Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Prophet Obama's Inauguration is an Emergency? Huh?

So the AP reports that Bush who I think was a good President in general, has declared a state of emergency in DC for the purpose of freeing an extra 15 million dollars from the Federal Emergency and Management Agency budget all for dealing with the millions of sheep that plan to invade DC for Obama's inauguration.

An inauguration is an Emergency?

Talk about pork barrel and idiotic use of funds. I don't hear the prophet complaining either. Which is even more repugnant because The Prophet Obama had almost a billion dollars for his campaign to purchase this presidential election. You would think that he could at least give us tax payers a break and fund his own inauguration. He is the reason all these sheep consider him a Messiah anyway, he could at least fund that lie himself instead of with my dollar.

How about just calling it what it is, a bunch of politicians, leftists, voting sheep and special interests having a love-in, feel good, jam session in DC and the government is paying for it.

It is certainly not an Emergency.

All of you people who follow the Prophet like he is a Messiah, he is only a politician, likely not even a useful one and I would think you should at least wait until he has actually done something before you treat him like he is some sort of beloved monarch.

Oh I forgot most of you are racists because you actually think his race is the only requirement for president and that somehow being of African decent makes you perfect and unable to do any wrong. Still do you fools have to have an Emergency declared just so you can riot in a city on my dime?


Bush makes more money available for Inauguration

Jan 13, 4:48 PM (ET)

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