Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The prophet Obama rules by decree now that the Democrats will rubberstamp Obamacare, even though 89% of Americans are happy with their Healthcare

Now that the Democrats are in filibuster proof control they can effectively rubberstamp whatever the Prophet Obama wants to do. In effect The Prophet Obama is ruling by decree. One of these decrees will be Obamacare.

The liberals have long planned to implement the socialist style Government controlled and failed healthcare plans found in Canada and Europe. As with almost everything the Democrats do, they will declare some minority of Americans in Need and the rest of us will have to foot the bill.

The problem is where is the problem?

As reported by an ABCNews and USA Today poll, 89% of all Americans are happy with their healthcare, this included those without medical Insurance.

If 89% of the people are happy, what is their to fix? Clearly the majority of people without insurance are in fact getting healthcare and they don't seem to need to pay for it. Obama's plan will effectively give 219,000 USD for each person Obama declares is eligible.

There is obviously no reason why Obama needs to take more taxes than the average income of the upper middle class for healthcare costs. It would be cheaper to just put these 11% of complainers on anyone's plan and just take a loss.

What is happening is similar to the Climate scam. There is no real problem with healthcare or at least not he problem invented by democrats. They allow the assumption that no insurance means no healthcare, which is not the case. Like the climate scam the Obamacare scam is yet another "problem" invented by democrats, with a nonexistent solution and they can claim it always a problem and therefore tax it forever.

With 89% of all people in the US happy with healthcare, there is no reason for Obamacare, only a reason to allow for normal competition across statelines and possibly change the employer/benefits solution differently so it is more effective and less likely to cause anyone problems.


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