Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The politicians could fix the economy if they really wanted too.

I have heard endless stories now about corporate welfare, budget deficits in various states, complaining about all kinds of economic woes and demands by everyone for the government to "fix" the economy.

Well there are a few problems with this demand to "fix" the economy.

People, the politicians are the cause. They are the ones who have meddled with our lives to the point that the economy could not sustain it any longer. Sure there could be other factors but the biggest drag on the economy is politicians and their endless confiscation of the largest chunk of the economy through taxes and their endless regulation that causes everything to cost more.

So politicians here in California, The Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Reid and all of the rest of you marxist liberal democrats... do us all a favor and get the hell out of the way. Get rid of the useless regulations from taxing me for what I exhale, regulations telling me what toliet I can buy, mandating interest rates, preventing us from drilling oil, well the list is endless and the bottom line here is any regulation increases the cost for us.

Therefore, politicians, get rid of the pointless regulation, the ones with Zero basis in any kind of reality and the ones that allow Unions to control government jobs. Remove regulations on your own activities with purchases, honestly, I would rather have a couple of scams done by politicians and their construction company brother than the far more expensive regulation in place to "prevent" those crimes. I certainly don't mind having actual pollutants removed from air, water and earth but CO2? I forgot people, the politicians do prefer to regulate molecules that cant be proven to be a factor in anything and because we all exhale it and plants use it, they can be assured of an endless supply to regulate.

If the politicians simply got out of the way, they would not need to do anything since the flow of money would be greater and sustained long term and they would not have to get their fingers on as much of our money as they do.

FDR tried this excessive government spending plan in 1933 and all it did was give us yet more taxes and extend a recession into a 12 year depression. Now I know it was successful in ensuring the Democrats maintained power for 50 years but really, people, do you have to screw up the lives of everyone just to get your power for a decade or two? Would it not be better for The Prophet and other democrats to actually become statesman and govern properly and ethically? I would think that would result in more elections being won than lost.

The government could easily reduce costs, thanks to unions, regulation and simply idiotic spending practices, the government spends far more than they should on everything. Examples would be how school districts need a decade to build a school costing millions more all because every government agency has to be involved and put in their two cents worth of bad advice. Or the inevitable stories of $2000 hammers because of some regulation on where to purchase them, how they get purchased, quantities required, and 200 forms of paperwork to fill out to bid it out.

Or could the government possibly just get out of healthcare all together. With no actual demonstrated proof of a successful socialist healthcare program anywhere, I would think the opposite would be the best option. How about letting insurance companies compete across states and get out of dictating the price of everything indirectly through medicare.

The Political Shaman could fill this blog with endless examples of politicians enacting the regulations that create inflation and the oppressive taxation that together are killing this economy. If the politicians would end this belief they have that they have the right to all of our money, then perhaps they would be inclined to reduce their impact on the economy and maybe it would recover and sustain itself for a long period of time.

The current path of bailouts, increasing taxes, increasing regulation and increased government intrusion on our lives will do nothing but make this economy worse than it is.

The Political Shaman has no illusions though, asking the politicians to fix the problems they cause is a lot like asking the fox to get out of the henhouse.

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