Friday, March 6, 2009

I want The Prophet Obama to fail too, if he succeeds this will be the Socialist States of America

In light of the recent controversy created by the Democrats and their lackeys in the media about Rush Limbaugh's comments that he wants Obama to fail, The Political Shaman will state he has the same opinion.

The fact is the Prophet Obama is create the conditions to turn the United States of America into the Socialist States of America. All of these so called bailouts, bills supporting open voting for unions, nationalizing industries, Massive amounts of unneeded debt, the eventual printing of money, restrictions on free speech like the fairness doctrine, socialist programs like national healthcare, non existent environmental issues, racial laws and the expansion of income redistribution laws all contribute to removing the guarantee of a republic and the conversion to socialism.

Success means socialism for the Prophet Obama and the demofools who blindly follow him. I want them to fail and fail badly. Any success on their part only means making everyone destitute but the democrat elitists and once we are in a failed socialist state, it will be almost impossible to reverse it and get these democrat jackasses out of power.

Ultimately, Obama will fail because socialism is a proven failure. All previous attempts at socialism have ended with destitution, the destruction of the culture and society and in some cases millions of dead. Can anyone honestly say they want Obama to succeed?

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