Thursday, March 19, 2009

FDR and his liberal buddies did NOT end the depression.

The Dems are using the FDR economic plan for ending the recession they caused?
The Political Shaman has been reading for many weeks about how FDR is wonderful and we should all do what he did to "save" the 1930s economy. Here is the fact often over looked by the liberals in charge.

FDR failed to solve anything.

The crash of 1929, Hoover's year of mistakes, followed by a democrat congress and senate adding too those mistakes before FDR took over should have eventually ended this recession in about 3 years. It is well known that recessions and crashes do not normally take 16 years to end. No I would not call WWII a successful economy. FDR can claim 8 years of depression plus WWII. 8 Years of depression. The democrats took the majority in 1931 and began enacting insane laws to "help" with Hoover signing these plans in and the senate being 50/50, we can see the what the democrats had planned and it was failing before FDR took over. FDRs plans were too spend insanely on anything, regulate everything and tax everything. The only difference between FDR and the Prophet Obama is Obama is doing hundreds of times worse than FDR.

FDR's fix for the crash of 1929 resulted in a recession becoming a depression. The 4 years of US involvement in WWII did not fix anything. The country was conscripted to produce for the war effort. All factories were forced to provide war materiel. We have the best foods going to the war effort. While these actions were the right thing to do, to defeat germany and japan, the end result of these efforts was a completely destroyed world economy and the US was the only country capable of sustaining the world. We were the only game in town, so the economy had to go up.

After 4 years of war, the country probably forgot there was a recession. This is what ended the depression, people forgetting it was there or placing it on the heap of irrelevance after facing the Axis of WWII.

Obama, is doing everything FDR did, including reducing the military or limiting its ability to improve technology, knowing there are hostile countries in the world. Obama is set to create the biggest depression ever, either now or when the bill for the borrowing comes due.

Is Obama and the democrats actually planning a WWIII to get us out of their mess? FDR certainly did not plan WWII but if the Democrats want to keep using FDR as the prime example of liberal perfection, then it stands to reason that they need a war.

FDR was successful at a couple of things. His plans did ensure democrats ruled unopposed for almost 2 decades, using the plight of the depression and taxing the people to pay for and keep democrat power, remember to democrats a crisis is just an opportunity to do big things. FDRs plans also worked well at allowing socialism to take hold, exactly as Khrushchev anticipated years later. He was right, American would never adopt marxism overnight or through revolution but they would a little at a time. FDR certainly helped this. Had he not started his new deal socialism, we would not have a democrat party passing every socialist idea possible and taxing for it today.

No FDR did not do anything but make a bad situation worse.

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