Friday, June 5, 2009

GM, Government Motors run by the automotive expert CEO and Prophet Barry Obama. He must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!

The former community organizer turned US Senator and now Prophet of the United States apparently is also an expert on the Automotive industry as well. Obama has nationalized two of the 3 American auto manufacturers as a way of "saving" them too save the economy. Aside from his obvious messianic tendency too "save" everything by the touch of his prophet powers, he has fired the leadership of these companies, is forcing financial mergers, forcing investors too take massive hits in their investments and dictating too these companies what kinds of vehicles these companies will manufacture.

So Barry Obama the former community organizer is a a politician, a CEO, a car Designer, an alternative fuel expert, a marketing expert, a mergers & acquisitions expert, corporate financial expert, a saint, a messiah and of course a prophet.

Sounds like the Prophet Obama has stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently.

The other expert Obama appears too be is how to nationalize industries as banks and insurance companies must be included with the automotive industry. He has taken over GM in a way that is not actually communist, it is more like fascists of Germany. While Obama is certainly a socialist/communist he apparently has decided the way fascists took over companies and ran them, is more convenient that the way the soviets simply made everything a government department.

I suppose this makes Obama an expert on implementing communist welfare states and using fascist economic models to finish the Job liberals started decades ago, turning America into the ultimate socialist nightmare, sorry, utopia.

I suppose Holiday Inn Express made Obama an expert on utopias as well.

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