Monday, December 7, 2009

Climategate... We really didn't need it to know these "scientists" were fabricating the entire global warming hysteria

Climategate is all over the media for the last few days, basically some emails and documents found on a public server show evidence that the so called "scientists" who have claimed that global warming is a human caused planet killing phenomenon were in fact fabricating the entire thing.

Do we really need these emails to confirm what should already be known? Their data comes from less than 100 years of temperature data, that is imbalanced across the planet unless you believe the claim that thermometers in the US and Europe and some scattered parts of the planet some how equals the temperature of the entire planet. They rely on tree ring data which only indicates a warming trend for the last few hundred years and does not prove anything about the cause or if it is even unnatural. Ice core data shows the CO2 rise is actually after the temperature rise and is an effect repeated between all of the ice ages, indicated we are in fact between ice ages though this information is suppressed.

These "scientists" also have arbitrarily set a "global" temperature and chose what the "normal" temperature should be, even though over earths 4 billion year history, there is no evidence for what "normal" should be nor that this measure is in fact effective.

The main "evidence" of all of this hysteria are so called climate models. The scientists use the above suspect and conflicting data as well as the entirely fabricated average global temperature and of course the model will predict catastrophe.

None of the so called causes can be repeated or tested in a lab. CO2 is one of the main molecules in the biosphere called earth, how can this possibly be a pollutant. Actual laboratory tests show that water vapor is a better and more likely culprit for global warming, which is caused by a hotter sun. The sun is also proven to be warmer now than it has been in many years.

The ice core and other data showing the CO2 and Temperature during and between ice ages, is in fact the best indicator of what is happening. This data shows between every ice age is a huge but short warming period(short is relative to earths 4 billion years) followed by a long ice age. Today's warming is neither hotter than the past nor getting hotter at a higher rate.

In short, there is no human caused global warming, the entire thing was fabricated as logic of the "evidence" should show anyone with a brain and proven by these emails.

A real scientist would simply gather evidence and form conclusions based on the evidence. What has happened here is climategaters have decided there is human caused global warming and seek to "prove" it by collecting partial data, hiding contrary evidence and fabricating the rest.

It is time now we end this nonsense. Should we continue we will suffer more than just the massive financial burden for the cap and trade tax on your breathing.

Scientists are moving toward removing "carbon" from the energy production process by storing it underground. Here is the major problem with this. For every CO2 molecule forced underground or otherwise taken out of the atmosphere by one of these methods, is taking 2 oxygen atoms and burying those as well. The Political Shaman has major issues with climategaters, reducing the amount of oxygen in the environment for he would like to have enough to breathe. The only effective way to get this Oxygen back into the atmosphere is to let plants use the CO2, which means leaving the CO2 in the atmosphere. There is no prediction at all on what happens underground if you start filling the empty spaces with CO2, such as saturating the ground water with so much CO2, it becomes undrinkable.

Think like these idiot scientists. They will bury CO2, then when there is not enough oxygen, they will give us oxygen tanks, when not enough CO2 is available for plants, they will find a way to manufacture it. This is akin to the perpetual prescription drug problem of doctors giving you one medicine, then another to counter the side effects of the first, then another pill to counteract the side effect of the second medicine.

Think deep down in your mind, do you really want these scientists, messing with the planet's biosphere?

It makes sense that our burning fossil fuels is creating more CO2, which uses up oxygen. It is a fact that humans do cause pollution. However, CO2 is not the problem. The reason the politicians and scientists want CO2 to be the culprit is because there is no way to measure for the correct amount. It isn't causing any problems, so the climategaters can make any claim about it and they will be right how could they not be right, when they fabricated the problem to begin with.

There really is actual pollution to end or mitigate in this world, such as sewage in rivers. However, that would take real scientists and real effort to solve and these problems would be solved, something no politician wants, solved problems means no power or money to gain, so why solve them.

CO2 and global warming is just a perpetual method for the scientists involved to keep getting grants and politicians to keep making laws to take more money and have a way to persecute those who they don't like.

People of the world, do yourselves a favor and vilify the scientists, media and others involved to shut them down forever. Vote out the politicians involved as well. The politicians are as much to blame for the perpetuation of this and nearly every other problem. If we do not, all of us will eventually be just slowly dying, wearing government issues oxygen tanks, eating government produced MREs, living in government approved locations all in the name of saving the planet.

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