Sunday, March 29, 2009

If you really want the liberals in government to do everything for you...

The liberal dogma is similar to the Marxist agenda. The Government will do everything. The government will take from those it considers unworthy of keeping what they earn in life and give that stolen money to those the liberals deem are worthy of their benevolence.

It seems though that the democrats, socialists, liberals and others who follow the liberal dogma may be missing something very important.

How can the government do everything, if they don't take everything?

If the government is going to do everything, it means they would have had to take everything from everyone to begin with.

This is what the liberals have inflicted on half the United States. A political party with an agenda that requires the government to confiscate all property, money and resources from the people. This is the only way the democrats can succeed in implementing their socialist agenda, they have to take everything from us.

Do you really want the Democrats to succeed, if this is the end result of their plans?

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