Monday, February 21, 2011

Forced Unionism - the Debate between right to work laws that prevent unions from forcing people to join

It is shocking there is a debate about freedom vs a group declaring itself a union being able to force anyone to join or even be affected by their existence.

The Declaration of Independence affirmed all men because of they exist have the right to life, liberty and pursuing happiness. Freedom is the most basic of natural rights affirmed and protected by the constitution. There should not have to be Right to Work laws to prevent unions from forced membership because the unions should not be able to force anyone to join them. In fact, the unions should not be able to compel an individual to acknowledge them or to vote for or against them. The right to work is inherent in the freedom declared in the Declaration of Independence.

The validity of the unions is questioned when it has to use force to compel membership, threaten your employment if you do not comply with their demands and force these same victims to pay for it all. How is this different from any past or present theocracy that used force to compel membership in the religion. It has long been established that forcing an individual into a group, religion or tribe is a crime and the fact that Unions must use force to compel membership and compliance shows the union is in fact a fallacy.

If a Union is legitimate it should be able to inspire membership through providing members with some kind of benefit the members feel is important or useful enough to pay for. Using force of government and threats of financial impact or even physical threats is nothing more than thugs using law to steal money and force victims to continue paying for it.

A free individual has the right to work, has the right to collectively bargain and has the right to bargain with his employer on his own. Anything that takes away a citizens right to freedom is illegal and against the freedom this country was founded on.

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