Monday, February 14, 2011

Muslim tyrants fall

Events in Tunisia and Egypt with currently occurring protests in Algeria, Bahrain and Yemen to remove Muslim Tyrants all show the failure of the UN and progressive liberal policies of moral equivalency as justification to form any kind of diplomatic relationship with tyrants.

The Policy of the progressive liberal in dealing with tyrants began in the 1930s with the League of Nations and the US as a policy of just letting tyrants do whatever atrocity they committed under the guise of internal politics. While Germany, Italy and Japan spent most of the 1930s, invading and occupying countries like Czech, Ethiopia and Korea the US and League under Neville Chamberlain simply believed these leaders like Hitler were benign people that just need to be understood and negotiated with while they are occupying nations and killing people.

This policy transferred to the UN, this concept that all nations are equal in the UN regardless of the fact that many are tyrannies run by thugs and in many cases have religious leaders bent on killing every other person on the planet.

The UN and US support these tyrants if they leave American interests alone. Past examples are US support of the Saddam to combat Iran, Mubarak, Saudi royals and others. The UN "peace keeping" efforts merely result in stalemates and refugee camps with occasional rape gangs as seen in Africa.

The UN is incapable of choosing the side of right and peace. Actions and places such as the occupation attempt of east Timor, North Korea (a UN stalemate), Iran, Syria, Venezuela and many other countries are in no way operating under any kind of natural right or with consent of the people. The UN should be banning these countries from world commerce not negotiating with them. Mubarak should never existed, Iranian Ayatollahs should never have been in power just as Hitler should and could have been stopped years before he invaded Poland.

The results are seen today. After years of these UN supported tyrannies oppressing their people, the people are finally rising up and throwing off the shackles of their oppressors. The UN and member nations can't even understand what is happening. To the UN, the people are just irrelevant plebeians who have no say, no individual rights or even any direct involvement in the world.

The UN either needs to acknowledge the fact that all countries are not equal. Some Tyrants are in fact Tyrants and they are not legitimate just because their thugs confiscated some geographic space and enslaved the population.

It is time to end the UN sponsored "peace" where civil wars, genocide, tyranny, rape and violence endures for decades with UN refugee camps and UN peace keeping forces ensure the status quo.

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