Saturday, April 25, 2009

America is a Culture soaked in blood, excuse me?

One of the more tiring and moronic claims about the people and culture of the United States is this ridiculous belief that the US is a culture soaked in blood. As the Article in the socialist propaganda machine known as the New York Times suggests, America is a culture of violence because a whopping 16000 murders happen every year, some of them with guns.

"This is an insanely violent society, and the worst of that violence is made insanely easy by the widespread availability of guns."

The author of that article claims America is "insanely" violent and of course guns are the big problem.

Now 16000 dead, with 12000 (as he claims) from guns is a bad thing, though he disregards the fact that 99% of gun use happens to be victims successfully defending themselves from crime. This post is not about gun control, it is about culture.

If the American Culture is insanely violent with 16000 dead out of 300 million people, what would the author call these other cultures in the world.

All of the Islamic countries have the government and religious authorities stoning women to death, sanctioning the enslavement of some and the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Darfur. These countries have been at war with themselves and everyone they can for centuries and it continues today. Wasn't it the Islamic world that had violent riots resulting in 600 dead over a cartoon in Holland? The Chinese government puts thousands to death for political crimes. Russians in the past murdered 9 million people as an economic program. Places like Iraq have 4 times more guns than people, unlike the US, which only as a 30% gun ownership population. All of South and Central America, Africa, most of Asia are run by despots, warlords and dictators. All of them sanction the murder of millions of people through direct government action or their inaction to stop drug cartels or other criminals. Most of these places are rampant with violence caused by drug trade, prostitution, child prostitution and every other crime. Most of those places require people who work there from the US to be escorted by machine toting soldiers and when you simply visit a hotel in Manila, expect your taxi to be bomb checked.
Then we have the arrogant Europeans the author probably loves. The one part of the world that attempted to conquer everything and genocide half the worlds native people in the process. European countries seem to have riots involving their cars being flipped and burned because they don't like the labor laws being considered and 10000 dead elderly in France from a heat wave because everyone else was on vacation. The political shaman would consider indifference to the plight of dying elderly to be a greater crime than owning a gun. Europeans are responsible for some of the worst and most deadly wars ever. Just read the news from Europe and see how banning guns has not prevented any violence at all.

The fact is America is the safest place too live. The government may be socialist now but it still has not degraded to the point of creating socialist progroms to kill of millions as an economic program, nor are the American socialist in power, capping those who do not share their political beliefs. 16000 dead is bad but in comparison to the rest of the world, it is hardly a reason to declare America is violent. The fact is few Americans own guns and most Americans go through life never seeing any kind of violence. The facts are American is one of the few places where a person does not have to worry about the government sanctioning, demanding or allowing your murder and very few people actually commit crimes at all.

The author of that article is doing a good job with the shell game he is doing to push for gun control. This liberal game is to claim Arabian or Persian or African cultures are not violent because they do not consider the Government violence as a "crime" like murder is. To them this is internal politics not murder. The liberals also do not accept American culture as a real culture, only old world cultures or cultures based on the old world are valid. So any violence their religions do or their culture allows, like stoning a woman to death, is not murder but simply part of a culture we should not interfere with. When you remove all of this murder, they feel they can justufy the claim that these places are less violent than the United States.

I suppose if America is so insanely violent, the Author should move to Pakistan or Arabia, where he will likely be killed for being Christian and he should go alone because any female relatives, will probably end up covered in acid or simply stoned to death. Perhaps he wants to live in the Sudan where genocide is happening or he may want to move too Somalia, where there is no government at all. The Political Shaman would suggest any who believe America is a Culture of insane violence, should visit those places and then consider if American is the violent place they wish it was, so they could push their ideology on the population.

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