Monday, February 3, 2014

Continuing the Prediction of the Great Recession caused by Barack Obama following FDR economics

In a previous post I predicted the recession started by the democrats just before Obama was elected would be turned into a decade long recession precisely because Obama was following the same economic plan the FDR and those democrats used during the Depression. 

The easy way to predict it is why would doing that type of economics have a different result. FDR turned a recession into a Depression and the same thing happened with Obama. 

From the perspective of the individual free people of the world it was an epic failure. Recession, high unemployment, even higher government caused inflation and everyone knows what happened and is happening. 

From the perspective of the Democrat party it was a success. Also posted previously, FDR and the democrats did not want to "fix" the recession of their time, they wanted the misery and destitution to become worse so they could impose their form of Marxism. Yes that is what it is. The massive socialist welfare programs of FDR, Plank 2, the Progressive and graduated tax went from existing under Wilson, to Heavy taxes as Marx envisioned, all under FDR. Direct access to peoples money through these taxes and the concepts of withholding because as FDR's treasury secretary said, people wont complain about taxes they pay if they never see the money in the first place. The FDR economics of the great depression from the perspective of Democrats imposing tyranny in the form of marxism to enrich themselves and increase their power, a total success. 

Obama has done the same thing. By creating more misery extended now for 8 years, Obama and the democrats imposed even more of that marxist socialism. They have imposed Obamacare, created conditions were 100 million people are working and supporting all the rest of the population, parasites like welfare recipients, government employees, bureaucrats, special interest, public employee unions and many other members of the government class and their cronies. 

A minority of people are paying for everything, a new slave class which is forced to work and pay for the existence of a parasite majority. All achieved through socialism and FDR economic the 2nd time succeeded in imposing it all. 

Now  the prediction. FDR did have some appearance of recovery up until 1936. In fact the economy reached pre 1929 levels, then it fell again. The reason is the massive socialist programs from Social Security and other Welfare started then or their economy crushing effects started to manifest in 1937. This second recession of the depression was directly caused by the effects of FDR economics and implementation of some socialist programs. 

Obama following FDR economics will have the same exact effect. Obama's massive Obamacare has kicked in. The effects of over spending, government caused inflation and the rest of the FDR economics mixed with the fact the economy has not gone above pre-2006 levels but it is up. The second crash should arrive in 2014. 

FDR economics is a failure. The entire concept of the government confiscating money and spending it on special interest has never worked. It has a very obvious path of at least a decade of recession, with one major secondary crash. 

Lets just hope Obama doesn't try to start a world war because it was a war that finally ended the depression, it was not FDR and his economics.