Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obamacare, healthcare or any care

The Prophet Obama had his little campaign speech/address to congress on his so-called healthcare plans. The speech itself was just as pretty as all of his campaign speeches, promising the impossible and having no actual substance in the speech that could shed light on any actual solution. The most interesting point is The Prophet has this "plan" of his kicking in 4 years from now, conveniently after his presumed re-election.

The Prophet, the democrats nor the republicans are offering ideas that actually solve the problems with healthcare. Some problems are mentions, such has preventing loss of insurance coverage or obtaining coverage due to pre-existing conditions or tort reform. Here is the issue with all of the politicians idiotic ideas, they themselves and their idiotic laws, their uneven application of laws and failure to protect the people are the cause of the problems, which means the government is the cause and they could fix the problems and it cost nothing extra to the taxpayer or patient.

So why are the politicians NOT fixing anything? The Political Shaman could speculate that the reason is power and money but the reason doesn't matter. History shows that the politicians are either unwilling or incapable of fixing any problem, especially the problems they cause.

The laughable comment the Prophet made during his speech was how he will cut waste and fraud in medicare and use the saved money to pay for the Obamacare. Where in history has any politician cut waste and fraud? The democrats and republicans practically invented the both government waste and fraud and the Prophet who is a former senator and community organizer has had years of experience doing both himself. As a Senator, creating waste and as a community organizer, working for organizations skilled at committing fraud.

So who really cares what the Obamacare plans are, what the republican plans are or any other plan for healthcare. The actual result of any healthcare change by a politician is more fraud, more waste, more taxes, more regulation, more costs, more for their power and more for their pocketbooks and the citizens of American having to pay for it all, history doesn't lie.

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