Saturday, April 18, 2009

This isn't socialism, really?

The Prophet Obama has apparently declared himself the CEO of all companies in America. The argument is these companies that need bailouts, need bailouts due to their incompetence and somehow that gives the President of the United States the authority to dictate the firing of CEOs and Chairmen, as well as dictating who companies will merge with and what these companies should sell.

Where in the Constitution is authority granted to the US government to nationalize and take over the operations of private companies. The only examples of this would be European socialist governments, Soviet Unions, Communist China, Communist Venezuela and others.

Research into the Prophet Obama's past does not reveal where he earned experience as a corporate head of any business. Yet, he is taking control?

Perhaps it makes sense. After all the only businesses that need bailouts are the ones that are the most heavily regulated by the government as well as one of those industries suffering from the government regulated racketeering the unions do.

Besides the nationalism of certain industries, the democrats are imposing socialist programs, taking more money than any previous government. They are using the plight of the poor, regulating the biosphere through carbon output because they know it has no effect and cant be measured, they created a recession and are doing everything possible to turn it into a recession.

The government is starting to find ways to shut down free speech in the form of talk radio and with the homeland security developing a McCarthy style hit list declaring anyone who does not follow liberal ideals is a radical and potentially dangerous.

Yet the democrats and their brainwashed follower still claim this isn't socialism?

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