Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can the Prophet Obama talk about vegetable gardens

The democrats have long used the media to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. Using Al Gore as a previous example and the Prophet currently, both effectively talked a recession into existence.

If you pay attention you will see that every time Obama or his cronies talk about the economy or their plains for it, the stock market crashes.

Can the democrats and Obama do us all a favor and just shut up?

If you are that desperate to be on TV talk about your wife's vegetable garden. This is a safe topic with a very low chance of affecting the economy.

Democrats, do us all a favor and just get the hell out of the way...

Monday, March 30, 2009

The liberals have not nationalized the auto industry?

The Prophet Obama today has made many declarations as he took control of GM and Chrysler.
The Prophet has declared that his new auto company will lead in making unprofitable and unproven technologies for small dangerous so called clean cars. The Prophet also declared Chrysler as to small and insignificant and is apparently forcing that company to become part of a foreign auto company. It would seem the Democrats only need one auto company to continue feeding their unions money and monopolize the US auto manufacturing market.

Do you own a GM or Chrysler car, well now the US Federal Government is your warranty mechanic too. Of course this is not a bad thing, the government has a long track record of managing and fixing so many things.

How long before the liberals complete the nationalization of the financial and healthcare industries?


Sunday, March 29, 2009

If you really want the liberals in government to do everything for you...

The liberal dogma is similar to the Marxist agenda. The Government will do everything. The government will take from those it considers unworthy of keeping what they earn in life and give that stolen money to those the liberals deem are worthy of their benevolence.

It seems though that the democrats, socialists, liberals and others who follow the liberal dogma may be missing something very important.

How can the government do everything, if they don't take everything?

If the government is going to do everything, it means they would have had to take everything from everyone to begin with.

This is what the liberals have inflicted on half the United States. A political party with an agenda that requires the government to confiscate all property, money and resources from the people. This is the only way the democrats can succeed in implementing their socialist agenda, they have to take everything from us.

Do you really want the Democrats to succeed, if this is the end result of their plans?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All of the "problems" the politicians want to "fix" were caused by them

Just review back to past political elections as far back as you want. Taxes, social security, deficits, the financial industry, regulation, inflation, medicare, healthcare, education, unions, infrastructure, war, security, justice, poverty, the environment and on and on.

Name the problem and you will find the politicians of the day, especially during their campaigns will declare one or more of these so called problems that must be solved, always declaring without them these things cant be fixed and of course you have to vote their party in to make sure they can really fix things.

The real problem is the politicians. Choose any of them and you will find the root cause of these problems is the government. In many cases these are government programs and laws enacted for the lie they call the greater good and other problems exist through their inaction, corruption and greed.

Inflation is caused by government taxes and regulation. Every time these jackass politicians enact a law there is a cost. Taxes directly cause prices to increase, environmental laws increase costs, laws protecting unions cause price increases, corporate welfare, fees, laws to prevent corruption and corruption itself, even campaign laws cause prices to sky rocket each year. No where is there evidence of any other source of inflation. Even so called monopolies, were created by or protected by the government. Capitalism self regulates prices. A company that charges too much will lose its customers, the only time this fails to work is when government steps and regulates the industry.

Taxes are a drain on everything and cause the prices of everything to go up and reduce usable property of each individual. This is a fact. The more the government takes the more destitute the population will be, any communist nation is an example of this.

Social Security and medicare were created entirely by the government. Whether you disagree with them entirely or you think they are broken and need fixing, the democrats created both and have used every means available to ensure that their creation is never tampered with by anyone but them.

The government builds and maintains the infrastructure or regulates it. They spend way too much and build stuff that will not last very long. They are the ones who have this entirely in their control and have forever. If there is a complaint about why a road is no good or we don't have enough power plants, it is the government who is in charge of this, the created it and made it the mess it is.

The budget, deficits and national debt are entirely of the governments making. If you have a problem with these, then you have to blame the cause of this problem, the politicians.

The financial industry, energy, healthcare and other businesses are so heavily regulated that it is not surprising these are the same industries that have wrecked the economy or otherwise need bailouts. If there is a problem in any of these areas, the government regulation controlling them is the problem, which are all created by politicians.

Education started for this purpose as quoted from The American Mercury for April 1924 "that the aim of public education is not to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. ... Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim ... is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States... and that is its aim everywhere else. "

With this as the reason politicians insist on government controlled schools, is there really a reason to wonder why these schools are a problem. Though like most government run programs the biggest problem is 80% of the funds going to "administration" while 20% ends up being used for the intended purpose.

We have been "solving" poverty forever yet it is the government that is the cause of keeping the individual down. Rather than letting individuals keep their earnings and getting out of the way so people can make choices about how they will earn money, government gets in the way. The two biggest problems are income tax and property tax. A citizen should be able to purchase property and not have to worry about his property being held hostage to taxes forever. A person should be able to earn money and not have it confiscated. There are many ways for government to tax, the reason they tax the individual is because no individual can defend themselves from tyrannical taxes and regulation. Taxing corporations and states as intended was one of the protections the people had because a state government or a company do have the resources to defend themselves from oppressive taxing and spending.

Security, war, justice and all the rest, the government is in charge of all of these. What ever you don't like exists because the politicians made it that way or by their inaction allows it to continue.

The environment is not even a problem. The earth is warming and cooling on its own yet the politicians will use this to create even more inflation through taxes and regulation. Worse, when there is a real problem with pollution the government does nothing, again creating a problem through inaction.

There are no problems the politicians want to fix that were not caused by them. So where is the sense in letting these idiot politicians fix what they created?

What is more self destructive is the people have placed back in power the Democrats, the party who was in power for the last 80 years nearly unchallenged until will after these problems were created. When they lose some of there power temporarily, they use their control over the media and courts to ensure their programs and laws are not changed or fixed.

Though the Republicans have yet to actually use the power to occasionally get to do anything but stall the destruction caused by the democrats.

People of America, why do you keep voting these people into power, they are the cause of your problems. Do us all a favor and stop voting for career politicians from both parties and try to vote someone in who will simply manage the country efficiently and correctly.

It is amazing how the general voting population can not see that the people they vote for are the problem, no matter which party they belong too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

FDR and his liberal buddies did NOT end the depression.

The Dems are using the FDR economic plan for ending the recession they caused?
The Political Shaman has been reading for many weeks about how FDR is wonderful and we should all do what he did to "save" the 1930s economy. Here is the fact often over looked by the liberals in charge.

FDR failed to solve anything.

The crash of 1929, Hoover's year of mistakes, followed by a democrat congress and senate adding too those mistakes before FDR took over should have eventually ended this recession in about 3 years. It is well known that recessions and crashes do not normally take 16 years to end. No I would not call WWII a successful economy. FDR can claim 8 years of depression plus WWII. 8 Years of depression. The democrats took the majority in 1931 and began enacting insane laws to "help" with Hoover signing these plans in and the senate being 50/50, we can see the what the democrats had planned and it was failing before FDR took over. FDRs plans were too spend insanely on anything, regulate everything and tax everything. The only difference between FDR and the Prophet Obama is Obama is doing hundreds of times worse than FDR.

FDR's fix for the crash of 1929 resulted in a recession becoming a depression. The 4 years of US involvement in WWII did not fix anything. The country was conscripted to produce for the war effort. All factories were forced to provide war materiel. We have the best foods going to the war effort. While these actions were the right thing to do, to defeat germany and japan, the end result of these efforts was a completely destroyed world economy and the US was the only country capable of sustaining the world. We were the only game in town, so the economy had to go up.

After 4 years of war, the country probably forgot there was a recession. This is what ended the depression, people forgetting it was there or placing it on the heap of irrelevance after facing the Axis of WWII.

Obama, is doing everything FDR did, including reducing the military or limiting its ability to improve technology, knowing there are hostile countries in the world. Obama is set to create the biggest depression ever, either now or when the bill for the borrowing comes due.

Is Obama and the democrats actually planning a WWIII to get us out of their mess? FDR certainly did not plan WWII but if the Democrats want to keep using FDR as the prime example of liberal perfection, then it stands to reason that they need a war.

FDR was successful at a couple of things. His plans did ensure democrats ruled unopposed for almost 2 decades, using the plight of the depression and taxing the people to pay for and keep democrat power, remember to democrats a crisis is just an opportunity to do big things. FDRs plans also worked well at allowing socialism to take hold, exactly as Khrushchev anticipated years later. He was right, American would never adopt marxism overnight or through revolution but they would a little at a time. FDR certainly helped this. Had he not started his new deal socialism, we would not have a democrat party passing every socialist idea possible and taxing for it today.

No FDR did not do anything but make a bad situation worse.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dont worry, "We will get through this" the Prophet Obama predicts.

The Prophet Obama's news agencies called the main stream media, have been ensuring they report continuously on how bad everything is and that we just have to sacrifice, be patient, learn to live with less and then of course somehow Obama will fix all.

As the Prophet Obama says, we will get through this, as a socialist country.


Obama is now saying crisis is a time for "great opportunity"

The Prophet Obama has confirmed that he follows Rahm Emmanual's Rule number one of exploiting crisis as a means to inflict change on the people.

Clearly Obama and the socialist liberal democrats are using every crisis they can to milk for their own power, wealth and advantage. Nothing they are doing will solve any problem or help anyone in this recession. Ironically nearly every problem we have today is caused by the democrats. It is they who pass the laws that increased the amount the govenment confiscates from the GNP each year. It is the democrats who created the regulations that are the problem today. They created the rules in the financial industry, the laws that protect unions so they can racketeer, the idiotic environmental laws that impact the auto industry, energy and others. In fact, all of the current bailouts are going to companies in industries with the heaviest of democrat created regulation.

The democrats created the conditions to allow these criseses to exist in the first place. The democrats sustain this nonsense and are now using trillions of non existent dollars to continue to prop up their failed socialist programs and laws.

You can bet the democrats and Obama will not only milk this recession for everything they can, they will ensure this recession becomes a depression so they can continue to do their "great opportunities" for as many years as possible.

How does it feel now to be a liberal voter for putting these democrat jackasses in power. They will sacrifice you and everyone you know on the altar of socialism in the quest for their own ideals and their own power. Thank you for voting for Obama and the democrats, we don't need a republic anymore after all Socialism has destroyed millions of lives, so lets give it another chance.


The communist despot is asking the Prophet Obama to join socialism.

Why would Chavez believe a President of the United states would listen too a suggestion like this. To join the socialist movement. Unlike many other Presidents, the Prophet Obama is a socialist like most liberals in the Democrat party and by his actions for the last few months of income redistribution, nationalizing industries and promises of more to come Chavez feels there is an ear in the White House that may actually listen. Chavez even points out these socialist actions Obama has done. Chavez is suggesting to Obama that he ignore critics of his plans as socialist and instead embrace socialism completely.

Chavez has the audacity to comment; "Imagine a socialist revolution in the U.S. Nothing is impossible"

For Chavez to even make these statements is incredible and it is telling that Obama is not refuting this idea or doing any actions that would show he is not a liberal socialist.

The people should wonder why Obama is sending out invitations to have better relationships to Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Hamas, Hezzbollah and others who are despots, communists, socialists and terrorist groups while at the same time Obama ignores Americans who are not socialists and has marginalized enhancing relationships with countries who seek to be free republics.


Russia wants to talk disarmament now, what has changed

Russia is now offering hope that global disarmament talks can begin and possibly succeed. What could possibly have changed this year as opposed to the previous 20 years.

Russia knows that the liberal idiots running the democratic party of the US is in charge. Why is this significant? Anyone can read history and knows that in the Western world the liberal leaders will do moronic acts like sign disarmament treaties and they will comply with these treaties. Great. However, these same liberal fools never seem to realize that the countries they sign these treaties with have no intention of disarming. Blatant examples would be the "non-proliferation of war" treaty and the treaty limiting the size of battleships back before WWII. In both cases Japan , Germany, Italy and other signed it, while Hitler invaded places like Czech and eventually Poland and France, Italy invaded Ethiopia and Japan had already invaded Korea. Germany and Japan both were building larger battleships even as the signed the treaty. There are many other examples but the bottom line is the Western liberals are stupid and the would be enemies know this. Russia knows that the west will comply and weaken their own defensive capabilities, while Russia increases theirs. There is no way to know what Russia will do, they are on the fence at the moment between true Western style freedom and continued despotism but if they get it in their heads to obtain wealth and resources through war, they will certainly be able too, when Obama and the rest of the western socialists sign a treaty with Russia to reduce their defensive capabilities.

Thank you Prophet Obama for ensuring to the world that you will make America weak enough to attack if the world asks you too do it.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh everything is OK because the Prophet Obama has spoken and he says "I know we did the right thing."

The Political Shaman had not realized that the Prophet Obama really was a messiah. Obama has declared he knows he did the right thing with the stimulous packages.

I suppose fixing Economies just requires Obama to declare it is fixed and that is it.

It is good he believes creating a socialist country out of America by destroying it, is the right thing.

I want The Prophet Obama to fail too, if he succeeds this will be the Socialist States of America

In light of the recent controversy created by the Democrats and their lackeys in the media about Rush Limbaugh's comments that he wants Obama to fail, The Political Shaman will state he has the same opinion.

The fact is the Prophet Obama is create the conditions to turn the United States of America into the Socialist States of America. All of these so called bailouts, bills supporting open voting for unions, nationalizing industries, Massive amounts of unneeded debt, the eventual printing of money, restrictions on free speech like the fairness doctrine, socialist programs like national healthcare, non existent environmental issues, racial laws and the expansion of income redistribution laws all contribute to removing the guarantee of a republic and the conversion to socialism.

Success means socialism for the Prophet Obama and the demofools who blindly follow him. I want them to fail and fail badly. Any success on their part only means making everyone destitute but the democrat elitists and once we are in a failed socialist state, it will be almost impossible to reverse it and get these democrat jackasses out of power.

Ultimately, Obama will fail because socialism is a proven failure. All previous attempts at socialism have ended with destitution, the destruction of the culture and society and in some cases millions of dead. Can anyone honestly say they want Obama to succeed?

Monday, March 2, 2009

How many bailouts does it take to turn a lightbulb?

GM loses billions last year, sales down for the entire automotive industry are down so far and the bottom may not even be in sight yet. Banks falling apart, insurance companies going down and the list goes on.

So why the bailouts for everyone except white male construction workers and highly skilled professionals, as Obama's people said.

In a CAPITALIST economy, these companies are failures. By definition, they are not worth the effort of saving because if they were, they would not need a bailout. There are major banks and small ones who do not need bailouts. There are insurance companies that will survive without bailouts. Some Foreign Auto manufacturers are going to make it through this so called crisis without any government bailout.

Prophet Obama, how about letting capitalism run its natural course and let these business fail. It will not hurt in the long run. The workers will be picked up by competitors, as will the assets and resources of each failed business. The customers will still be customers for some company out there.

There is one thing to government could do, reduce regulation and taxes, especially regulation. These actions might be enough to save these failing business because it does appear most of the businesses needing bailouts are in industries heavily regulated by the government.

The Prohet Obama is a Messiah, yes you are saved

The Prohpet Obama being true to his campaign to promote his messiah complex is apparently going to save us all.

Somehow he is going to completely fix and rework the entire healthcare industry, save 300 million Americans from healthcare costs, he will completely rework the banking system, the tax system, , end wars, end terrorism, save social security, save the insurance industry, save the auto industry, save the schools, feed the poor and downtrodden and of course he will magically turn down the earths furnace and save the planet.

For most of these, just accomplishing one of them in 4 years would be a near miracle.

The last, well even I will call him messiah if he can stop the natural cycle of warming and cooling the earth has been doing for a a couple billion years.

Be careful though, the liberals are playing a shell game with the environment. The main reason they have declared CO2 to be the culprit of global warming is that it really is not the problem, it cant be regulated, measured or definitivally proven or disproven for any problem in the world. Why would the liberals need this? It opens the door to continued and perpetual regulation which gives them power and at anytime they can declare the problem solved, should they need too end the charade.

Bailout here bailouts there bailouts bailouts everywhere.

Are we tired of the bailouts yet? This is starting to sound like a joke though not funny considering these bailouts at best will delay the economic recovery and we better hope the GAO's prediction that these bailouts are going to hurt us in the long run.

With The Prophet Obama declaring a new 500+ billion bailout every few days, it makes the political shaman wonder just HOW they can spend it all effectively. The government still has not spent money appropriated years ago for securing the borders, hiring more law enforcement and who knows what else. Aside from the problem that exists with Obama creating the largest deficits by far, expanding government and spending in 2 months what it normally takes 8 years to do, the reality is there is no physical way to spend it all in a short period of time. With the current and growing 2 Trillion socialist bailout program and the actual budget sitting around 3.6 trillion it is physically impossible to spend so much money all at once. Granted the money is intended to be spread out over some number of years but that just proves that this democrat spending bill is nothing more than a way to suck the economy dry of every dollar they can. If their goal was to "Fix" anything, then spending the money in the same year or two would be more effective. However, the physical impossibility of a few hundred people even figuring out just what to spend this money on, is going to take longer than a couple of years, again rendering the bailout money pointless.

Still as the title of the blog hints at, the Democrats have found a buzzword to make their intellectually challenged voters happy and they got lucky with being able to essentually write a blank check on the entire economy.

So expect more and more bailouts. Just keep in mind that the governments combined are pushing their way past the 50% mark for confiscating all money and since the democrats are in charge, they will not have a problem taxing too 100% of the economy, since their goal is a new marxism.

Remember, they are just borrowing now, in a few years, when the idiot population has forgotten about all of this mess, the bill will come due and the democrats will collect the money no matter how many people they have to pack into an apartment to achieve the goal.