Monday, August 17, 2009

The Prophet Obama's approval rating drops below 50%, on one poll but remains above 50% on others. Is the Political Shaman's earlier prediction wrong?

It would seem the Political Shaman incorrectly predicting Obama approval ratings at above 55% forever due to the media giving the Prophet a free pass on everything.

The Prophet Obama's approval rating today according to the Rasmussen poll is 47%. The earlier prediction I made was based on the media's love affair with Obama and the fact that their prophet could do no wrong. It would seem at least one pollster is unaffected by Obama's prophet status.

However, as the referenced article mentions other polls, like Gallup has Obama at 53%.

It may be true the previous prediction was incorrect. Though one poll at 47% does not prove anything, it is possible the media is starting to abandon Obama in favor of better ratings derived from bashing politicians.

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