Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Democrats promised change, so where is it? Credit must be given to the Prophet Obama for supporting the war.

So far the Democrats have changed nothing. They are pushing socialism as they always have, are spending money like it grows on trees as the always have, they are still giving lobbyists more consideration than the people as they have always done and there is WAR.

What happened to the promise to bring troops home? The Prophet Obama flatly said he would bring troops home and that the war against terrorism was wrong. The liberal media did everything they could to ensure the war was always on the front page to ridicule Bush with for the entire time. The lib media published the number of dead every day and had various people against the war in the news constantly and the democrats rode that antiwar pony into power, regardless of the fact that the position to let terrorists kill us is wrong.

So what happens after they get power? The escalate the war in Afghanistan and spending on the war is higher than it was under Bush. So where is the promised change? Why are the troops still dying? Why is the lib media now suppressing criticism of the war? Why are they not making big news out of every death?

The Prophet Obama deserves credit though. We should escalate the war until the insane fools who call themselves Muslim give up or are dead. Change here would have been bad.

Still it is a concern about the media and free press and their impartial reporting is certainly in question, since this is the same war Bush started, yet they are not attacking Obama for escalating it as they attacked Bush for years.

What is the point of freedom of the press, if all the press does is become a cheerleading team and defender of socialism and single party rule?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Polls indicate the majority of Americans do not believe the stimulus is working and they want their money back.

As predicted by the Political Shaman in an earlier blog the stimulus would not work. Basically the stimulus spending spree was based on FDRs socialist spending ideas from the 1930s during the depression. Considering the Depression existed beyond 3 years as all other recessions before and since were 3 years or less, we can conclude FDR failed.

Here is the problem with the stimulus, socialism doesn't work. Nearly all of the stimulus is earmarked for every socialist program the Democrats have and desire to make. You simply can't take money from those you feel have plenty and give it to those you feel are in need. Additionally, spending this money to support insane things like cap and trade, unions and other bogus regulations only makes the problem worse.

The last problem of the stimulus is where the money went. The consumer represents 2/3rds of the economy. 66% of all money in America is earned and spent by the people, the consumers. Yet, Obama and his liberal comrades threw this money at 1/3rd of the economy. So what did they expect? Is it really surprising that the stimulus failed when your plan is to take trillions from 66% of the economy, reducing their ability to spend and giving it to 33% of the economy? To make this even more of a joke, the consumers got nothing out of it. No break from union insanity, no relief from taxes or reduced costs on say fuel, no new science producing a marketable technology nor even a break from the bad mortgages.

Mortgages are a good example. It would have been cheaper and more effective for Obama to just pay off the bad, near failing or flipped mortgages, than what was done, which was to buy the bad loans from the banks and make these people keep paying. Assuming anything should have been done at all, since the banks could have renegotiated these loans. Still, why should the taxpayers take a risk on bad loans for 30 more years, when it would have been cheaper to just pay them off?

Apparently the American people are not as blind as the used to be. Polls now indicate that the people do not believe the stimulus had any effect or is not working. Additionally, the majority of people would like the unspent money returned. This makes sense as it would either reduce the massive national debt Obama is racking up or return capital to the 66% of the economy that needs it to get us out of this recession.

Too bad what the people want is contradictory to what the Democrats want, if they admit they were wrong and give the money back, they will not be able to achieve their goal of maintaining power and imposing socialism.

Be assured Obama and the democrats will not return a single penny of money they should never have taken or printed in the first place.

The Prophet Obama's approval rating drops below 50%, on one poll but remains above 50% on others. Is the Political Shaman's earlier prediction wrong?

It would seem the Political Shaman incorrectly predicting Obama approval ratings at above 55% forever due to the media giving the Prophet a free pass on everything.

The Prophet Obama's approval rating today according to the Rasmussen poll is 47%. The earlier prediction I made was based on the media's love affair with Obama and the fact that their prophet could do no wrong. It would seem at least one pollster is unaffected by Obama's prophet status.

However, as the referenced article mentions other polls, like Gallup has Obama at 53%.

It may be true the previous prediction was incorrect. Though one poll at 47% does not prove anything, it is possible the media is starting to abandon Obama in favor of better ratings derived from bashing politicians.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Obamacare is a fraud but not for the reasons you may think...

The democrats are unveiling their so called plans for Obamacare and everyone has it wrong. The liberal socialist ruling the Democrat party are not reforming anything, they are not cutting costs or helping solve the healthcare crisis.

There are problems in the healthcare industry but Obamacare does not address any of the causes. Costs are high because of government regulation primarily. This industry is heavily controlled in everything they do, from the way they administer care to the documents they must keep to protect themselves from litigation and the government. From the moment you set foot on a hospital's property to the moment you leave, every single thing that happens to a patient is regulated by the government. Some regulation is necessary but the bottom line is every single regulation and tax the government imposes, is a cost and this cost is passed on too the patient.

The next problem is the patient not being involved in the payment of the care. As long as insurance continues to be viewed as a "magic money tree" for paying for a patient, then costs will be high. If each person had to pay for care directly, you can be assured that the costs would not be so high because patients would begin to look at things like 5 dollars for a bandage as insane and would refuse to pay. As long as the patient is not part of the decision making process for what is paid for, the costs will remain high.

The third problem is Insurance companies barred from competing across state lines. Insurance only works if there are far more payers paying into the insurance than those who draw benefits. The larger the pool of potential payers the better. Insurance companies are barred from directly competing for business across state lines, meaning it is difficult to increase the base of payers and pool the funds to create a better product for all.

The fourth problem is this parasitic relationship between employer and insurance company. This makes sense for an employer because the employer can offer this as part of a package to obtain the best employees and save some on salary by offering a benefit. The problem is because of regulation and the fact that insurance can't compete directly for everyone, the insurance companies are focused only on employee pools and almost ignore or even make it hard for individuals to obtain insurance with favorable costs and services. The biggest one is pre-existing conditions. This farce is a concoction the insurance industry used to basically remove the inconvenience of individuals from their roles. Otherwise insurance companies would deny pre-existing conditions for employer based plans as well.

The fifth problem is preventative care. The government regulation has basically caused this entire part of the healthcare experience to not exist. This is typical of any kind of preventative measure whether fixing a car or a human body. Everything is against this. Taking time off work, being unable to itemize these costs on a tax return, insurance companies basically refusing to pay for it and other factors all contribute to this problem. Additionally, care and preventative measure not of traditional means are also not covered.

The last major problem is medicare. The fact is the existing socialist medical program already heavily influences prices of medical care. Medicare already limits what they cover and insurance companies use this list for what they cover as well. Medicare also reduces the available money each employee and employer has that could be used for insurance benefits.

Obamacare addresses none of these problems. It only seeks to create yet another massive government bureaucracy that is going to merely going to do what insurance companies do now, only at the cost of taxpayers and with no control over what they do.
At first it will appear to work as all new insurance companies do. The first couple of years of massive influx of new money and few people drawing benefits creates the illusion that something is being solved. 3 or 4 years from now when the government has run out of money again and has the wished for 45 million patients they are paying for, the government will begin to do what is being said today. They will ration care, make decisions about who gets what procedure and why. At the same time, they will increase taxes in the name of paying for it all, just like they do today with medicare and social security. This will slowly increase with every congress declaring a need to reform this mess and making us pay for it. Eventually, they will tax and tax until they finally do nationalize the industry and do away with private insurance completely, all in the name of saving the people.

If the government addressed the actual problems, they would not need a new socialist welfare program. The fact is the democrats know from experience a program like this increases their personal wealth and their hold on power. History shows the democrats are very good at this shell game. They create non existent problems and solve them with socialist programs. They tax the hell out of everyone for it, never actually solve the non-existent problem and the people keep putting them in power to continue doing it.

This shell game is the real reason to prevent obamacare from occurring. There is no history of successfully implementing any socialist program and Democrat party history is to use so called calamaties and crises to enhance their own power.