Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 days of parties costing millions, I thought the democrats were the party of the downtrodden, now we know the truth

The liberal socialist democrats have been in DC for almost 2 days with 2 more planned of non stop parties. Be proud democrat voters, the liberal moviestars, rockstars, media and of course the liberal politicians are spending massive amounts of your money to basically party for 4 days.

Now before the Ministry of Truth (aka the media) alter this fact into some claim the money was donated, I point out the previously mentioned funding provided for some of this fun from FEMA money.

However, even if all of the money was donated, what happened to the poor and downtrodden you liberals are constantly harping about saving, or the environment? I would think the money for four days of parties would pay for a large number of homeless family to have some meals for that four days.

I guess the liberal politicians and stars are exactly what they appear to be, elitist eurostyle wannabe aristocrats who really have no interest in anything but their own power and money all taken from the people they claim to be saving.

So while there are people who do not have bread to eat going hungry for tonight, I will ask again, does this mean the elitist democrats will let them eat the cake left over from all of the parties?

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