Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obamacare is in and is the next step to the democrats inflicting American with socialism

For the first time in American history a political party has done what only occurred in banana republics, tyrannies and socialist countries in the past. The democrats have forced america into a National Healthcare system that will first tax everyone into poverty for 4 years with no actual benefit and during that 4 years the rest of the law will ensure the private medical industry and insurance industry will cease to exist.

Never before have politicians in America passed a law that had the majority of the population against it. Numbers range from 60 to 75% but clearly the majority don't want it. What is clear is the democrats have nailed shut their own coffin and have likely not only lost power this November but may have killed their chance at power again for 20 or more years. The question is what is in this bill that has them willing to let the entire party lose elections in november?

Here is what to expect from Obamacare.

Taxes going up very high. Of course, the democrats always claim they are taxing the rich and their core voters always buy that line. In reality, these guys are rich themselves and are not going to tax their own money or their friends. It will be the middle class that pays for this. Remember, they need not provide any services until 2014, after Obama's presumed re-election, though he may now only be a 1 term president. So from now until 2014, they will move the taxing from the so called rich , to the middle class. The rich know how to hide their money in ways to ensure no taxing will fall on them and this new law will likely drive the upper middle class into the same tax shelters. This leaves everyone else left to work like good socialist slaves for the benefit of the democrats and the so called poor with no insurance.

If you are retired, expect medicare to become more expensive and have reduced services. Obama claims he will "eliminate waste and fraud" in medicare and use that savings for the new national healthcare. Ask yourself when the last time any congress or president has ever dealt with waste or fraud or when they have ever reduced the cost of anything. Be assured just like in England and Canada, if you are retired, you will not be getting much. They government will set up rules that dictate who gets care when and being elderly is a mark against you.

The worse is yet to come. As the democrats erode this country by confiscating all money, nationalizing yet another industry and creating a so called "right" to healthcare, they are destroying this country as assuredly as any other socialist nation has destroyed itself.

The key is creating a right. The Constiution does not grant the government any authority over rights. WE the people determine rights, the government protects them. Now that the democrats have precedent in creating a right, be assured they will create more and remove the ones they find inconvenient. The government is also taking even more of the economy than at any other time in history. The very protections this country started with to prevent what happened in the House under Nancy Pelosi today. The government does not have the authority to take an industry, nationalize and destroy it and create rights. Those protections are mentioned at the beginning of this blog, limits on funds and senators voted by state legislatures.

People, we need to force the democrats out and force the republicans to repeal this law. We have no other choice. If this does not happen, there is no where else for productive americans to go. These people are doing to us what the bolesheviks did to russia, what the current socialists in Europe are doing to their people and we are headed down the path China is on now.

At some point, we need to return to the America started by the US constitution because there is no room for a middle class in a socialist nation. Only the rich politicians and their poor slaves can live in the society the Democrats are building today.

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