Friday, January 23, 2009

Need to build a bridge? Forget skilled labor or caucasian males, according to The Prophet Obama's Economic team

Caucasians need not apply, apparently is the change the Prophet Obama is promoting. His economic advisor, Robert Reich spoke before Charlie Rangel and his committee, link below as well as posted on his blog :
"The Stimulus: How to Create Jobs Without Them All Going to Skilled Professionals and White Male Construction Workers"

So the first problem with this is of course, just how can you build a road or bridge or any other project without skilled professionals. Really, Mr Prophet and friends, are you actually going to hire unskilled labor to put together a bridge? The obvious answer is no, but I think the Political Shaman can safely say that we have some really dumb people in charge now if they plan to do this.

The other statement about white construction workers is simply blatant racism. If that statement had been said about any other race or group besides Caucasian males the uproar and protests from the left would have been insane but the Political Shaman is already aware it is legal to harass and discriminate against Caucasians and any males anytime you want. In fact, discriminating against Caucasians is encouraged by the liberal democrats running America. Besides the derogatory term of "white" which infers all Caucasians are racists, want segregation and are descendants of former slave owners, the audacity to bring back the proverbial no whites need apply signs in each employer's window is simply reprehensible.
What happened to the liberals complaints of racial profiling? I suppose as long as you are profiling Caucasians, then profiling is ok.

With the Prophet's team is using derogatory terms to describe Caucasians, blatantly being racist by declaring that Caucasians will get no part of stimulus packages, The Prophet Obama remains entirely silent on what is apparently new Jim Crow laws to discriminate against Caucasians and apparently keep Caucasians poor while preferred races are assisted to a better life in this recession.

It should be noted that most of the money used to make this stimulus package comes from Caucasians. This is true neo-marxism, set yourself up as an elite, choose a victim to keep you elected and opress a group through law and the media to pay for it all.

Thank you democrat voters for ensuring the democrats create their progressive eutopia, whats next aparthied where Caucasians have no rights at all?

I suppose if your goal is to implement the failed FDR economic plan to create a new depression, you have to have some group to oppress, so you can pay for it and have someone to blame.

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