iraq still is not fully committed too sense but Turkey still has the culture of Islam which allows murder and assault as punishment for women.

Over 1400 years of history shows what Islam is, constant attempts too invade others, genocide and enslave whomever they don't like. Now this is not too say they are unique as history shows most religions have violence and insane dogma as part of their history. The difference between Islam and the other religions is all of the other popular religions and most of the less prominent religions have rejected the idea of war and murder too further their cause. Some of these religions also accept women as actual humans and don't enslave or kill them outright just because they are women. However, Islam not only has not changed and removed the old world insane dogma and culture they seem intent on keeping it.

Obviously there are many members of Islam, likely a majority who are decent people and have rejected the insane parts of their religion. The problem is the people who lead these countries, sects and organizations of Islam, have not rejected the idea of suppressing women and killing everyone else.

The middle east and all other Islamic countries need too reject the parts of their culture and religion that promote violence and insane behavior. Each of these places could be wonderful if the would just change for the better. Past islamic empires were quite capable for living a great life. Though these like all old empires had both good and bad mixed together, Islam seems too have stagnated by its inability too remove the insane ideas from their culture.

Obama and the liberals do not understand this. Islam's problems began long before America exisited. American has done nothing at all too cause anyone too want too kill all Americans. We do not enslave anyone, we do not stone women too death, we do not kidnap women and rape them as a 4th wife. We do not subjugate our people too dictators and authoritarian regimes. All of these actions are what Islam does. Islam can be blamed because in all of the above atrocities, the governments of Islam encourage and sanction these behaviours and in many cases the government is the perpetrator of the crimes.

Prophet Obama your only message too Islam should have been simply this: We Americans are not on this planet too be the target of Islamic sociopaths. We are not the means too power for Islam and our bodies are not the tool Islam will use too vent its anger or gain Islam power. We reject the Islamic belief that every one not of Islam is an enemy and should be converted, enslaved or killed. We have the right too defend our lives from attacks from insane people claiming too follow Islam and we have the right too destroy anyone who will attempt too kill Americans or destroy our way of life.

That is the message of America, we are free and we will defend our lives from anyone who would kill or enslave us, including defending ourselves from Islam.

What Obama said was it is all Americas fault and for some reason Obama claims the US president is the PR spokesman for Islam.

Thank you Democrats for inflicting us with the Prophet Obama.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Prophet Obama has declared the Republican Party does not qualify for a bailout

This amusing comment was made by the prophet today and is interesting. While it is true the Republican party does not need a bailout, it would be tough for Obama to bail out the republicans anyway, since he has taken over 2 trillion dollars in spending all for the ultimate purpose of bailing out the Democrat party.

The Prophet Obama is following the failed economics of FDR but FDR was successful at ensuring Democrats would rule for decades using the spending of the 30s and 40s to accomplish his bailout of the Democrats back then and Obama is doing the exact same thing to bailout the Democrats and all of their lobbyists, supporters and friends. 

Remember Obama and his disciples believe a crisis like a recession, is merely a opportunity to impose their socialism on us all. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

America is a Culture soaked in blood, excuse me?

One of the more tiring and moronic claims about the people and culture of the United States is this ridiculous belief that the US is a culture soaked in blood. As the Article in the socialist propaganda machine known as the New York Times suggests, America is a culture of violence because a whopping 16000 murders happen every year, some of them with guns.

"This is an insanely violent society, and the worst of that violence is made insanely easy by the widespread availability of guns."

The author of that article claims America is "insanely" violent and of course guns are the big problem.

Now 16000 dead, with 12000 (as he claims) from guns is a bad thing, though he disregards the fact that 99% of gun use happens to be victims successfully defending themselves from crime. This post is not about gun control, it is about culture.

If the American Culture is insanely violent with 16000 dead out of 300 million people, what would the author call these other cultures in the world.

All of the Islamic countries have the government and religious authorities stoning women to death, sanctioning the enslavement of some and the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Darfur. These countries have been at war with themselves and everyone they can for centuries and it continues today. Wasn't it the Islamic world that had violent riots resulting in 600 dead over a cartoon in Holland? The Chinese government puts thousands to death for political crimes. Russians in the past murdered 9 million people as an economic program. Places like Iraq have 4 times more guns than people, unlike the US, which only as a 30% gun ownership population. All of South and Central America, Africa, most of Asia are run by despots, warlords and dictators. All of them sanction the murder of millions of people through direct government action or their inaction to stop drug cartels or other criminals. Most of these places are rampant with violence caused by drug trade, prostitution, child prostitution and every other crime. Most of those places require people who work there from the US to be escorted by machine toting soldiers and when you simply visit a hotel in Manila, expect your taxi to be bomb checked.
Then we have the arrogant Europeans the author probably loves. The one part of the world that attempted to conquer everything and genocide half the worlds native people in the process. European countries seem to have riots involving their cars being flipped and burned because they don't like the labor laws being considered and 10000 dead elderly in France from a heat wave because everyone else was on vacation. The political shaman would consider indifference to the plight of dying elderly to be a greater crime than owning a gun. Europeans are responsible for some of the worst and most deadly wars ever. Just read the news from Europe and see how banning guns has not prevented any violence at all.

The fact is America is the safest place too live. The government may be socialist now but it still has not degraded to the point of creating socialist progroms to kill of millions as an economic program, nor are the American socialist in power, capping those who do not share their political beliefs. 16000 dead is bad but in comparison to the rest of the world, it is hardly a reason to declare America is violent. The fact is few Americans own guns and most Americans go through life never seeing any kind of violence. The facts are American is one of the few places where a person does not have to worry about the government sanctioning, demanding or allowing your murder and very few people actually commit crimes at all.

The author of that article is doing a good job with the shell game he is doing to push for gun control. This liberal game is to claim Arabian or Persian or African cultures are not violent because they do not consider the Government violence as a "crime" like murder is. To them this is internal politics not murder. The liberals also do not accept American culture as a real culture, only old world cultures or cultures based on the old world are valid. So any violence their religions do or their culture allows, like stoning a woman to death, is not murder but simply part of a culture we should not interfere with. When you remove all of this murder, they feel they can justufy the claim that these places are less violent than the United States.

I suppose if America is so insanely violent, the Author should move to Pakistan or Arabia, where he will likely be killed for being Christian and he should go alone because any female relatives, will probably end up covered in acid or simply stoned to death. Perhaps he wants to live in the Sudan where genocide is happening or he may want to move too Somalia, where there is no government at all. The Political Shaman would suggest any who believe America is a Culture of insane violence, should visit those places and then consider if American is the violent place they wish it was, so they could push their ideology on the population.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

No nukes, no YF 22s and a global apology from the Prophet Obama

The Prophet Obama has spent weeks apologizing for American, stating over and over, Americans are arrogant, America has been bad for the world and declaring America is not at war with Islam. Thank you Mr. Obama for legitimizing the islamo psychos by legitimizing their claim America is on a crusade. Mr Obama, Prophet of America, we are not at war with Islam, we are defending our right to NOT be the target of these Islamo psychos. We are not on this planet to die at the hands of these islamo fanatics while the democrats smile that their insane belief in peace no matter how many American's die.

Thank you Mr. Obama for insulting America by claiming we are more arrogant than the Europeans, one continent full of socialist governments who are the world's example of the worst kind of arrogance.

Thank you also Mr Obama for shutting down the YF 22 program ensuring that China, Russia and other nations gain air superiority with new aviation technology, while America makes do with designs from 30+ years ago. Thank you too, Mr Obama for ensuring we get nuked by other nations while we can't defend ourselves or strike back.

Democrats thank you again for ensuring we are weak and the rest of the world can take America in pieces all in the name of your power and ideology.

This isn't socialism, really?

The Prophet Obama has apparently declared himself the CEO of all companies in America. The argument is these companies that need bailouts, need bailouts due to their incompetence and somehow that gives the President of the United States the authority to dictate the firing of CEOs and Chairmen, as well as dictating who companies will merge with and what these companies should sell.

Where in the Constitution is authority granted to the US government to nationalize and take over the operations of private companies. The only examples of this would be European socialist governments, Soviet Unions, Communist China, Communist Venezuela and others.

Research into the Prophet Obama's past does not reveal where he earned experience as a corporate head of any business. Yet, he is taking control?

Perhaps it makes sense. After all the only businesses that need bailouts are the ones that are the most heavily regulated by the government as well as one of those industries suffering from the government regulated racketeering the unions do.

Besides the nationalism of certain industries, the democrats are imposing socialist programs, taking more money than any previous government. They are using the plight of the poor, regulating the biosphere through carbon output because they know it has no effect and cant be measured, they created a recession and are doing everything possible to turn it into a recession.

The government is starting to find ways to shut down free speech in the form of talk radio and with the homeland security developing a McCarthy style hit list declaring anyone who does not follow liberal ideals is a radical and potentially dangerous.

Yet the democrats and their brainwashed follower still claim this isn't socialism?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Prophet Obama is going to make a nuclear weapons free world. Don't the liberals ever learn from their past mistakes?

The Prophet Obama declared today that he will work diligently to remove the scourge of nuclear weapons from the planet. Great, so he wants to go back to the same plans the Liberals had for dealing with imperial Japan and Hitler's Germany.

Back then the liberals had everyone sign the Treaty of Versailles and other treaties. The League of Nations started and all of them were for basically a non-proliferation of war, the reduction of the military and restricting weapon power, notably the size and power of battleships. Other treaties, such as treaties with the PLO, with Pakistan over Kashmir, with Saddam Hussein and others all have the same common problem liberals do not seem to understand.

You can't make treaties with tyrants, despots, fanatics and megalomaniacs.

Germany invaded many places before WWII, Japan was colonizing and destroying Korea both countries built Battleships far exceeding those laid out in the treaty. Italy was colonizing Ethiopia. Pakistan eventually invaded Kashmir and the PLO(PA Today) has attacked people breaking treaties for the last 40 years. North Korea today is breaking treaties, Iran has done so forever. All of these places have signed onto the UN, which requires human rights yet most of the so called countries that are part of the UN are despotic regimes that are basically thugs who have claimed a plot of land and are pillaging the people living there.

The Prophet Obama like most democrats and liberals miss one very important philosophical point, it is not the weapons that are the problem, it is the despots and tyrants that are the problem. If you sign a treaty with them, they will shake your hand with a big smile knowing Obama and the libs will comply with the treaty, which means weakening the country so these despots can secretly build up what they will need to invade a weakened country.

Had liberals in the 1930s, actually understood this very basic concept, they may have acted before millions died and German and Japanese hands.

If The Prophet Obama and his liberal disciples really want to end war, they need to start promoting the removal of the bad parts of cultures that create despots and a people that allow despots to rule them. American is successful because it was able to throw off old world tradition and culture, it is this action that will do more to end war than removing weapons from the peaceful people of earth, while leaving the violent megalomaniacs with the only weapons around pointed at peaceful people.

Do us a favor Obama and keep the military strong and let the world know the people of the United States are not the targets of some fanatical tyrant to gain power and plunder.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can the Prophet Obama talk about vegetable gardens

The democrats have long used the media to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. Using Al Gore as a previous example and the Prophet currently, both effectively talked a recession into existence.

If you pay attention you will see that every time Obama or his cronies talk about the economy or their plains for it, the stock market crashes.

Can the democrats and Obama do us all a favor and just shut up?

If you are that desperate to be on TV talk about your wife's vegetable garden. This is a safe topic with a very low chance of affecting the economy.

Democrats, do us all a favor and just get the hell out of the way...

Monday, March 30, 2009

The liberals have not nationalized the auto industry?

The Prophet Obama today has made many declarations as he took control of GM and Chrysler.
The Prophet has declared that his new auto company will lead in making unprofitable and unproven technologies for small dangerous so called clean cars. The Prophet also declared Chrysler as to small and insignificant and is apparently forcing that company to become part of a foreign auto company. It would seem the Democrats only need one auto company to continue feeding their unions money and monopolize the US auto manufacturing market.

Do you own a GM or Chrysler car, well now the US Federal Government is your warranty mechanic too. Of course this is not a bad thing, the government has a long track record of managing and fixing so many things.

How long before the liberals complete the nationalization of the financial and healthcare industries?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

If you really want the liberals in government to do everything for you...

The liberal dogma is similar to the Marxist agenda. The Government will do everything. The government will take from those it considers unworthy of keeping what they earn in life and give that stolen money to those the liberals deem are worthy of their benevolence.

It seems though that the democrats, socialists, liberals and others who follow the liberal dogma may be missing something very important.

How can the government do everything, if they don't take everything?

If the government is going to do everything, it means they would have had to take everything from everyone to begin with.

This is what the liberals have inflicted on half the United States. A political party with an agenda that requires the government to confiscate all property, money and resources from the people. This is the only way the democrats can succeed in implementing their socialist agenda, they have to take everything from us.

Do you really want the Democrats to succeed, if this is the end result of their plans?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All of the "problems" the politicians want to "fix" were caused by them

Just review back to past political elections as far back as you want. Taxes, social security, deficits, the financial industry, regulation, inflation, medicare, healthcare, education, unions, infrastructure, war, security, justice, poverty, the environment and on and on.

Name the problem and you will find the politicians of the day, especially during their campaigns will declare one or more of these so called problems that must be solved, always declaring without them these things cant be fixed and of course you have to vote their party in to make sure they can really fix things.

The real problem is the politicians. Choose any of them and you will find the root cause of these problems is the government. In many cases these are government programs and laws enacted for the lie they call the greater good and other problems exist through their inaction, corruption and greed.

Inflation is caused by government taxes and regulation. Every time these jackass politicians enact a law there is a cost. Taxes directly cause prices to increase, environmental laws increase costs, laws protecting unions cause price increases, corporate welfare, fees, laws to prevent corruption and corruption itself, even campaign laws cause prices to sky rocket each year. No where is there evidence of any other source of inflation. Even so called monopolies, were created by or protected by the government. Capitalism self regulates prices. A company that charges too much will lose its customers, the only time this fails to work is when government steps and regulates the industry.

Taxes are a drain on everything and cause the prices of everything to go up and reduce usable property of each individual. This is a fact. The more the government takes the more destitute the population will be, any communist nation is an example of this.

Social Security and medicare were created entirely by the government. Whether you disagree with them entirely or you think they are broken and need fixing, the democrats created both and have used every means available to ensure that their creation is never tampered with by anyone but them.

The government builds and maintains the infrastructure or regulates it. They spend way too much and build stuff that will not last very long. They are the ones who have this entirely in their control and have forever. If there is a complaint about why a road is no good or we don't have enough power plants, it is the government who is in charge of this, the created it and made it the mess it is.

The budget, deficits and national debt are entirely of the governments making. If you have a problem with these, then you have to blame the cause of this problem, the politicians.

The financial industry, energy, healthcare and other businesses are so heavily regulated that it is not surprising these are the same industries that have wrecked the economy or otherwise need bailouts. If there is a problem in any of these areas, the government regulation controlling them is the problem, which are all created by politicians.

Education started for this purpose as quoted from The American Mercury for April 1924 "that the aim of public education is not to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. ... Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim ... is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States... and that is its aim everywhere else. "

With this as the reason politicians insist on government controlled schools, is there really a reason to wonder why these schools are a problem. Though like most government run programs the biggest problem is 80% of the funds going to "administration" while 20% ends up being used for the intended purpose.

We have been "solving" poverty forever yet it is the government that is the cause of keeping the individual down. Rather than letting individuals keep their earnings and getting out of the way so people can make choices about how they will earn money, government gets in the way. The two biggest problems are income tax and property tax. A citizen should be able to purchase property and not have to worry about his property being held hostage to taxes forever. A person should be able to earn money and not have it confiscated. There are many ways for government to tax, the reason they tax the individual is because no individual can defend themselves from tyrannical taxes and regulation. Taxing corporations and states as intended was one of the protections the people had because a state government or a company do have the resources to defend themselves from oppressive taxing and spending.

Security, war, justice and all the rest, the government is in charge of all of these. What ever you don't like exists because the politicians made it that way or by their inaction allows it to continue.

The environment is not even a problem. The earth is warming and cooling on its own yet the politicians will use this to create even more inflation through taxes and regulation. Worse, when there is a real problem with pollution the government does nothing, again creating a problem through inaction.

There are no problems the politicians want to fix that were not caused by them. So where is the sense in letting these idiot politicians fix what they created?

What is more self destructive is the people have placed back in power the Democrats, the party who was in power for the last 80 years nearly unchallenged until will after these problems were created. When they lose some of there power temporarily, they use their control over the media and courts to ensure their programs and laws are not changed or fixed.

Though the Republicans have yet to actually use the power to occasionally get to do anything but stall the destruction caused by the democrats.

People of America, why do you keep voting these people into power, they are the cause of your problems. Do us all a favor and stop voting for career politicians from both parties and try to vote someone in who will simply manage the country efficiently and correctly.

It is amazing how the general voting population can not see that the people they vote for are the problem, no matter which party they belong too.