Sunday, March 21, 2010

We want the American dream back. An appeal to any country friendly to Americans...

We the people of America should be completely disgusted and tired of the Democrat party and its supporters. We were not placed on this planet by God to earn money for those jackasses in the democrat party to confiscate from us. Using Ayn Rand's idea in Atlas Shrugged, why should we not remove ourselves from this country to a place that appreciates talented and financially capable individuals. Without people like you the reader and this author, the progressives will have nothing. They need our money to force us to become socialists. Why should we stay here in a place where 47% of the population, 90% of the education system, all unions and the vast majority of all government employees have it out to take everything we own.

We the people who are patriots of America are patriots of the idea of government created by the people as defined by the Founding Fathers of this country. We are not obligated to stay in a place where the Constitution no longer applies. I am a patriot of the America where freedom is assured, with a government based on the Constitution created from natural law, my rights are mine to define, the government protects my rights and I can pursue my happiness and live my life anyway I choose. America is not this land, it is the people. It is the 45% of the population that still believes the founding fathers created the best country in history.

Ms Rand has a good idea. Why not have Americans take their skills and money to a place that welcomes us. Everyone wants to come to America. What most don't realize is America is the people. It is our attitude, our morals and our culture. We can bring America to any country we adopt and perhaps we should. We can always move back once the progressives and their supporters collapse in their own misery. Why should we stay and let them take everything from us and follow them into the oblivion of socialism they want so much.

Perhaps we could appeal to some country in the world, that is willing to take Americans in and let us transform them into the America people want to immigrate too.

Isn't the saying that home is where ever you and your loved ones are? America is it's people and we can form this government anywhere in the world. Perhaps we should do something as daring as the Founders and separate ourselves from our oppressors so we can again follow the path leading to the American dream. We should want to have the dream back. The democrats and their supporters have a different dream, one where everyone is equally miserable. The American dream is still alive, it just needs a home because clearly the Democrats have decided to alienate and make unwelcome the American dream and anyone who still believes in that dream.

Any government reading this outside of the the United States, consider this idea. If you make laws that welcome Americans as immigrants, you will likely find many willing to relocate. We have money, ethics, skills, morals, fortitude and always do everything possible to help as evidenced by our worldwide generosity. If you believe as we do, that America is a great country, perhaps you can make a second America one based on the original ideas of America and have the American people move to your country and help you create a new and potentially a country that exceeds the greatest nations that have existed in the past.

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