Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Prophet Obama is going to make a nuclear weapons free world. Don't the liberals ever learn from their past mistakes?

The Prophet Obama declared today that he will work diligently to remove the scourge of nuclear weapons from the planet. Great, so he wants to go back to the same plans the Liberals had for dealing with imperial Japan and Hitler's Germany.

Back then the liberals had everyone sign the Treaty of Versailles and other treaties. The League of Nations started and all of them were for basically a non-proliferation of war, the reduction of the military and restricting weapon power, notably the size and power of battleships. Other treaties, such as treaties with the PLO, with Pakistan over Kashmir, with Saddam Hussein and others all have the same common problem liberals do not seem to understand.

You can't make treaties with tyrants, despots, fanatics and megalomaniacs.

Germany invaded many places before WWII, Japan was colonizing and destroying Korea both countries built Battleships far exceeding those laid out in the treaty. Italy was colonizing Ethiopia. Pakistan eventually invaded Kashmir and the PLO(PA Today) has attacked people breaking treaties for the last 40 years. North Korea today is breaking treaties, Iran has done so forever. All of these places have signed onto the UN, which requires human rights yet most of the so called countries that are part of the UN are despotic regimes that are basically thugs who have claimed a plot of land and are pillaging the people living there.

The Prophet Obama like most democrats and liberals miss one very important philosophical point, it is not the weapons that are the problem, it is the despots and tyrants that are the problem. If you sign a treaty with them, they will shake your hand with a big smile knowing Obama and the libs will comply with the treaty, which means weakening the country so these despots can secretly build up what they will need to invade a weakened country.

Had liberals in the 1930s, actually understood this very basic concept, they may have acted before millions died and German and Japanese hands.

If The Prophet Obama and his liberal disciples really want to end war, they need to start promoting the removal of the bad parts of cultures that create despots and a people that allow despots to rule them. American is successful because it was able to throw off old world tradition and culture, it is this action that will do more to end war than removing weapons from the peaceful people of earth, while leaving the violent megalomaniacs with the only weapons around pointed at peaceful people.

Do us a favor Obama and keep the military strong and let the world know the people of the United States are not the targets of some fanatical tyrant to gain power and plunder.

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