Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All hail the Prophet Obama, King of the Democrats, ruler of America

The Political Shaman recommends communicating appropriate acknowledgment of the ascendancy of the elite liberal socialist democrats as they assume complete control of the United States.

It seems prudent to avoid the Ministry of Love the democrats will need for the socialist and environmentalist utopia they are about to inflict on the currently free citizens of the United States. The Ministry of Love will be overworked as the democrats begin the process of raising taxes, raising the deficit far worse than anytime and all with the end result of turning this recession into a depression. After all, the democrats according to Rahm, like to exploit crisis conditions and what could be better for the democrats than a depression they can create. I believe the Prophet is set to raise the deficit today in fact. Lets see if he can manage to do it.

Have some hope, eventually the democrat's Ministry of Truth will kick in with the help of their media buddies and we won't even know anything bad is happening. Ignorance is Strength, is what the democrats are hoping for.

So all give homage to the Prophet Obama, he is the new king.

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