Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The prophet Obama rules by decree now that the Democrats will rubberstamp Obamacare, even though 89% of Americans are happy with their Healthcare

Now that the Democrats are in filibuster proof control they can effectively rubberstamp whatever the Prophet Obama wants to do. In effect The Prophet Obama is ruling by decree. One of these decrees will be Obamacare.

The liberals have long planned to implement the socialist style Government controlled and failed healthcare plans found in Canada and Europe. As with almost everything the Democrats do, they will declare some minority of Americans in Need and the rest of us will have to foot the bill.

The problem is where is the problem?

As reported by an ABCNews and USA Today poll, 89% of all Americans are happy with their healthcare, this included those without medical Insurance.

If 89% of the people are happy, what is their to fix? Clearly the majority of people without insurance are in fact getting healthcare and they don't seem to need to pay for it. Obama's plan will effectively give 219,000 USD for each person Obama declares is eligible.

There is obviously no reason why Obama needs to take more taxes than the average income of the upper middle class for healthcare costs. It would be cheaper to just put these 11% of complainers on anyone's plan and just take a loss.

What is happening is similar to the Climate scam. There is no real problem with healthcare or at least not he problem invented by democrats. They allow the assumption that no insurance means no healthcare, which is not the case. Like the climate scam the Obamacare scam is yet another "problem" invented by democrats, with a nonexistent solution and they can claim it always a problem and therefore tax it forever.

With 89% of all people in the US happy with healthcare, there is no reason for Obamacare, only a reason to allow for normal competition across statelines and possibly change the employer/benefits solution differently so it is more effective and less likely to cause anyone problems.


How the democrats will create a nonexistent problem then Cap and tax carbon,

The Democrats along with every other liberal in the world have convinced themselves that the World is warming beyond natural fluctuations in climate and this warming is human caused and the agent of this imagined problem is Carbon Dioxide.

Yes the stuff each animal and human exhales and each plant needs to live.

Cap and trade as it is called is essentially the liberals creating a "right to pollute" for each entity and individual that exists in the United States. This right to pollute is Caped at a certain amount based on some insane formulas that the liberals will ensure their special interests are protected and even gain from this, while everyone else pays. The Tax or trade part comes in. If an entity such as a liberal protected college does not use their allotment of pollution rights for carbon dioxide, the college can sell the unused allotment to other businesses, which is where the tax comes in. So the favored industries and organizations will gain money from this, as will the government, since most favored entities are government controlled, while the rest of us will see prices on everything go up, essentially creating a tax.

Here is a break down of what the liberals pretend will happen and what will actually occur.

1. The intent of this Cap and Tax nonsense is the supposed belief that somehow this will reduce Carbon emissions. What will really happen is the favored entities will have a near unlimited quantity of Carbon rights, which can be sold to others, ensuring no one needs to reduce anything.

2. The actual effect of Cap and Trade is inflation through this unrepresented tax. The targeted industries and people are those who produce energy, those who make devices that use energy and those people who use the devices. In effect nearly everyone not protected by the Democrats will see the tax. By taxing energy and its use so heavily, the price of everything will go up. Nothing in the United States can exist without energy, we could not harvest, store and market enough food or any other need or desire without energy, so the net effect is massive inflation

3. There is no human caused global warming nor is CO2 the culprit. As Professor Bob Carter demonstrates in the linked YouTube CO2 is not the problem. Each ice age had a warming period in between and the earth today is in one of those warming periods. The data shows the rate of warming and the duration is within the normal activities of past warming periods, all of which occurred before humans existed. The data shows that CO2 rises after temperature rises and this effect has repeatedly occurred between iceages going back as far as the evidence exists. It is impossible for rising CO2 to cause temperatures to rise, if the CO2 rises after the temperature. As noticed for the last 11 years, CO2 continues to rise, yet the temperature has actually dropped.

4. While CO2 is a "greenhouse" gas and capable of reflecting heat back into the earth, it ability to reflect sunlight does not grow as more carbon is in the atmosphere. The liberals claim that the continued rise of CO2 in the atmosphere will in fact reflect more and more heat. The fact is it reflects only so much heat and once at the maximum, any more CO2 has no effect. A comparison example would be sunglasses made to block all light. You could make the glasses darker but once they already block all light, any more light blocking material has no effect. CO2 is exactly the same as this sunglasses example. The excess carbon, assuming it is excess has no net effect on the greenhouse effect.

With CO2 a base molecule in the biosphere of the planet, it is impossible to know how much should be in the atmosphere, when we have too much or too little.

What Cap and Trade does for the liberals is allow them to create a problem that does not exist and then make the claim they can tax it until it fixes itself. This is perfect for a despotic regime. A perpetual source of money and a permanent reason to regulate and control anything in the United States. This works because the liberals defined the imaginary problem, defined the bogus cause and can sell snake oil to solve the problem. The Political Shaman suggests that Cap and Tax is simply another way for the liberals to maintain power, obtain money and create more of both whenever desired.

With the Democrats now owning all of the government with a filibuster proof senate, we can be assured of having Cap and Trade/Tax go into effect.

The real and honest concern is why the liberal and democrat voters want these idiot politicians messing around with the biosphere of the planet. Politicians have no history of doing anything useful and every problem we have can trace its roots back to politicians by their action or inaction.


The democrats managed to steal yet another election only this time they have filibuster proof control, welcome back the depression everyone.

All hail the Democrat party, the new Marxists with one party rule.

Minnesota finally succumbed to the democrats and allowed Al Franken to take the last Senate seat still undecided Franken is known as one of the most Marxist liberals in the democrat party.

The problem is this gives the democrats the 60 vote majority in the Senate, which means the republicans will be unable to filibuster.

Expect the price of everything to rise as the carbon cap and tax plan goes into effect, obamacare becomes the new socialist health care plan and should the Prophet Obama and the democrats decide to spend yet another couple of trillion dollars we don't have or nationalize a few more industries, there is NO way to prevent them.

As previously posted in http://thepoliticalshaman.blogspot.com/2009/02/history-who-was-in-power-during.html , The democrats are the only party to have had Filibuster proof control as well as a majority in the House and own the Executive branch.

The 1960s and the 1930s were those decades. Considering both decades were full of the democrats causing some of the worse conditions the US has faced, these jackasses have managed to get in power again.

So the question is will Venezuela, Iran and N Korea and likely some unknown nations attack America or will we be mired in a Vietnam like war? The democrats did that before. We the democrats under the false argument of staying out of internal politics allow al qaida to become a Nazi like power that threatens all? The liberal democrats did that during the 1930s.
The democrats also resided over the majority of the worst economy America has yet faced in the Great depression the democrats only made worse, unless of course their plan is to have yet another world war to end the current economic crisis. The 1960s economy was also bad and they are in power today, doing exactly what they did in those historical decades, actions that proved to fail.

The Prophet Obama is appointing racist or at least arrogant latina judges into power as well as handing over government responsibility for the census to Acorn, yet another racist entity that seems to also be run by criminals. Are the democrats bringing back segregation only with a different race oppressed? Are we going to see battles for equal rights again, only this time the races and groups the democrats have not in their infinite wisdom, deemed worthy enough of being called human to share in equality, only to foot the bill for it.

This is the worst political climate America has seen in 40 years. The democrats have NO history of ever doing anything good, this party are the ones who have been in full power in the last 80 years and they are at fault for nearly every problem we have. There is no evidence that these democrat jackasses will do anything good, while history shows they will take a bad situation and make it so much worse that can be imagined.

Wake up America, Socialists control the Democrat party and their actions would make Karl Marx happy. If we do not stop them, there will not be a country left because once they take everything and run, the rest of use will likely be overrun because there will be no military left to protect us.

The goal of the democrats is to take care of everything, which means they have to take everything to take care of it. With the fool republicans blocked from Filibuster, the democrats will destroy what little freedom is left because freedom is the only thing that stands in the way of socialism.

From this point on everything is the fault of the democrats, they have no possible way of blaming republicans. The Political Shaman will predict that the liberal media and the socialist democrats will continue to blame Republicans for the problems Democrats cause.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

The joke is on the EU, good job Microsoft.

The EU, like many governments is always looking for ways to control everything, which is consistent with the socialist agenda. One of these methods of control used in the EU as well as the US and other places is this so called anti trust like laws. Those laws are perfect for socialist control of business because they can not be complied with. At any time it can be proven any business is breaking one of those laws because those business basically have too prove they are not breaking those laws, which is impossible. Besides the fact it is impossibly too prove a negative, the laws are written specifically to ensure the government can succeed in prosecuting a business at any time. Successful prosecution always guarantees the government incredible amounts of money as a fine as well.

Of course the other us of these laws is for businesses who are unable to compete legitimately. These businesses will claim anti trust and ban together with the government to force some company to change their successful business model so competitors can get more business, sometimes these lawsuits result in the so called victims getting money as well.

In comes an EU lawsuit against Microsoft. The details can be found anywhere, this blog post is about Microsoft's actions they were required to take. At heart of the alleged crime is Microsoft installing their own free Web Browser on their own Operating System that they sell too the general public. The Political Shaman will never understand how a company is committing a crime when they sell their own stuff with their own stuff but this is a different debate. Basically the victims complained that Microsoft is "forcing" consumers onto its free browser and not offering those customers a choice in available browsers. This opens the question as too why it matters what free browser is used, also who chooses which browsers are valid enough for inclusion in this list of choices and seems too ignore the fact that it take a customer all of 3 seconds to click on and install any browser they wish anytime.

Microsoft's response was too sell in the EU the next version of windows with no Browser at all.

Well now the same EU regulators and the so called victims are complaining this is not what they intended. They want Microsoft too offer all of their Browsers as part of the install of the Operating System. The EU is claiming instead of offering choices that Microsoft has offered no choice at all.

Microsoft chose the correct response. If the EU wants to decide what a company can sell and what they can install, what people can choose to have and when, they they can spend the money and resources on getting these choices to the consumers. Why should Microsoft have to spend its own money on other companies software, especially when this software is all free and has no expected return on costs nor will make a direct profit. Microsoft was told not to include their browser because it was them using their alleged Monopoly power on an operating system to crowd out competitors. However, we are discussing all FREE software, there is no market to crowd out.

So now the EU consumers will get no browser leaving the consumers additional complexity in finding one to use the Internet. How can they complain, the consumers voted in the Government that did this to them. They wanted the socialist government and it is controlling their lives.

I guess the joke is on the EU, they got what they demanded and it turned out too not be what they expected.

The Political Shaman suggests that competitor browsers actually compete in the market and then perhaps they will actually succeed in their desire to be on top.


Friday, June 5, 2009

GM, Government Motors run by the automotive expert CEO and Prophet Barry Obama. He must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!

The former community organizer turned US Senator and now Prophet of the United States apparently is also an expert on the Automotive industry as well. Obama has nationalized two of the 3 American auto manufacturers as a way of "saving" them too save the economy. Aside from his obvious messianic tendency too "save" everything by the touch of his prophet powers, he has fired the leadership of these companies, is forcing financial mergers, forcing investors too take massive hits in their investments and dictating too these companies what kinds of vehicles these companies will manufacture.

So Barry Obama the former community organizer is a a politician, a CEO, a car Designer, an alternative fuel expert, a marketing expert, a mergers & acquisitions expert, corporate financial expert, a saint, a messiah and of course a prophet.

Sounds like the Prophet Obama has stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently.

The other expert Obama appears too be is how to nationalize industries as banks and insurance companies must be included with the automotive industry. He has taken over GM in a way that is not actually communist, it is more like fascists of Germany. While Obama is certainly a socialist/communist he apparently has decided the way fascists took over companies and ran them, is more convenient that the way the soviets simply made everything a government department.

I suppose this makes Obama an expert on implementing communist welfare states and using fascist economic models to finish the Job liberals started decades ago, turning America into the ultimate socialist nightmare, sorry, utopia.

I suppose Holiday Inn Express made Obama an expert on utopias as well.

The Prophet Obama is again apologizing too Arabs even though they are the ones with the problems, not Americans

The insanity of the Prophet Obama knows no bounds when it comes too Islam. He is again apologizing for America, basically saying we are bad and somehow we are responsible for Islam being a violent religion. Sorry but it is. Unlike other religions which were violent in the past, Islam has not yet rejected the notion that you can genocide and murder in the name of spreading your religion and they still have as part of their dogma the idea that women are less than human and can be murdered for any transgression. Slavery is still accepted and every one of the Muslim countries are backwaters, with no real governments. Sure two have some form of democracy if you include Turkey and Iraq but Iraq still is not fully committed too sense but Turkey still has the culture of Islam which allows murder and assault as punishment for women.

Over 1400 years of history shows what Islam is, constant attempts too invade others, genocide and enslave whomever they don't like. Now this is not too say they are unique as history shows most religions have violence and insane dogma as part of their history. The difference between Islam and the other religions is all of the other popular religions and most of the less prominent religions have rejected the idea of war and murder too further their cause. Some of these religions also accept women as actual humans and don't enslave or kill them outright just because they are women. However, Islam not only has not changed and removed the old world insane dogma and culture they seem intent on keeping it.

Obviously there are many members of Islam, likely a majority who are decent people and have rejected the insane parts of their religion. The problem is the people who lead these countries, sects and organizations of Islam, have not rejected the idea of suppressing women and killing everyone else.

The middle east and all other Islamic countries need too reject the parts of their culture and religion that promote violence and insane behavior. Each of these places could be wonderful if the would just change for the better. Past islamic empires were quite capable for living a great life. Though these like all old empires had both good and bad mixed together, Islam seems too have stagnated by its inability too remove the insane ideas from their culture.

Obama and the liberals do not understand this. Islam's problems began long before America exisited. American has done nothing at all too cause anyone too want too kill all Americans. We do not enslave anyone, we do not stone women too death, we do not kidnap women and rape them as a 4th wife. We do not subjugate our people too dictators and authoritarian regimes. All of these actions are what Islam does. Islam can be blamed because in all of the above atrocities, the governments of Islam encourage and sanction these behaviours and in many cases the government is the perpetrator of the crimes.

Prophet Obama your only message too Islam should have been simply this: We Americans are not on this planet too be the target of Islamic sociopaths. We are not the means too power for Islam and our bodies are not the tool Islam will use too vent its anger or gain Islam power. We reject the Islamic belief that every one not of Islam is an enemy and should be converted, enslaved or killed. We have the right too defend our lives from attacks from insane people claiming too follow Islam and we have the right too destroy anyone who will attempt too kill Americans or destroy our way of life.

That is the message of America, we are free and we will defend our lives from anyone who would kill or enslave us, including defending ourselves from Islam.

What Obama said was it is all Americas fault and for some reason Obama claims the US president is the PR spokesman for Islam.

Thank you Democrats for inflicting us with the Prophet Obama.