Thursday, December 16, 2010

This makes sense. The Democrats want to stick it to millions of Americans in order to supposedly punish a few hundred "wealthy" people

As the title of this post suggests, it would seem the Democrats in their zeal to punish success are more than willing to beat down all Americans with more taxes in order to punish the very few wealthy Americans.
No thank you Democrats, this blogger does not care about the wealthy but I do care about you stealing even more of my money.

The make this almost amusing the Democrats claim this will just add to the deficit. Again, the Democrats in their infinite wisdom actually believe a Tax cut is a cost. Also, why would they count this as money in hand before it is, they should have assumed these Bush Tax Cuts would be extended. However, the obvious must be pointed out to the Democrats. Flagrant out of control spending adds to the deficit. NOT raising taxes never adds to a deficit.

So it is back to a very basic plan the politicians seem to fail to grasp. Don't spend so much damn money on every idiot scheme thought of. Don't spend so much money on over priced products and services and stop spending on so much the government should not even be involved in.

Then perhaps we may see an improvement in the economy.

Still back to the original Topic. The reality is the Democrats want to stick it to America. They are not actually going to raise taxes on the wealthy. This is because most of the Democrats themselves are multi millionaires, Their buddies in Hollywood and many other supporters are all wealthy and the Democrats are hardly going to tax themselves and punish their comrades. This is just another scheme where the Democrats claim they will do one thing, shaft the wealthy when in reality that shaft is meant for the rest of the American people.

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