Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama is now saying crisis is a time for "great opportunity"

The Prophet Obama has confirmed that he follows Rahm Emmanual's Rule number one of exploiting crisis as a means to inflict change on the people.

Clearly Obama and the socialist liberal democrats are using every crisis they can to milk for their own power, wealth and advantage. Nothing they are doing will solve any problem or help anyone in this recession. Ironically nearly every problem we have today is caused by the democrats. It is they who pass the laws that increased the amount the govenment confiscates from the GNP each year. It is the democrats who created the regulations that are the problem today. They created the rules in the financial industry, the laws that protect unions so they can racketeer, the idiotic environmental laws that impact the auto industry, energy and others. In fact, all of the current bailouts are going to companies in industries with the heaviest of democrat created regulation.

The democrats created the conditions to allow these criseses to exist in the first place. The democrats sustain this nonsense and are now using trillions of non existent dollars to continue to prop up their failed socialist programs and laws.

You can bet the democrats and Obama will not only milk this recession for everything they can, they will ensure this recession becomes a depression so they can continue to do their "great opportunities" for as many years as possible.

How does it feel now to be a liberal voter for putting these democrat jackasses in power. They will sacrifice you and everyone you know on the altar of socialism in the quest for their own ideals and their own power. Thank you for voting for Obama and the democrats, we don't need a republic anymore after all Socialism has destroyed millions of lives, so lets give it another chance.

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