Saturday, March 7, 2009

Russia wants to talk disarmament now, what has changed

Russia is now offering hope that global disarmament talks can begin and possibly succeed. What could possibly have changed this year as opposed to the previous 20 years.

Russia knows that the liberal idiots running the democratic party of the US is in charge. Why is this significant? Anyone can read history and knows that in the Western world the liberal leaders will do moronic acts like sign disarmament treaties and they will comply with these treaties. Great. However, these same liberal fools never seem to realize that the countries they sign these treaties with have no intention of disarming. Blatant examples would be the "non-proliferation of war" treaty and the treaty limiting the size of battleships back before WWII. In both cases Japan , Germany, Italy and other signed it, while Hitler invaded places like Czech and eventually Poland and France, Italy invaded Ethiopia and Japan had already invaded Korea. Germany and Japan both were building larger battleships even as the signed the treaty. There are many other examples but the bottom line is the Western liberals are stupid and the would be enemies know this. Russia knows that the west will comply and weaken their own defensive capabilities, while Russia increases theirs. There is no way to know what Russia will do, they are on the fence at the moment between true Western style freedom and continued despotism but if they get it in their heads to obtain wealth and resources through war, they will certainly be able too, when Obama and the rest of the western socialists sign a treaty with Russia to reduce their defensive capabilities.

Thank you Prophet Obama for ensuring to the world that you will make America weak enough to attack if the world asks you too do it.

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