Sunday, September 13, 2009

"You lie" is racist are you kidding NY Times?

It would appear the liberal columnist Maureen Dowd is either insane, stupid or really good at protecting her prophet Obama.

This is the controversy caused by Republican Joe Wilson yelling "You Lie" during Obama's Campaign speech or whatever it is called given to the senate mostly on Obamacare.

Regardless of the opinion about Obama lying or not or Wilson being rude or expressing the concerns of millions, Maureen Dowd has created a new non-existent controversy over this to basically deflect the fact that the liberals look stupid with their Standard bearer doing nothing but regurgitating the same tired talking points the liberals have been saying for months about healthcare.

She claims that Wilson's response was not about Obama's claims during the speech. According to Dowd this was all racist. She decided she heard the word " boy" as in "You Lie, Boy" then proceeds to run of a list of supposed racist decisions Wilson has done and groups he is in. She then follows this with "Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it." and the rest of her article attempts to create this myth that anyone against Obama is not against his moronic plans, these people are against an African American as president. Obama and the democrats are not spending insane amounts of money and imposing socialism, no the liberals are ok, anyone against the liberals are just closet racists who simply don't like the fact that whitey is not president.

Well Moron Dowd, the Political Shaman will have to disagree. There is no evidence that the majority of the population is racist. The majority of the population is conservative, independent of party affiliation and the people protesting Obama and Pelosi are not racist, they are coming to their senses. It does not take much intellectual capacity to realize that you just can't borrow trillions and rack up more national debt than our economy can produce over years. These people are waking up and seeing socialism being imposed, something most of us know is a complete and total failure, thanks to recent history formed by the demise of counties like the soviet union. These people know deep down that the government is here to protect rights and the people, not grant and restrict rights, confiscate all property and only protect those people deemed worth of attention.

No Maureen, no one protesting Obama is racist, they are protesting the left's desire to follow the likes of Lenin into oblivion and taking us along for the ride.

The people are against bad ideas and no race has a monopoly on bad ideas but it does seem that the democrat party is trying to monopolize these bad ideas.

Next time Maureen Dowd, why don't you be a real Journalist or at least be honest during a debate and instead of creating controversy about race that does not exist, try defending these bad ideas created by the democrat party you support.

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