Monday, March 2, 2009

Bailout here bailouts there bailouts bailouts everywhere.

Are we tired of the bailouts yet? This is starting to sound like a joke though not funny considering these bailouts at best will delay the economic recovery and we better hope the GAO's prediction that these bailouts are going to hurt us in the long run.

With The Prophet Obama declaring a new 500+ billion bailout every few days, it makes the political shaman wonder just HOW they can spend it all effectively. The government still has not spent money appropriated years ago for securing the borders, hiring more law enforcement and who knows what else. Aside from the problem that exists with Obama creating the largest deficits by far, expanding government and spending in 2 months what it normally takes 8 years to do, the reality is there is no physical way to spend it all in a short period of time. With the current and growing 2 Trillion socialist bailout program and the actual budget sitting around 3.6 trillion it is physically impossible to spend so much money all at once. Granted the money is intended to be spread out over some number of years but that just proves that this democrat spending bill is nothing more than a way to suck the economy dry of every dollar they can. If their goal was to "Fix" anything, then spending the money in the same year or two would be more effective. However, the physical impossibility of a few hundred people even figuring out just what to spend this money on, is going to take longer than a couple of years, again rendering the bailout money pointless.

Still as the title of the blog hints at, the Democrats have found a buzzword to make their intellectually challenged voters happy and they got lucky with being able to essentually write a blank check on the entire economy.

So expect more and more bailouts. Just keep in mind that the governments combined are pushing their way past the 50% mark for confiscating all money and since the democrats are in charge, they will not have a problem taxing too 100% of the economy, since their goal is a new marxism.

Remember, they are just borrowing now, in a few years, when the idiot population has forgotten about all of this mess, the bill will come due and the democrats will collect the money no matter how many people they have to pack into an apartment to achieve the goal.

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