Monday, February 14, 2011

The Government has no rights in the US Constitution

There are no rights in the Constitution for any person or entity. The people have unalienable rights that exist as soon as the individual exists, no government grants rights nor can a government remove them. Unalienable rights can't be taken or removed by any means. A person can't sign them away, give them up, nor can a group of people vote them away. God can't remove them any more than judgments from a supreme court. The individual defines what they are and no method exists to change rights into privileges to allow the Government to take it away.

The US Federal Government has no rights at all. It has only obligations to defend the country, set up a means to resolve disputes and crimes, standardize certain aspects of commerce to facilitate the economy and above all protect the rights of each individual.

No where in the Constitution does it declare a set of rights to the government. It has no RIGHT to your money, it has no right to tell you how to live, it has no right to dictate what you do with your life or your progeny.

Today and for the last 100 years, the US Federal Government has assumed rights to itself at the expense of individual rights. Such as the "right" to tax the people directly, the "right" to dictate to states regulations like speed limits, environmental regulation of the people directly and the right to know anything and everything an individual does in life.

The fact is the individual should be able to exist in America and have no interaction at all with the federal government beyond voting, juries and a census.

America will recover and prosper as soon as we can reestablish individual and state rights and remove the false rights of the Federal Government.

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