Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obamacare, The democrats will force it on America, even if Americans don't want it.

It seems that the Democrats are going to force this Obamacare insanity on America, no matter what the people say about it.

After voting yes for a "Concept" as the democrats put it, the bill is now in the Senate and will soon be voted on. Democrat politicians have flatly stated that they don't care if the majority of people don't want it. These Democrats do not care if it is going to do nothing and cost massive amounts of money.

They can't even explain how it is the combination of Obamacare and Medicare will cost more than the entire healthcare industry currently is.

There is only one goal the Democrats have in mind. Another Marxist welfare program they can use to take more money and maintain power. This happened in the 30s and 60s with Social Security and Medicare. Both are expensive failed systems that succeeded in ensuring Democrats kept power and had an excuse to take money.

America wake up. The Democrats are devaluing America faster than the people can recover from the damage. Obama and the democrats have done more damage in less than a year than what normally takes 8 years to do. The American people will not be able to generate a large enough economy at a fast enough rate to absorb 8 years of damage done in 10 months.

Obamacare will make it another 8 years of damage done instantly.

Why would they take the tax money for Obamacare now but not actually implement the plan until after Obama's presumed reelection?

Why would Obamacare only be for those in need but force everyone else to pay for it?

Power and money is all the Democrats want, these welfare bureaucracies they create have only one purpose, power and money.

America your country is slowly being bled to death by the Democrats and they have been doing this for decades, when are you going to vote these fools out of power?

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