Saturday, April 18, 2009

No nukes, no YF 22s and a global apology from the Prophet Obama

The Prophet Obama has spent weeks apologizing for American, stating over and over, Americans are arrogant, America has been bad for the world and declaring America is not at war with Islam. Thank you Mr. Obama for legitimizing the islamo psychos by legitimizing their claim America is on a crusade. Mr Obama, Prophet of America, we are not at war with Islam, we are defending our right to NOT be the target of these Islamo psychos. We are not on this planet to die at the hands of these islamo fanatics while the democrats smile that their insane belief in peace no matter how many American's die.

Thank you Mr. Obama for insulting America by claiming we are more arrogant than the Europeans, one continent full of socialist governments who are the world's example of the worst kind of arrogance.

Thank you also Mr Obama for shutting down the YF 22 program ensuring that China, Russia and other nations gain air superiority with new aviation technology, while America makes do with designs from 30+ years ago. Thank you too, Mr Obama for ensuring we get nuked by other nations while we can't defend ourselves or strike back.

Democrats thank you again for ensuring we are weak and the rest of the world can take America in pieces all in the name of your power and ideology.

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