Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cold in Florida and LA and it is more Proof of Human Caused Global Warming?

You environmentalist morons would be amusing if you were not costing the world billions in unnecessary costs and regulation. The facts are there is no HUMAN caused global warming. Your religion was debunked and proven to be based on falsified information and so called computer models that are skewed to "prove" humans are causing global warming.

The facts are CO2 has gone up AFTER the rise in temperature, just as it has for every warming period between ice ages going back a billion years.

Myths of your ideology are there is no actual reason to accept some kind of "global" temperature or its meaning. WE humans do not know enough about the atmosphere to even guess what is happening and less than 100 years of temperature data from parts of America, Europe and a few other locations amounting to less than 1000th of a percent of all temperature on land, sea and in the air we would need to take to even begin to understand the biosphere we live in.

The facts are you human caused warmists have chosen a nonexistent problem to to demonize and given it a cause called CO2 which conveniently can't be measured, we dont know what actually can be in the atmosphere and it will always be there as long as life exists. In effect a cause you can always state is still a cause and never have to worry about a solution.

With a final problem with your religion. We cant falsify your claims, as long as every atmospheric phenomenon, earthquake and bird dropping is always a justification to claim global warming is a problem and is human caused. With everything that happens "proof" and no condition exists to falsify it, you people are just spouting a belief and ideology with no science to back it up.

I suppose you morons will claim global warming is proven again when it is HOT in LA, a hurricane occurs in the atlantic, a volcano erupts on the sea floor, the caribou choose a migration path 30 ft north of last year past a fallen pine tree, the tarot cards come out in numeric order, hell freezes over, god smites the planet and the Obamanation continues another 4 years.