Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Democrats promised change, so where is it? Credit must be given to the Prophet Obama for supporting the war.

So far the Democrats have changed nothing. They are pushing socialism as they always have, are spending money like it grows on trees as the always have, they are still giving lobbyists more consideration than the people as they have always done and there is WAR.

What happened to the promise to bring troops home? The Prophet Obama flatly said he would bring troops home and that the war against terrorism was wrong. The liberal media did everything they could to ensure the war was always on the front page to ridicule Bush with for the entire time. The lib media published the number of dead every day and had various people against the war in the news constantly and the democrats rode that antiwar pony into power, regardless of the fact that the position to let terrorists kill us is wrong.

So what happens after they get power? The escalate the war in Afghanistan and spending on the war is higher than it was under Bush. So where is the promised change? Why are the troops still dying? Why is the lib media now suppressing criticism of the war? Why are they not making big news out of every death?

The Prophet Obama deserves credit though. We should escalate the war until the insane fools who call themselves Muslim give up or are dead. Change here would have been bad.

Still it is a concern about the media and free press and their impartial reporting is certainly in question, since this is the same war Bush started, yet they are not attacking Obama for escalating it as they attacked Bush for years.

What is the point of freedom of the press, if all the press does is become a cheerleading team and defender of socialism and single party rule?

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