Friday, November 20, 2009

The government is the problem...

Politicians claim almost continuously they will solve all problems. Social Security, Unemployment, recessions, medical costs, insurance costs, banking, war and etc... are all examples of these so called problems and how the politicians will solve them.

The real problem is all of these issue the politicians want to fix, were created and caused by the government itself. Any government program having trouble was created by the politicians, so logically the politicians are the cause of the problems. War is another, though in this case it is other countries political leadership that is the real problem. American politicians are only failures here for letting antagonistic political and theocratic dictators threaten our existence for so long and doing nothing about it but wishing these psychos across the ocean will just see reason.

Indirectly, recessions, healthcare and nearly every other problem is caused by the politicians because of their interference through taxation, regulation, borrowing and printing money. It would seem the industries with the most problems are also the ones with the most government interference. Taxation and regulation, including the government protecting racketeering efforts by unions, cause recessions. Bailouts were for the more heavily regulated industries or union protected industries. Healthcare is expensive because of regulation and more regulation is on the way.

How can a business hire an employee, when so much capital is redirected into government coffers. After all, the governments through taxes and borrowing are taking nearly 50% of all capital earned each year, is it unreasonable to think the economy will remain in recession when 50% of all capital is being confiscated by the government?

Americans and people around the world, the problem we all face is universal. The politician, bureaucrat and theocrat are the biggest problems we all face. Getting rid of them and their impact on the world is the best thing we could do for ourselves. This is not advocacy for anarchy, only the replacement of these parasites with men and women who truly will manage the government and limit law to what is necessary for this purpose. Examples of legitimate government tasks are protection of individual rights, protection of the country, mediating disputes between individuals, dealing with criminals and to a limited degree minimizing the effects of fraud from businesses.

Anything else the government does is just the nonsense politicians do for their own personal power and wealth.

The government is the real problem and it is insane for the people to believe the politicians who cause these problems, will somehow be able to fix them.

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