Monday, February 9, 2009

Predictions about the reaction to The Prophet Obama's state of the union speech.

The followers of the prophet are also predictable.

The liberal neo-marxist biased media and hollywood will declare that this was the best state of the union speech ever delivered.

Obama's followers will continue to act like Obama is a saint and messiah. They will all lovingly declare how happy they are the Bush is gone and their savior is going to save them.

The media especially and likely all followers of the Prophet will constantly blame Bush and the republicans for everything over and over. Regardless of the fact that Obama is spending more in a month on deficits than 8 years of Bush. They will also forget that Nancy and Harry and the Dems were in fact in charge the last 2 years.

The will justify all portions of Obama's speech to ensure that the people continue to believe in the messiah they voted for, continue to wait patiently for things to get better (just like FDR managed), the media will back up Obama's claim that we all must suffer like good workers, while the government fixes all.

The media and all dems will continue to declare that the government should tax and tax until all money is used up. Since for some inexplicable reason the dems feel the government should tax 100% of your income.

It is easy to predict the reaction of the followers of a prophet who thinks he is a saint and treat him like a messiah.

The Prophet Obama speaks in the state of the union speech, opps I mean press conference, here are some of the Political Shaman's predictions

The Prophet Obama will speak today in a few minutes in fact, so here are some predictions about this speech.

The Prophet will create a speech that sounds more like a campaign speech instead of the State of the Union.

The Prophet will predict that the economy will get far worse and that it is the worse since the depression.

The Prophet will predict that all of us(except his liberal buddies in politics and media) will have to suffer more, tighten the belt more, sacrifice more before the economy will get better. (Though keep in mind he himself and the politicians wont suffer at all)

Mr Obama will declare the time of change is at hand a number of times. (achieved by a cabinet full of old school lobbyists of course)

He will declare that he and only he the Prophet can save us all from ourselves.

He will declare all of his new czars that bypass the rest of the cabinet are going to help him ensure that he can fix all problems(This one is amusing because only neo marxist dictators concentrate power by circumventing the normal government procedures with cronies).

He will again say that we have to get away from the policies of the past, while saying that we went from surplus to deficit. We will not point out though that the past policies that created that surplus should be used, while instead he is opting for the FDR era marxist plans which are a proven failure.

He will find away to blame bush without blatantly saying it. Something along the lines of inheriting it, even though Nancy and Harry were actually in charge of the 2/3 of government that matters.

He will declare that the Iraq war is going as well as circumstances allow(somehow deaths under him are ok"it could have been worse" where a single death under bush was unacceptable.)

He will declare that we need to take even more money and do it now to avert the impending disaster that the democrats are hoping happens. While he wont say this, he knows that if he confiscates or borrows 2 trillion in funds and doles that out to his best liberal friends, like unions and universities, he will be assured of having a recession that lasts years, potentially keeping him in power. The longer the democrats wait from the spending package, the harder it will be for them to use it to fund their continued lifestyle and funding keeping their power.

The Prophet Obama will sprinkle the speech with constant comments about how dire everything is and how he and only he can bring the change to fix it.

Mr Obama will also set in motion the economy killing environmental plans to establish a right to pollute and then sell that right to others, all in the name of regulating CO2, which cant be regulated. He is likely to sprinkle the speech with other environmental comments with little substance but all of it guaranteed to kill the economy or delay recovery by years.

He will say nothing of substance nor how exactly he plans to spend this money and he will do his best to ensure he cant be pinned down on anything nor jeapardize his ability to continue to blame Bush for everything.

State of the Union according the the Political Shaman, painful but recoverable if the governement would get the hell out of the way, by not taking 2 trillion and regulating us to death.

State of the Union according to Obama, the world is on the verge of a great depression and the worse is yet to come, so be prepared to sacrifice in the name of the greater good at the cost of your own lifestyle(marxism anyone?)

Maybe Rahm Emmanual should let Obama know he has already won the election and then maybe we will be spared tonights campaign speech.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tax Evasion, a crime for everyone but Democrat politicians.

So three of the Prophet Obama's appointments are guilty of tax evasion. Two of them have resigned but one is still there and ironically is in charge of the IRS.

We all know had these criminals been republicans the media would have tarred and feathered them and the democrats would have called for jail.

All of these tax evaders are democrats, so we will see very little of them as the media attempts to play the entire controversy down and make it go away.

It can be confirmed that the Democrats do in fact feel they are above the law and will do everything they can to protect themselves at the expense of the people.

Three tax evaders, all of them Obama appointments and there has not been a single instance of anyone in power discussion prosecution.

What other crimes have these politicians committed?

History, who was in power during recessions and bad times

The Political Shaman reviewed the last 77 congresses on the and websites as well as a list of presidents to determine power.

The evidence shows that the democrats have enjoyed many more years of power and have resided over the vast majority of bad years, recessions and bad ideas, such as their desire to keep slavery or their attempt to help the French get their colony back in Vietnam. The data shows that putting democrats in full control or complete power is certain to result in a very bad economy if not a bad decade in general. While republicans are not 100% capabale of running things well, history shows the few times they were in power resulted in a good economy more often as well as their being the the right side of ideas, such as affirming women the right to vote.

Though it would seem to ensure a good decade the best option is a mix of power, with no one party in full control of anything.

The highest Power is defined as total control of congress and the executive branch with filibuster proof majorities. This is followed by majorities in congress and having the executuve. This is followed by owning 2 of the 3, either the house and senate, the senate and presidency or the house and presidency.

Decades considered good is subjective but there is a general knowledge about the success or desire for certain decades. Such as the 1990s, the 1950s and the 1920s. While decades like the depression, the 1970s, 1960s and the civil war can be considered bad. A reveiw of the economy, what wars existed at the time, general knowledge and research all contributed to determine a good from a bad decade.

The last 77 congresses would begin in the year 1857 with the 35th congress. This congress was chosen because this is the first congress where the republicans were actually a factor in their quest to end slavery.

The last time Republicans had filibuster proof control was the 66th congress in 1921, which was when the Republicans affirmed women had the right to vote. The democrats have enjoyed well over 20 years of filibuster proof control after 1921.

After 1921, the republicans had 3 congresses with full control, while the Democrats have enjoyed 18 congresses in full control, including the current congress. It is noted that all of the congresses of Democrat control are recessions and decades of strife and crisis.

Of the 77 Congresses reviewed, 31 had recessions. Of those 31 recessions, 25 of them were under Democrat control. This is 74% of all recessions that were entirely in democrat hands or the majority of time in recession was under democrat control.

Of the 15 decades that occured during the 77 congresses, 7 of them are considered bad decades. All 7 were under democrat control for all or the overwhelming majority of time. This would include the Great Depression, The 1960s, The 1970s, The 1940s, The Post WW I recession, WW II and the Civil War era. It is noted that the democrats were in control of the Confederacy in their quest to keep slavery and the economy of both the confederacy they controlled and the Union were affected by democrat actions to keep slavery. Additionally, when democrats obtained some control back duing the post civil war era, their attempts to oppress former slaves also created strife in the country as well as the economy.

Of the 8 decades considered good ones, 2 of them were under Rebublican control, which makes republicans the only party that can claim a history of having good decades under their rule. The other 6 decades were under mixed rule, including the 1990s, where republicans controlled congress.

It is noted as well in the 2000s decade, the two recessions at the beginning and at the end, were when Democrats had control of congress. The middle years between recessions were during a republican controlled government.

2 trillion and counting, will the democrats stop stealing our money before the entire GDP is gone?

As is stands today, the democrats are spending 100 billion a day. The Budget coming into this first year of the Prophets rule sees around 4.3 trillion dollars. Within 8 days of Obama, the democrats have added 1.6 trillion more and by today the number is reaching 2 trillion dollars. Adding in the typical State government spending of another 1.5 trillion or more and we have a 7.8 Trillion dollars in government stealing the peoples money and spending it on who knows what.

The entire GDP of the country of only 13.5 trillion, which means the government is taking 58% of all money the United States makes each year. This assumes the democrats stop adding to the budget, which is not likely based on historical evidence. At the rate they are spending, they will have confiscated the entire GDP by July.

Thank you liberals for voting these morons in power. The country will not survive the government confiscating even 58% of the money and we will be in a communist state, should the democrats succeed in confiscating all money by July.

Look at history, FDR FAILED. The new deal did nothing but make a bad recession worse and extend it for an additional 10 years. Of course, if you consider the democrats of the 1930s used the depression as a means to hold power, then the New Deal was a success. Considering Rahm Emmanuel's statement that crisis is good because it is a means to do big (and really dumb) things.

The Political Shaman can predict that the liberal media will always ensure that any bad decision made by the Prophet and his lobbyist buddies will be shown as the best option. The media will achieve this by constantly focusing on how the people must suffer and be patient as the Prophet fixes everything. After all, there is no other way to hide or justify the suffering the people will endure as the government confiscates 58% of the GDP.

The first Television interview by the Prophet Obama goes to who?

The Prophet Obama has all kinds of choices for his first televised interview. All of the Liberal biased main stream sources, such as ABC, CBS or major cable players also biased like CNN. The Prophet could have chosen Foxnews or NPR.

The motives of this president has to be questioned when his first televised appearance is on an Islamic news station.

It seems calling Obama the Prophet was not far off the mark.