Monday, February 14, 2011

US Budget 3.7 Trillion and growing - America how much do you plan to let those parasites confiscate from you?

The White House released a budget estimate today for 3.7 Trillion USD.
At no point does the President or any other politician give any indication they plan to stop this unsustainable spending binge they have been on for years.

Calls for a balanced budget are pointless because all these calls demand a balanced budget primarily through increasing taxes to confiscate as much of the fruits of the labor of American citizens.

How about demands the budget become balanced by the Politicians being forced to spend less than what they take in revenue. Simply removing political corruption and waste from incompetence could potentially achieve a 50% reduction in spending and fit withing the amount of revenue forcibly taken each year.

Is it really such a complex concept to force politicians to spend as a normal person would, not waste our money and actually spend significantly less?

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