Saturday, March 7, 2009

The communist despot is asking the Prophet Obama to join socialism.

Why would Chavez believe a President of the United states would listen too a suggestion like this. To join the socialist movement. Unlike many other Presidents, the Prophet Obama is a socialist like most liberals in the Democrat party and by his actions for the last few months of income redistribution, nationalizing industries and promises of more to come Chavez feels there is an ear in the White House that may actually listen. Chavez even points out these socialist actions Obama has done. Chavez is suggesting to Obama that he ignore critics of his plans as socialist and instead embrace socialism completely.

Chavez has the audacity to comment; "Imagine a socialist revolution in the U.S. Nothing is impossible"

For Chavez to even make these statements is incredible and it is telling that Obama is not refuting this idea or doing any actions that would show he is not a liberal socialist.

The people should wonder why Obama is sending out invitations to have better relationships to Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Hamas, Hezzbollah and others who are despots, communists, socialists and terrorist groups while at the same time Obama ignores Americans who are not socialists and has marginalized enhancing relationships with countries who seek to be free republics.

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