Friday, January 9, 2009

The Prophet Obama has spoken, his prophecy is the recession will be a decade

Yes everyone, The Prophet Obama delivered his prophecy yesterday on the recession. He is conveniently predicting the recession will last years even a decade and we should be prepared.
Thank you Prophet Obama for exacerbating your already liberal media created recession into a depression.

The Political Shaman can predict this pretty easily. The democrats are the only party in the last 90 years to have had full control of everything, unopposed. That means own it all with filibuster proof majorities. The two decades of the highest amount of control the democrats enjoyed were the 1930s and the 1960s. Sadly, the Prophet Obama and his democrat sheep are lamenting the perfection FDR and new deals with actions already showing they all plan to implement similar idiotic plans for this economy. Wake up America, the democrats tool the 1929 crash and subsequent couple of years of republican mistakes and turned what should have been a 2 or 3 year recession into a decade long depression. Sound familiar? Decade long as Obama is predicting in his prophecy. The marxist libs did it back then too, prediction all kinds of suffering and years of getting out of the recession when in fact it was their new deal that was the problem.

Americans, here is the trick being pulled on you. What the liberals and the Prophet Obama are doing is announcing this decade of recession because they know they will cause it and if you already think it will happen, then when it does, instead of firing The Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid, you will shack your ostrich heads and declare Obama has to stay because he predicted this 10 year depression so he must be smart. You will think it was inevitable because the liberal biased media never stood up and called those fool politicians on their prediction.

The new deal was successful, it allowed the democrats to maintain and additional 50 years of control. The democrats imposed nearly every punishing tax on us in the 30s and again in the 60s, the other decade of liberal perfection.

The media did this with gas prices for the last decade. Always announcing horrendous summer gas prices in January so by the time it happened, the people did nothing because it was old news and expected. The democrats are doing that with this recession. They are predicting a depression, so the democrat voters, bury their heads in the sand as the feel comforted that the democrats predicted the depression(they created) and therefore must be the answer to get out of it. I point out that there has never been a democrat controlled decade that was a good one.

So please democrat voters, make sure you keep the Democrat politicians in. I sure do want to spend the next 10 years watching the liberals steal every dime I have in higher taxes and inflation caused by regulations as we all join the new soviet bread lines. Why do I say this? Well Khrushchev predicted that America could be spoon fed a little bit of socialism every year for decades and then they will be communist. Guess what, the Prophet Obama and the liberal democrats must have been paying attention, since they are succeeding.

I can't wait to be taxed on my breathing, since I produce carbon dioxide with every breath, wow the Marxists must think I am a polluter too.

FYI... the last time Republicans had significant but not filibuster proof control of everything was when they affirmed women had the right to vote though I would say that it is too bad that was so long ago, none of those guys are running for office today.

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