Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 trillion and counting, will the democrats stop stealing our money before the entire GDP is gone?

As is stands today, the democrats are spending 100 billion a day. The Budget coming into this first year of the Prophets rule sees around 4.3 trillion dollars. Within 8 days of Obama, the democrats have added 1.6 trillion more and by today the number is reaching 2 trillion dollars. Adding in the typical State government spending of another 1.5 trillion or more and we have a 7.8 Trillion dollars in government stealing the peoples money and spending it on who knows what.

The entire GDP of the country of only 13.5 trillion, which means the government is taking 58% of all money the United States makes each year. This assumes the democrats stop adding to the budget, which is not likely based on historical evidence. At the rate they are spending, they will have confiscated the entire GDP by July.

Thank you liberals for voting these morons in power. The country will not survive the government confiscating even 58% of the money and we will be in a communist state, should the democrats succeed in confiscating all money by July.

Look at history, FDR FAILED. The new deal did nothing but make a bad recession worse and extend it for an additional 10 years. Of course, if you consider the democrats of the 1930s used the depression as a means to hold power, then the New Deal was a success. Considering Rahm Emmanuel's statement that crisis is good because it is a means to do big (and really dumb) things.

The Political Shaman can predict that the liberal media will always ensure that any bad decision made by the Prophet and his lobbyist buddies will be shown as the best option. The media will achieve this by constantly focusing on how the people must suffer and be patient as the Prophet fixes everything. After all, there is no other way to hide or justify the suffering the people will endure as the government confiscates 58% of the GDP.

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