Thursday, July 16, 2009

The prophet Obama has not spent all of the first stimulus and now he wants more?

The Prophet Obama in is awesome wisdom has decided that depression era economics are the way to go. He has nationalized Banks, auto manufacturers and insurance companies to go along with the nearly nationalized healthcare and utility companies already under harsh government regulation.
The Prophet has gone into deficit spending so high that no previous administration or government could hold a candle to the insane amount of money, including former administrations of the Soviet Union and Red China.

The prophet and his followers have not had time yet to spend 15% of this Trillion dollar stimulus package. The prophet Obama has spent money mostly to support the liberal agenda, welfare programs and activities that support unions,which has little impact in the economy. These are not areas that produce anything, they are one of the causes of the problems.

Since the economy is improving slowly, it is clear the stimulus does nothing because the Democrats have not spent it yet and still the economy improves. Yet, Obama and his democrat sycophants are clamoring for a second stimulus, despite the clear modern proof they are pointless, since these same democrats are ignoring the fact that the depression was caused by this kind of government spending.

Stimulus has no chance to work. It did not work in the 1930s because taking vast sums of capital out of a capitalist economy is counter productive. If this is not believed it is also what the government spends the money on. The engine of the economy is the 2/3 share that consumers control. If a stimulus were to have any impact, it would be a better idea to send that money at the engine of the economy, where 66% of the economy exists. The 33% controlled by business and government is not even half the economic activity yet this is the only place liberals are sending stimulus money, business and government, mostly government.

Liberals who claim republicans only support big business are bankrupting the people to take trillions in taxes and give it too --- big business. Go figure. You would think liberals would be sending that money to "they people" they always claim to be supporting. It is a bad idea but throwing 1 trillion dollars at 60% of the economy would probably have a better impact than what they are doing now.

Since most of the money is not spent, lets reverse this and not spend any of it nor ask for more. Get the government out of the way and the economy will do just fine.

The liberals can't do this for their agenda. They wish for a Marxist like utopia where the government takes care of everything. The best way to do that is to make the people poor, take over the economy and control everything, so the last thing the Liberals want to do is actually fix the economy. The first stimulus managed to ensure the government of the future will control well over half the GNP ever year. A second stimulus will probably raise that control to 80% of the economy. They are managing to do what Lenin and Mao did without force because the fools who support these liberals are allowing it to happen by vote.

Kruschev was right, he said the soviets could never instantly convert enough Americans to socialism overnight but simply doing it slowly over decades would work.

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