Thursday, March 11, 2010

The democrats are falling apart, yet the still have the power to force us to take anything, or do they?

The last few weeks have been incredible with the Democrats causing themselves all kinds of problems. They are losing elections they should not lose, having tickle fests, resigning, not running subsequent terms, taxing the hell out of us, spending more than any time in the past and being called out for pushing their marxist progressive agenda.

The real problem though is the Prophet Obama and Queen Pelosi have not just doubled down, they are going all in and have flatly said they will force their healthcare and presumably anything else down our throats, for our own good.

Here is the question. How can they force the people into anything? A law must be accepted by the majority of the people or the government will need to use violence to force us. Perhaps the American People need to start ignoring laws passed that are not legitimate nor accepted. The biggest mistake the people ever made was around slavery and the biggest excuse justifying it continuing for so long was "the law". In reality, Congress, nor the Supreme Court could vote for or rule in favor of any slave law because it is impossible for either entity to circumvent unalienable rights.

We have a right to live in the country without being forced by the government to do anything detrimental to our ability to live as free individuals. The fact that congress and the prophet may vote or pass a law is totally irrelevant, if the people stand up for their rights and ignore the law. Part of the success of America is the People in general voluntarily follow the law. We follow most laws but not all of them. Most people will speed occasionally or water their lawn against the rules prescribed and have no problem say getting an abortion when it was still illegal or drinking during prohibition. In fact, drug laws are on the books and many ignore those and the rest of the people don't care too much or the government would not have such a hard time enforcing those laws.

It is simple People of America, ignore the laws congress passes that are detrimental to us or are against the constitution. Some laws can't be ignored so easily, such as tax laws, since our money is taken before we get it. For these so called laws, perhaps we need to form a class action lawsuit against the individual politicians for passing tax and spending laws that have effectively ruined the economy.

Just remember people of America, we don't have to take it from the politician, unless they pick up a gun, they can't force us, unless of course they succeed in removing the 2nd amendment.

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