Thursday, March 11, 2010

The progressive marxist Democrats have handed the ball to the Republicans but will there be any action?

The democrats in their zeal to impose communism on the people have basically handed the ball over to the Republicans in November.

The Political Shaman will predict the GOP politicians will not reverse anything the democrats do.

Where in the last 70 years has any party reversed anything the previous party did. Sure maybe prohibition could be counted but in reality that had little effect on anything. Do you see the Republicans actually reversing Carbon Tax or Healthcare should they be passed? Do you believe the Republicans will enact a new Bush Tax cut after expiration? Do you think the Republicans will return unspent stimulus money, return the land taken recently in a land grab but the feds to own more land in the west? Do you feel the republicans can finally start to dismantle or make more effective Social Security or Medicare?

Best of all, do you believe the Republicans will reverse the taxes, spending and regulation killing this country?

There is no history supporting any of this. The only thing we can hope for from them is a stalling of the country on its current path to Marxism. That is what the last few decades of history shows. Republicans will slow the damage but not fix it.

It will be a good thing to have the progressives out of power. Just don't get too excited because no one is going to actually fix anything either.

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