Monday, February 9, 2009

Predictions about the reaction to The Prophet Obama's state of the union speech.

The followers of the prophet are also predictable.

The liberal neo-marxist biased media and hollywood will declare that this was the best state of the union speech ever delivered.

Obama's followers will continue to act like Obama is a saint and messiah. They will all lovingly declare how happy they are the Bush is gone and their savior is going to save them.

The media especially and likely all followers of the Prophet will constantly blame Bush and the republicans for everything over and over. Regardless of the fact that Obama is spending more in a month on deficits than 8 years of Bush. They will also forget that Nancy and Harry and the Dems were in fact in charge the last 2 years.

The will justify all portions of Obama's speech to ensure that the people continue to believe in the messiah they voted for, continue to wait patiently for things to get better (just like FDR managed), the media will back up Obama's claim that we all must suffer like good workers, while the government fixes all.

The media and all dems will continue to declare that the government should tax and tax until all money is used up. Since for some inexplicable reason the dems feel the government should tax 100% of your income.

It is easy to predict the reaction of the followers of a prophet who thinks he is a saint and treat him like a messiah.

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