Friday, July 17, 2009

Supreme court nominee tests are wrong but we have them. Gay Marriage, Democrats RIGHT, Republicans left both for the wrong reasons.

For all of this controversy over the obviously arrogant, likely a bigot and certain liberal Supreme Count nominee Sotomayer it is interesting to note the democrats always resort to tests. Basically, a nominee is only acceptable to the democrats if they can be assured the nominee has a position on certain controversial topic in line with the liberal agenda and his nominee can be assured to rule in favor of liberals no matter what they do.

One of these tests is the entire same sex marriage controversy. This has included same sex civil unions, same sex marriage, the legality of both, the definition of both and of course what makes them legal.

The bottom line is the conservative position is correct, assuming you are a true constitutionalistconservative. Republicans are taking an authoritative position not a conservative one. The Declaration of Independence states correctly that rights are unalienable and list three of all rights possible, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The founders followed natural law and enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and protect it with the constitution. This law is the individual is supreme and the individual defines his own rights. The government does not define rights only protects them. Democrats are wrong too. Not in their defense of the right to define marriage for yourself and choose your partner, they are wrong in their argument to support it. Their argument is to basically vilify the republican position. In reality, the democrats need only reaffirm the Declaration of Independence and the protection of all rights in the constitution. The democrats do not do this because they would effectively make their own arguments wrong and ineffective, for restricting speech with the fairness doctrine and political correctness or their insistence on removing your right to bear arms.

The real problem on the supreme court goes back decades. The court is not really tasked to be some sort of ruling body over all law. This court is also not tasked to be the moral compass of the country. They also have a problem with not correcting mistakes of the past court and they can not accept that the government takes second place to the individual. The court actually believes that as long as the legislature votes for a law, said law is right by default. This mentality is what allows segregation, Slavery and other injustices to exist and the fact is current members of the court and Sotomayer are the same as the previous Justices in regard to this very important problem pervasive in all of government.

The fact is Satomayer does not change the balance of power in the Supreme Court and with filibuster proof control of the Senate to the democrats, she is going to be approved. We will just have to deal with the outcome of an arrogant bigoted woman and her decisions later. We are stuck with this poor choice for a justice, we can only hope nothing of significance is affected by her.

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