Monday, March 2, 2009

The Prohet Obama is a Messiah, yes you are saved

The Prohpet Obama being true to his campaign to promote his messiah complex is apparently going to save us all.

Somehow he is going to completely fix and rework the entire healthcare industry, save 300 million Americans from healthcare costs, he will completely rework the banking system, the tax system, , end wars, end terrorism, save social security, save the insurance industry, save the auto industry, save the schools, feed the poor and downtrodden and of course he will magically turn down the earths furnace and save the planet.

For most of these, just accomplishing one of them in 4 years would be a near miracle.

The last, well even I will call him messiah if he can stop the natural cycle of warming and cooling the earth has been doing for a a couple billion years.

Be careful though, the liberals are playing a shell game with the environment. The main reason they have declared CO2 to be the culprit of global warming is that it really is not the problem, it cant be regulated, measured or definitivally proven or disproven for any problem in the world. Why would the liberals need this? It opens the door to continued and perpetual regulation which gives them power and at anytime they can declare the problem solved, should they need too end the charade.

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